Next Upgrade?

Hey All!

Im a barb that has tried to build a wizard. PL10 already coz its FUN but I need a bit of direction.

Currently I am going to CM/Freeze.

2.73 APS
I have 34k HP and CRAP res. I have to use Priz Armour or I die, pretty much :)

From now is it just expensive upgrades that add Amrour and All Res?
you can check out my guide for a SNS wizard....which is what you want to do. it should help.

I mean, you're at 2.73....which is great. You have 2 sources of LoH, great. You have 46% CC, great. And you said it all.....add Armor and All resist. Its expensive. You could use a little more CC, but that shouldn't be your focus.

few thoughts:
-The LoH on your Storm Crow is low...upgrade to 450+ LoH. You should be able to get one with over 400 armor too. Every little bit helps.
-Get a ton of armor on your bracers....keep All Resist too.
-Until you can afford to add at least *some* All Resist to your pants and belt, add a ton to your amulet. Maybe some armor there too. I have a good example of one, but don't have it on right now....its like 9CC, 9IAS, 60 All Res, CD, 250 armor. It was 15M because it has CD. One like I described without CD should go for considerably less.
Interesting DCYPL, just made same move from Barb primary to a CM/WW Alt for a change of pace.
I went full bore on IAS (luckily had gloves, jewelry, bracers from my WW Barb), but plan to dial it back if I can't add CC/APOC (CC Storm Crow or APOC chant's next on swap list) but will be going through same effort to get strength/armor and AR up - I notice that I can add strength sometimes easier than finding armor (on rares not legendary/set)
I chucked my mempo from my bar onto my Wiz. It has 80 all res, 9IAS, Life and Crit. Not too worried about the broken stats of STR and DEX ;P

Got some blackthornes too. So that Res (71) plus the 80 from my Helm, minus the 51 from my old bracers. I am now at 51.5 CC (with Scoundrel) and 2.74 ASP. My res is 420, but with Energy Armour I should be ok...

Im at 35k HP now too, instead of 28 loL! My armour is low, 4k.

So to test, should I just open a portal and see what happens? Would an IAS Wand help much? Or is the only difference once you reach 3.01 APS?

Thanks Pie, I have read that thoroughly :)
Nah, just stick to 2.73. If you want to play, You can probably reach 3.01 with another 9 IAS piece and the Stretch Time bubble...just to see what the difference is. I've been trying to do that the last few nights, but whenever I uber with friends is seems like another CM wiz comes along for the ride! Doh!

Try MP8 Gohm. He's easy to get to and is a good test. Just face tank him with full SNS and see how you do. He should stay relatively in place, and your LoH and Resist all should protect you from the gas. If not.....(but I'm guessing you'll do fine)....then you need to gear up.

Reproducing the research from HolyFork is kinda fun...and a good exercise to make you a believer in the damage multiplier. Or to try tweaks to the build, etc.

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