I need a new amulet

i got nice tr ammy with 10% cc for sale atm, if u can live without the ias/loh on ammy..
im pretty sure they are bis for dps.

if you def need loh, maybe look for tr ammy with loh + 8+% cc.
So on the topic of defense...

I went in a different direction with my CM. Nothing wrong with that since cookie-cutter SNS builds are boring. My MP10 farming build is 830/4.9k defense, 232k dps, and 1.2k loh. I can handle elec/RD packs fine with that setup. RD was never a problem for me and around 75% of my elite encounters have them.

But I usually die once in my alk runs and when I analyzed how these deaths occurred, it was because of these spikes in difficulty like tping out of a nasty pack, only to get vortexed and jailed back into a pool of arcane beams with molten. There's always something nasty that will eventually hit you: 10 spearmen/fireballs hit you simultaneously, dual nasty elites, knockback into wall of fire, fear forcing you to walk down a the entire length of an arcane beam, etc.

So to counter that, I made a variation of the zero-cooldown build. It's the ZC build, but with high vit. The high health (47k+ health) gave me a buffer (extra second or so) to live. But that's enough time for me to tp out of anything because my tp cooldowns are really low (mainly due to 69 cc). Wizards don't understand that if you die, even once, your overall dps average gets hit big time. They don't take into account the timeout and "getting back in the fight" time. It's not sheet dps, it's not real dps, it's overall average real dps that matters. I've been testing this build over the past few days and the results look promising.

Agree completely with Kiza. The things that kill constantly in higher mps are those listed instead of RD, where even with very high defensive stats, one will still die. Able to escape and have enough vitality to do that is important I feel. Vitality is something we should pile on once you have the minimum AR/armor/LOH to counter RD/electric. No need for overkill on AR/armor once you have achieved that.
Yeah I see a jump in survivability for every 2-3k life added, it gives you a cushion for those damage spikes, which happen quite often.
7% attack speed
7.5 crit chance
46 crit damage
584 life on hit
8% life
530 damage to melee attackers


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