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Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides

If you are new to the Witch Doctor class or you are just looking for build ideas or guides, then you’ve come to the right place.

NOTE - All articles and builds have current information or are unaltered because nothing has changed. Build/Post dates do not change, however they are frequently updated. Example: This post is dated December 2012, I update it every couple of days.
If you in fact find something out of date, then post in this thread what needs to be changed.


Glossary of Subjects

1. Abbreviations and Acronyms

2. New to Level 60 WD Guides

3. Other Guides - Various WD related subjects.

4. Builds
------------ Main builds - All capable of MP10
a. Bat Builds
b. Bear Builds
c. Sacrifice/Zero Dogs
------------ Lesser used builds since 1.08 (Good for ideas and a change of pace)
d. Acid Rain/Proc Builds
e. Speed Builds (Obsolete since release of 1.08)
f. Combination Builds - Mixed skill sets.
g. Thorns Builds
h. Unusual Builds
Last - Link to European Battlenet WD Builds

Got a new WD skill idea? "Suggestions for WD Skills 1.0.2":


1. Abbreviations and Acronyms

WD Skills -
General D3 -


2. New to Level 60 WD Guides

Most Popular Damage Skills Compared The author gives you the ins and outs of the Witch Doctor's best/Highest damage skills. A suggested read for all new level 60 WDs and anyone else trying to compare the WD skills. (Author: GunnersDream)

Introduction to the Inferno Witch Doctor - An explanation of how the WD works and provides general advice on life sustainment, MP levels, attack speed (AS), mana generation, gear choices, magic find, movement speed, armor vs. all resist, health, dexterity, and build choices. (Author: Skywalkerfx)

How to Build a WD for MP10 - This guide discusses some of the finer points of building a MP10 capable WD. Not all points are agreed to by all, but certainly a good reference document for those that are planning for the future. (Author: Jumbasa)

Recount's Budget Build Guide 1.0.6 – If you’re a new level 60 Witch Doctor, this is a good place to start. Has recommendations for a basic build, suggestions on where and how to run for gear, etc. (Written prior to patch 1.08 but still has some good advice)(Author: Recount)

WD Extreme Budget Challenge – Building a new Witch Doctor on a budget? This thread is for you. Get a good starter Witch Doctor on the cheap. (Written prior to patch 1.08 but still has some good advice) (Author: Kamahl)

3. Other Guides

Pet Guide (Patch 1.0.5) – If you want to know the mechanics of zombie dogs and gargantuan and how they interface with Witch Doctor skills, gear, and damage then this is for you. (Author: Peter)

Garg Damage Per Skill - Testing of the different Garg runes and how damage is computed with each rune. (Author:Nubtro)

Choosing a Witch Doctor Weapon - This article addresses the endless question, "Which is the best weapon for a Witch Doctor?" Thoroughly discusses the features that make up a good WD weapon, and compares the most popular weapons. (Author: Skywalkerfx)

Witch Doctor Proc Rate for Each Skill - Testing done to determine rate each which doctor skill can proc (a "procedure" triggered under particular circumstances). Used to determine how often a skill will proc life on hit or crowd control effects e.g. freeze, stun, blind, chill, etc. (Author: PlonX)

Best in Slot Gear for an All Around Build - This post attempts to answer the question, "What is the best piece of Witch Doctor gear for each equipment slot?" Not necessarily agreed to by all, but certainly a good read for all those looking for gear upgrades. (Author: Kwikee)

BIS Items for WD - Another best in slot guide to WD gear, written by the author of the Europe server's WD Guide. (Author: Fean)

Attack Speed vs Mana Usage (Bears Example) - This post delves into how attack speed and mana usage are related. Also discusses how to correct your build when attack speed or mana becomes an issue. (Author: Skywalkerfx)

ZC - Zombie Bear Basics and Techniques - As Zombie Bears is one of our best WD skills, might as well take some time and read up on how to use them in the most efficient manner. (Author: EddardStark)

Instead of Pierce the Veil -- Consider more Attack Speed - Attack speed can be used for the same purpose as PtV, to increase damage. Should you choose one over the other? Explains how both work to create DPS and the advantages and drawbacks of each. (Author: Skywalkerfx)

Well Of Souls Tutorial (out-of-date since patch 1.07, for reference purposes only) - If you want to learn how to aim/use Spirit Barrage/Well of Souls (WoS) then you've come to the right place. The author illustrates the aiming technique with pictures so you can put all 4 souls on one target. (Author: Lmaoonadee) (Note: Article Outdated: WoS aiming is modified in patch 1.07 to allow aiming all 4 souls at at target.)


