Error 3: Login Information Incorrect : Detail

Technical Support
When i got home and tried to login keep getting
Login Information Incorrect. Please try again (Error 3).
Windows 7
Steps Taken:
Reset Battle.Net Password
- it didnt work
- i deleted the entire folder since i cant find any other cache or Blizzard Entertainment file/folder
- Created a New Windows user - didnt work
- restarted PC - didnt work
- Restarted Modem and Router - same problem
- Reset Modem and Router IP - same problem
- Reset Computer IP - same problem
- I can login to but not in Diablo 3
Also tried this:
- I do not have an Authenticator
- New Windows User gives the same problem
- Im already and Administrator on this computer (windows 7)
Here's what's weird
I can login to Any other Server but The Americas (this is my server)
This has happened to my friend before and i've read on a few forum site of the same problem.
It sounds like a limit on The Americas server that once reached it will not let anyone login till someone logs out.

Only logical explanation why this is happening to different accounts for some random reason.
I'm getting this too. I can't log in.

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