Four set Bonus for Natalyas Solace

Demon Hunter
I was wondering if I could get some feedback on Natalyas Solace? How viable is the four set bonus for Demon Hunters I would love to have an extra 20 discipline?? Is everyone just stopping at the 3 set bonus?
Personally I stop at 2/3 piece.

Many DHs choose to use Mempo instead.
I use the Nat's set, but I'm going to change it. It's nice having the extra disc, but I'm feeling pigeon holed with DPS. I wouldn't invest much into it, even with 6cc on the helm and a trifecta nat's ring, you're pretty much maxed at 250k dps.
The problem is the Nats helm.

Getting one with 165 Dex and 6 CC will set you back over 300 mil or more easily.

Whereas an Andariel's helm with -5 fire dmg and 165 dex only costs 20 mil, and it does more dps thanks to the 9 atk spd.

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