4. Witch Doctor Builds --- Main MP10 Capable Builds

a. Bat Builds

CoB End-game Progression Guide Everything you always wanted to know about Cloud of Bats (CoB) and using a Skorn; gear, builds, ubers, attack speed, videos. (Author: PaulNg)

Plague Bats: Thoughts and Techniques Everything you always wanted to know about Plague Bats. We discuss builds, attack speed, tactics, and other goodies. (Authors: Forum Members)

CoB End-Game Builds - If you're looking for a Cloud of Bats (CoB) build, then this post shouldn't disappoint as the author has four different builds for you to try. (All MP - MP10) (Author:Trefnwyd)

CoB MP10 Keeps Run Guide - - A little Rain of Toads, a dash of Acid Rain, and Cloud of Bats. Throw in an Enchantress with an Azurewrath and you're ready too bring some bat pain. (All MP levels) (Author: EremiteAngel)

BatBarrage - A build featuring Plague Bats and Well of Souls followed up with some AC. The author explains how plague bats are more like a DoT skill, and how to effectively mix bats with WoS for Rush of Essence mana return. (All MP levels)(Author: Manvan)

Cloud of Bats/Spirit Barrage/AC Build - A pet-less Cloud of Bats build that returns mana with Spirit Barrage/Well of Souls and uses AC to proc freeze. Very gear specific. (High MP) (Author: SayGa)

Fean's Plague Bat DoT Build - Uses Plague Bats as the main damage dealer, with Grasp of the Dead and Locust Swarm for DoT effects. My impression is this build requires some finesse and patience to use. Author has used build in MP10. (Author: Fean)

b. Bear Builds

1.08 Spirit Bears Build Designed to kill mobs fast, to spam Spirit Barrage/WoS without running out of mana, and to sustain bears with locust swarm. (All MPs including MP10)(Author: Skywalkerfx)

ofgortens' Super Buff / Debuff Bear Build A GI/GF bear build that uses most all WD buffs to kill elites in a hurry. Bears is the only active attack skill which may take some getting used to. (Author: ofgortens)

Rakimallah's Zombie Bear/Sac Dog Build Uses Circle of Life and a lot of pickup radius, to create zombie dogs, so they can be sacrificed. Bears are used to whack the monsters and create the dogs. (Author; Rakimallah)

WD Carnage Build and . There are two links to this build because both wrote up a version of it. It is similar to the Zombie Bear/Sac build above, but it uses no Zombie Dog skill (so all dogs are made from Circle of Life passive) and only uses bears as an attack skill. This leaves plenty of skill slots available for Slam Dance and Mass Confusion for killing elites and ubers. (Authors: Jumbasa and rockon87)

Advanced PTV Bears Build (MP7+) – This build is focused around high damage with high mana sustain through GEAR. OPTIMAL levels of this build will require high amounts of gold. (Author:Soundb)

Panzer Build for MP10&Reflects (MP6+) Author provides gearing tips and skill guide based around the idea of beating reflect packs on high MP. Mix in a little BBV/Slam Dance and spam bears and there you have it. (Author: Hasansabbah)

Bear/Spirit Barrage Build (MP7+) – Spam spirit barrage for ranged attack and to provide mana for bears. (Author: SiCo)

Spirit Bears with IAS + infinite mana - This is a bear build that is mana fueled by WoS/Spirit Barrage, Haunt, and Rush of Essence. The author also recommends additional attack speed for using haunt. (Author: Enduros)

