1-2-3-4 players; monster strengh variation

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Is there a table somewhere telling how monsters get stronger depending on the amount of players in a game? A table that would look the same as the one for the MP levels
I'd be looking for health, damage and experience. Gold and magic find also, if there is any variation.

Official info or unofficial info with some references and data would be fine.
Im pretty sure it use to be 100% health and a damage boost, but they nerfed the damage boost whatever it was first, and than nefred it to 70% health per player, to promote group play. Not 100% certain, but Im pretty sure its damage stays the same, and 70% additional health per player.
70% monster health per player. Damage scaling was removed in 1.0.3.

The only way to increase MF/GF and XP is MP.
Health is increased 70% each player. So monsters would have 210% extra health with 4 players. Damage does not scale. Magic find and xp are not affected at all.
Any info on the experience gain? From what I've heard, the more players, the less xp per kill...is that because xp is splitted between players?
1 players mob gives 100xp
2 players mog gives 150xp/2 = 75xp/player
3 pl 200/3 = 67xp/pl
4 pl 250/4 = 63xp/pl


1pl = 100% of 100xp
2pl = 90% of 100xp
3pl = 80xp
4pl = 70xp

or am I completly wrong?
It's less XP simply because the +% XP is applied only on the actual kill, so if you didn't kill the demon, your experience doesn't get the buff.

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