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Hi Skywalkerfx,

Nice thread going on here.

Would like to share my Proc(ing) Bear build with fellow witch doctors:-

Do feel free to add this build to the index as you deem fit :)
@Choobie added your Proc(ing) Bear Build under AC/Proc Builds.
01/03/2013 08:03 PMPosted by skywalkerfx
@Choobie added your Proc(ing) Bear Build under AC/Proc Builds.

Thanks Skywalkerfx :)
@B4n1sH3r - Posting a build here is fine. If you want to write it up, I'll list it in the guides.

Thanks for the opportunity.

I post here the link of the build, some explanation is on it:

Fire Doctor Build

Suggestions for further improvements are welcome.
Fire Doctor Build added to Combination Builds.
Fire Doctor Build added to Combination Builds.

Thanks skywalkerfx !
Hi Skywalkerfx and every WD here I would like to share my buiild here Acid Rain/Pets tank
Added Acid Rain/Pets Tank Build.
Requested sticky. I think this is well organized index which may help many people in Diablo 3 !

In time: skywalkerfx, I added an alternative approach with pyrogeist as mana source (with Vision Quest and without Toads) with more fire damage, but without Sycophants (Vision Quest occupied their place).

Have a nice day !
looks interesting. will have to look this over
Hey Skywalkerfx !

Since I just gave a link to a previously well known build in another thread, I figured that it is not on your list.
This is Mawts' 1.04 Witch PROCtor Build that relies on bleed proc mainly, and actually led to the fast farming build "Angry Chicken" which many talked about (and was root to the poulet time racing I made). Since a lot of people still use it but could not remember the link to the thread here it goes:
The thread about the build:

And a video of the angry chicken build speed farming mp0:
Bump; the skill proc rates section and link would be nice for (re-)theorycrafting in preparation for 1.0.7. :)
Added Mawts' Proctor and Bleed builds under AC/Proc Builds.
The acronyms thread explanation:

Just spawned well of souls build on this forum:
@ZeMickey - Added acronyms to top of guide.

Waiting for someone to answer a few questions on SayGa's WoS build, then I will post it.
Posted SayGa's RoE/VQ/PtV Build under Combination Builds.

Will create a PVP category when we get a few more PVP builds.

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