Widowmaker Spiders/Bears/AC Build – (Low to High MP) This is a universal build that uses Widowmaker Spiders to reclaim mana for Bears and Acid Cloud (AC) spam. Also focuses on burst damage from Soul Harvest and Gruesome Feast. (Author: Skywalkerfx)

c. Sacrifice/Zero Dogs

0 DOG Guide - One of the highest DPS zero doggers active right now, has posted up his build tips. A very thorough guide, with gear, shopping, skill, and other tips. Very expensive to gear for. (MP7-10)(Author: heyguyslol)

Zero Second Zombie Dogs – A very gear specific build designed to spam zombie dog sacrifice. Very expensive to gear for. (Author: Soundb)

Sacrifice Build Guide V1.1 - This build focuses on the Sacrifice and Summon Zombie Dogs skills. Through gear you will reduce your Summon Zombie Dogs to 0 seconds which allows sacrifice to be used as a main ability. Very expensive to gear for. (Author: ColdNCursed)

--------------------------- Older Builds - Pre 1.08 - Good for ideas ---------------------------

d. Acid Rain/Proc Builds

Bear Proc Doctor Build 1.07 - - Brings the pain to the monsters with elemental attacks or "procs". Toads, Lob Blobs, and Bears - Oh my!
(All MP)(Author:Skywalkerfx)

Acid Rain/Rain of Toads LoH Build - This build is focused around high sustained healing with good damage for higher MP levels. The amount of healing this build puts out can reach levels where you do not need much AR/HP to be able to 'facetank' elite pack affixes such as desecrate/molten/etc. (Author: Soundb)

Acid Rain/Pets Tank Build - An Acid Rain build that the author has tweaked for low and high MP. Has gearing and game-play suggestions. (All MP) (author: Exia)

Rain Doctor Build - A Rain of Toads/Acid Cloud build with a lot of proc effects mixed into it. Author does a good job explaining proc effects and how to use them. (Author: blackjack)

Proc(ing) Bear Build - A proc build that uses Acid Cloud and Rain of Toads for proc effects, and then bears are thrown to clean up what's left. In depth explanation of needed gear and how to play the build. (Author: Choobie)

Mawts' 1.04 Witch PROCtor Build This is the original build for the WD using proc effects. It was created for patch 1.04 so some of it is out dated, but still a good read. A Skorn/Bleed, speed run version, of the build that led to the fast farming build "Angry Chicken"can be found at . (Author: Mawts)

e. e. Speed Builds - Obsolete (These builds were used before the 1.08 mod to run low MP to get experience in a hurry. With the monster density increase in 1.08 these builds are pretty much unnecessary and obsolete.)

Speed "Crackhead" XP/Item WD Farming Build - - Very detailed speed build with gearing, routes, skill variants, and play style instructions. (MP0-3)(Author: LordAmsa)

Advanced Speed Run Build - - This build uses the Cain's set to maximize experience and item farming. The author claims that in MP0 you can get 100 million experience per hour. Gear dependent. (Author: Ket)

Sacrifice/Bears Speed Build - This build focuses on Sacrifice/Pride for mana and damage while spamming bears. Also uses GI + GF passives for dog cool down. Advanced build requiring 100K+ DPS in MP5. (Author: Ket)

Blitz Para Exp Build - - Strap on your Lacuni's or Inna's and light up your Firebomb for this low MP speed build. Uses GI passive with Thing of the Deep to cool down movement skills. Requires 100K DPS. (Author: Oranz)

PUR (Pickup Radius) Doctor - - Grab your Thing of the Deep mojo, and put pickup radius on as many items as you can for this speed build. (Author: HashAssassin)

f. Combination Builds

True Summoning Build - Purpose of this build is to have large numbers of summoned creatures out all the time. Summoned creatures come from gear and skills. (Good for Low to Mid MP) (Author:Tomnnn)

Hybrid C4Dogs Proctor – A combination of a freeze/stun “proc” doctor and zero dogs build. Very gear specific. (Author: ZeMickey)

Minion Master + Poor Man's Sacrifice – Low MP. This build is a combination of the poor man's zombie dog - sacrifice build, with fetishes, and short term mini-pets (corpse spiders/firebomb/spirit barrage). (Author: Zenvota)

