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Do you think that my guide about the chicken run racing (poulet time racing) is eligible to your thread? :-D
recently leveled my witch doctor as a side character to take a break from my wizzy...

i will be testing out a lot of these builds over the next few days, i really like how i can carry over my viles, witching hour, lacunis, blackthorns, and chest.... i can essentially have two well geared toons for the price of one!
@ZeMickey - Hey we all need a good chicken run now and then. I'll hook you up later today.

@ GrizZ - Welcome to the other side.
Added Chicken Run Racing under Unusual Builds at the end of the Index.

Thanks again to all contributors and supporters.
Please everyone request sticky on this. We need to keep it current.
Awesome guide, I leveled up a WD because i knew they were quite varied and didn't have a "one size fits all" build like most classes. (cough Barb cough) This is totally awesome. I love Acid Cloud atm with bears for single target dmg. Just need to get some gear and up my DPS.
Oh and sticky please.
Added article, Choosing a Witch Doctor Weapon, to Other Guides.
lets jsut bump this back to page 1 =)
sticky requested
just as a note, on the blitz para build i have changed fomr Manitou to Bears, i think i explained y, if not i will, but thought id let you know

also, i thought a good add would be a post on the forumlas, dps, rd, how armor/Ra play off each other and the works, if someone knew all the info and could make a nice post, probably be a huge help to alot of ppl, i know im tired of hunting the damn things down every tiem i forget one =D
What does it take to get a thread stickied?
Added Bears Panzer Build, and Pickup Radius Doctor Build.

Oranz - Good idea. Get your notes together and get me a guide -- if you can find time between your rants and having to answer for them. :)

Blackjack - I'm trying to get hold of a blue, no luck yet apparently.
12/30/2012 08:10 AMPosted by skywalkerfx
Oranz - Good idea. Get your notes together and get me a guide -- if you can find time between your rants and having to answer for them. :)

i put it as a edit note, for i think to original is still a base, the bear was added simply bc X dps was ment. But it is there.
I wish to be immortalized.

Here was my guide on how to use Well of Souls back then.
I would like to share here with you the build I did in VodoOx, my WD. Dmg is high (156k now), also crit, and with buffs go close to 250k (maybe more), stealing life also. I post it here because I didn´t find a similar build at the beginning of the post.

Direct link:
@Oranz - Just changed your build description in guide. Should be good to go.

@Lmaoonadee - Added your WoS Tutorial under Other Guides. Now you're immortalized.

@B4n1sH3r - Posting a build here is fine. If you want to write it up, I'll list it in the guides.

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