What MP level do you think I can handle?

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Yeah, that's how I use it. The AzT is just safer/better against particular mobs. The problem with FC is that I use DS to stay outside the triangle, but using it to chase feared mobs typically puts me inside the triangle. Molten is definitely the bigger problem; FC is somewhat dependent on the mob type and its other affixes.
Turns out I'm now able to tackle double-champ packs on MP5 the majority of the time but over my head on MP6. Nothing a good upgrade or two couldn't fix, I'm sure.
Are you still mostly doing your playthrough solo or would you care for some company? I have a couple characters who have been collecting dust for months lol.
Been goin' solo, just trying to gauge things. Group play is fine; I can always go back and replay certain quests solo if I want to see whether I can hack it on my own.

One thing I can't hack on my own? Rare/champ double-Subjugator packs. Um . . . WTF, that's my welcome wagon? :)
Forgot how much I hate Subjugators. Especially Molten/Fast Subjugators. And especially Molten/Fast Subjugators led by Vortex/Frozen rares. Didn't take me long to remember, though!
01/09/2013 01:36 PMPosted by Vrkhyz
Rare/champ double-Subjugator packs.

Shoot, I wish I would've been around 2h ago to join you, I think champion subjugators are the only type left I need for that achievement lol. I'll be on again in an hour or two if you're still on though :D
01/09/2013 04:17 PMPosted by gotaplanstan
Shoot, I wish I would've been around 2h ago to join you, I think champion subjugators are the only type left I need for that achievement lol. I'll be on again in an hour or two if you're still on though :D

What's the achievement? "Kill two Subjugator packs at the same time"?
"Champion's Collect.

Kill a champion of all the following types."

I assume it means one blue pack of every enemy type in the game, and subjugator is all I have left lol.
Four-pack of Fallen Angels with Illusionist, Nightmarish, Desecrator, and Molten. I spent the first 20 seconds or so trying to switch my weapons, and then another 20 seconds after I realized I'd switched to the wrong ones, and then another 20 seconds when I wasn't sure. When it was over, I had mowed through 69 illusions and the 4 baddies, with roughly 5 red screens. Didn't die, though :)
Dude your crazy, farming mp5 with that dps and fear procs. <_< To each there own.
Yeah, I'm quite the masochist when I want to be. Locking myself in the Vault on MP5 is my idea of taking it easy ;-)
Good work on MP5 mate. :) There are a lot more to us monks than just paper DPS. Compared to the other classes, we alone have incredible "undeclared" DPS spikes that other classes just dream of having.
Hey, guess what? I found the plan in Act 4! So I'll be giving the ubers a little fight, starting tomorrow, I think. I need a full NV stack to have any chance at an organ drop, right? I think I'll start with MP3 and decide whether to dial it up from there after my first fight.
Yeah, the rule of thumb for pretty much anything Uber related is 5 stacks. Need it for both the keys and organs.

MP3 is probably a good start point. SK/Magda and Ghom/Rakonoth are straightforward, and you fight them pretty much the same way you fight their normal versions. Magda can drop arcane beams, but other than avoiding those there's little strategic difference for each of these four bosses. I target Sk and Ghom first, and have never had much problem with either fight. SK's whirlwind and Magda's butterflies can hurt a lot, but dashing strike makes both pretty easy to avoid.

For the Siegebreaker/Kulle fight, two suggestions. One, get out of Kulle's time bubbles at all costs. They are far stronger than his regular version. Second, save your serenity for when Siegebreaker grabs you. His grab/throw combo'd into a Kulle ceiling collapse and/or tornado is what's going to kill you in this fight, but it happens infrequently enough that serenity's cooldown should always be up if you save it for that situation.

Best of luck on the fights and organ rng.
I had to hurl myself over my own corpse several times—has anyone noticed that Mallet Lord champs really, really suck?—but I finally prevailed over Diablo on MP6. I'll be glad to get away from Act 4 for a while, too. You know why it's bereft of champs? Because everything there is practically champ level! Seriously: everything in Act 4 is fast, and the curses are downright nasty, and Morlu Incinerators are much nastier than Blazing Guardians—and, oh yeah, Mallet Lords are raining two-shot death on your head while you're trying to get away from all that crazy stuff. I'll take Heralds of Pestilence, Demonic Tremors, and Blood Clan Maulers any day, thanks. (Hold the Hellflyers, please; I'm trying to cut down.)

Anyway, if I'm feeling better this weekend, I'll be sure to give some ubers a try. I think MP7 is going to be juuust beyond my ability to handle without becoming completely frustrated, but we'll see.
I got really frustrated and annoyed tonight when I died three times to the same fight. And then I came to my senses when I reminded myself that the "fight" in question was actually an accidental pulling of three elite groups, including two separate sets of slashers (one of which had mortar and illusionist . . . a tough combo for slasher, and the other of which had vortex, another nasty mod for this particular mob), and a group of stingers (which had mortar and shielding). My feelings almost instantly flipped from frustration to elation when I remembered that I'm a self-found monk cruising through MP4 and only dying three times to a triple pull of elite packs which had challenging special abilities/mods.

So, remember when I told this story a little less than a month ago? That was in Act 2. I was back there tonight on MP5.

Booted up the game, took the Waypoint to Black Canyon, and headed left. Immediately picked up an elite fallen pack. I circled around the rock formation there, and what do you know, there's a yellow pack of overseers. Okay, I think to myself, I can handle this. Just move when the overseers jump, kite the two packs around for a bit, save serenity and SSS for when you're in trouble . . . this is totally doable. One of the two packs had plague, and the ground was getting awfully green, so I kited them east toward that building that's just to the right of the waypoint. Roll my eyes when I see another fallen pack and some wasps join the fray. I'm actually happy to have some white mobs running around . . . free spirit and LOH. So I start kiting the mob around the building, and . . . another champ pack of overseers. Sigh.

So anyway, kite, kite, kite. I die a couple of times when dashing strike gets caught on the building (not the dash into the phantom zone bug, just the one where a small piece of scenery stops you from getting where you're aiming). But things are going pretty smoothly, I'm whittling the three pack down at a decent rate, spirit is staying up, LOH is doing it's job, serenity and SSS are juggling nicely. And finally I kill a blue with exploding palm on it and the group is down to 3/4 its original size.

So I kite them around the building a few more times until I kill something else with exploding palm on it, wiping out the rest of the stragglers. Start picking up loot, and look down at my nephalem stacks.




*blink* Turns out that group of fallen I picked up when I first moved over to the building was also a blue pack. So yeah, I just survived a MP5 4-pull with two deaths, both caused my dashing strike not playing nice. Happy birthday to me (really, it was my 39th birthday yesterday).

And Blizzard is buffing spirit spenders (I use both EP and SSS) so we don't have to rely on overawe spam (which I don't do) or sweeping wind snapshotting (which I don't do)? Huh. Good weekend to be me I guess.
Woo! Sweet :)
50K club!

A nice trifecta ring upgrade dropped for me, pushing my dps over 50K, all while maintaining just over 600 resist all, 5300 armor, and just under 900 LoH.

I haven't cracked 50K yet, but I'm tinkering with my skill selections a bit on MP7. Trying to break down mobs with my usual set is taking far too long. First change? Serenity out, The Flesh Is Weak in. Seems to be doing well so far. I don't think it'll fly against faster mobs on Act 2 and Act 3, but it seems to fit the bill now. I left Blinding Flash in for the Cyclone/Thunderclap/EP boosts, but I might end up taking it out for something out (maybe Serenity).
Big day. Just dinged Paragon 50.

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