In Defense of Fetish Sycophants A variant of a Rain of Toads/Acid Cloud build that uses the Fetish Sycophants passive to create a horde of fetishes for offense and defense. (All MP) (Author: jjc16)

Snare Doctor - The idea behind this build is to stack as many slow spells as possible while your corpse spiders and acid cloud eat away at your enemies. (All MP) (Author: Zandalar)

Fire Doctor Build - - A combination of Toads and Firebats, with a little bit of Fetish Sycophants thrown in to keep things interesting. (Tested to MP8) (Author: B4n1sH3r)

1.0.6 Pyro-Doctor Build - Build uses a Maximus 2 Hander for plus fire damage, then piles on the fire skills. Author claims he has used it in MP8 for key farming. (Author: EigenVector)

RoE/VQ/PtV Build - A build for those with a lot of excess mana or those looking for a "freaking dirty" PVP build. Uses Firebomb/Pyrogeist to keep VQ up, then you throw Locust Swarm, and clean up the stragglers with Well of Souls. (High MP/PVP) (Author: SayGa)

Zero Pile On Build - Focuses on the skill Wall of Zombies/Pile On. Use gear cool down reduction to get your Pile On skill down to 0 or 1 second, and then let loose the zombie stacks. (Gear specific)(Low to High MP)(Author: twinsbuster)

g. Thorns Builds

1.0.4 Witch Doctor Thorn Build Get as much thorns damage as you can get on all your gear, and hope the monsters attack your pets and not your character (Low to mid MP) (Author: Rhest)

h. Unusual Builds

Chicken Run Racing (Poulet Time Race)
The author describes it as, "Time is to introduce you to a minigame/sport, that'll make you roll on the floor laughing for it's fun, and will get you a bit more interested in D3." (Author: ZeMickey)

Link to Index of Witch Doctor Guides on the Europe BattleNet Server -
Hi fellow WDs.

A few of us were discussing putting together an index so this is the initial stab at it.

If your guide/build isn't listed, it's because I didn't search long or hard enough for it.

So post a comment in this thread if you want to submit a build/guide.

If you have a build or guide listed and you want something changed, also let me know.

Suggestions are always welcome. This index belongs to all WDs.

And if you like the index, hit the request sticky button.

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should be stickied.
nice... stickied

Sacrifice Build Guide V1.1 added


Appreciate everyone's support.
This is most excellent!

I would like to nominate for inclusion a WoS focused build guide. This is my current focus (along with locust swarm) and I could use all the help I can get- especially since gearing for it is quite different (Zuni not required)

Anyone know of one already written? Paging Jibikao...!

Thanks SKywalkerFX
Thank you! I'm at level 57 now and this will save me loads of time!
@ Zuggles

Bear/Spirit Barrage Build (MP7+) – Spam spirit barrage for ranged attack and to provide mana for bears. (Author: SiCo)

This guide uses WoS to spam bears. Feel free to submit/nominate another guide if you like.
Not sure if this is correct place to ask but didn't want to create a new thread. What do people feel is the best build for a party of WD to farm keys, maybe on MP5 or so?
In Defense of Fetish Sycophants build added.
Excellent! bump, should be stickied.
My thread have a guide on with doctor proc rates for each skill, in case anyone need it, there's no build there though. Feel free if u want to include it in the first post
Liked and sticked!
Good. Should be stickied like the one in europe, which I encourage you to pick from:
@PlonX - Your proc guide added under Other Guides

@ ZeMickey - I have seen your guide post. I was trying to round up things here before jumping over to Europe server. I think I will post a link to your index, at the bottom of this one for now. Appreciate the help.

Thanks to everyone that has requested a sticky. Keep it up!
12/10/2012 08:10 AMPosted by skywalkerfx
I have seen your guide post.

It ain't mine :-D I just helped building it up.
It's just that there are a lot of valuable info there. So I just linked it in the only sticky post here in the US WD forum.
Keep up the good work, and keep this thread updated!
12/10/2012 08:25 AMPosted by ZeMickey
Keep up the good work, and keep this thread updated!

Yes sir. :) Linked to bottom of this index also. Cheers.

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