Buged achievement: A Rare Phenomenon

Bug Report
Working on this achievement and down to 2 mobs. One is Enraged Phantom. I am hunting in the Decaying Crypts Level 1. I found this mob twice in hard core, killed them both times and didn't get credit. I thought maybe since it is not listed in the hard core similar achievement (trophy hunting ?) that perhaps you had to kill in soft core, so I hopped on my lvl 60 toon. I found Decaying Crypts and an rare mob of enraged phantoms, and killed them. I still did not get credit in the achievement. I know it was a rare mob because (1) they were yellow and (2) my valor went up ! Is anyone else having his problem ? Thanks BTW many achievements are double listed when I sort on "unearned"... shrug
It is bugged. Just killed one and didnt get a check mark

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