Beacon Bug: Not problem, just incosistency

Bug Report
If you go back to "Festering woods" at a later quest, it's obvious, that the two dungeon still exist (Warrior's Rest and Crypt of The Ancients). You can go through them, kill every monster again, but at the end there is a little strange thing. The Beacons, which you search for in the quest is not there, at the Warrior's Rest, but is there in the other place. It's not a bug, just strange, and maybe they could fix it sometimes later.
Can anyone other prove me that it's like this? (Thank you).
Sceurpien, it's not so much as a bug. But more likely, that it's not registering your action when collecting the beacon for the quest "The Drowned Temple". My best advice to you is to collect items then take them to the atlers that would open the enterance to the drowned temple.

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