DIII Lockup During Play

Technical Support

For the second time in about three weeks DIII has locked up during play and I had to shut it down. I waited 5 - 10 minutes to make sure I just wasn't seeing a sync problem, but no luck. I had to shut down the client.

Until the lockup about 3 weeks ago I have not had any issues w/ DIII. I know correlation != causation, but the first lockup was the first time I ran DIII, the day after I loaded the WOW 64 bit client. I had an invite from Blizzard to download the Battle Chest w/ 30 days of free play, so I took them up on the offer.

This evening I shut down the DIII client after the lockup and have not done anything since.

Is there something you would like me to post to assist w/ troubleshooting?

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