perma freeze

Is it even possible to perma freeze ubers? If so, what is required?
Use two cm wizards.
True permafreezing? No.

Blocking them from casting 99.9% of abilities or moving around?
Cold snap, 3.0aps, 55%cc, a good internet connection/ping (<100ms)
Is there a way to monitor ping rate? I know you could in Diablo 2, but haven't seen a way to do it in 3.
so basically I'm missing 1.0 aps. I could probably do that but minus 60k dps is that worth it?
Come on some one gimme their pro opinon. Don't wana spend like 500 mil to do crap.
what mp lvl are u looking to do? mp10 capable is expensive, mp7 is not
I can do 10 already. Just want to improve my wiz alittle more.
No you can't perma freeze

Yes you can still beat them

Spend the 500m
Simply speaking, no. You can make them ALMOST perma frozen, but not truly frozen. They will be effectively stutter locked, though, with 3.01 APS and 55 or so CC. I'm at just shy of 50 CC and 3.00 APS and they're effectively stutter locked at MP7. Haven't tried going higher yet, though. And it won't take 500 mil to be effective. I'm about 200 mil in and as I said, I'm fairly effective.
yes. 3.33 aps, 71% crit chance or something like that
and a good set of fingers, keyboard and mouse.
How can you stop teleport with ubers? Or Siege picking you up?
Yeah, not gonna spend that much.... 3.33 aps with 71%cc AND survivbility? Thats gonna be in the billions.....
Thanks Guys, I guess I'll just stick with what I got. Don't really wana spend the gold for perma lock.
I've found Siege is less likely to pick you up if you run around behind him real quick.
Nah he does that reach around the back crap with me. My internet and computer cant handle the perma lock me thinks.
With 3.0aps and 55% CC, siegebreaker will get no attacks off, zul will make no twisters or time zones, ghom and pyramid head own't do !@#$, but magdah will sometimes cast arcane sentry and skeleton king usually won't do anything.
12/05/2012 04:42 PMPosted by StumbleBum
Use two cm wizards.

interesting thought but no, I don't think even that would work...

Tried it with a wiz mate of mine, still not permafreezing... Maghda's a heap of work on MP10.
Is there a way to monitor ping rate? I know you could in Diablo 2, but haven't seen a way to do it in 3.

u can see the ping just beside your characters resource regeneration orb

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