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what if: at paragon lvl 50 we no longer have to identify items! ie: you are "almost" a god? right? super powerful nephalim? how come i would have to go to some ruddy ol' merchant in the backwaters of tristram to tell me what a thing is?

i could corpsebomb the merchant for 300k dmg but i need him to tell me what this crappy looking axe is?


pay to win? i see this in the forums alot.

to those who think D3 is p2w i ask this: What is 'winning' when it comes to Diablo 3?

I killed diablo in inferno way back in the day before the game got easier and never used RMAH and never really paid over a mill for anything. i considered killing him in inferno "beating the game" I suppose now killing all the infernal machine bosses on MP10 is "winning"? i don't get the "pay to win" whiney baby thang.

if someone puts a thing up on the AH for a gazillion gold, who cares? if someone shells out that much gp then good for them, if a dude puts a thing up for auction 50 times at 300 million gp, good for him. how is someone having a car you can't afford in real life any different than someone having a sword you can't afford in the game? there will always be things you can't afford... wow, diablo3, teaching us a profound life lesson... huhm...

it seems people want perfect items to fall so they can gear up to perfection, dust off their hands and consider the game "won"

remember, there is no cow level.
What is 'winning' when it comes to Diablo 3?

From what I have observed, winning seems to mean:
1. being able to get the most money out of the game
2. being able to get the most geared character compared to the majority of players

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