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Of all the builds listed, which are viable for hardcore?
They are no builds optimized for hardcore in the guide.

This person attempted a guide . I think it needs some work.
any other mp10 builds other than bats and bears? I'd like to play ranged but I'm still looking for viable skills.
Bats, Bears, or Zero Dog.

Pair Well of Souls and Rush of Essence with one of them for ranged attack.
Please add the "Suggestions for WD Skills 1.0.2":

It was lost to me some time ago, or else I would have suggested it.

Something like, 'If you have a suggestion for improving or changing witch doctors skills, please read and post here.'
OK MCP. Added skill suggestions link at end of top index.
Added GunnersDream - Most Popular Damage Skills Compared in the "New to Level 60" section of the guide. If you are new to the WD or are just interested in how our high damage skills compare to each other, than this is for you.
Thanks a lot for all these informations ! It help a lot new people ! Thanks ! :D
I believe it be time to unsticky this or rename it to Vanilla WD Builds.
I agree.

On the other hand, I have a fe builds to submit if we want to keep this rolling/make a new sticky and rename this one.

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