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You're the man Sky! :-)
bump for wd love.
Posted up 1.0.4 Witch Doctor Thorn Build. Didn't have any thorn builds in the Guide and this is the only one I have seen lately. If anyone knows of a newer guide, post me a link so I can put it up.

Also added another best in slot gear guide from the author of Europe's WD Guide page.
Hello said EU author of the guide page here *waves* thanks for adding the BiS guide, it is in no way a 100% guide but I figured it helped some and people might find it useful.

If any of you guys want to chat over there feel free we rarely bite, I know quite a few of the EU guys frequent the US forums, I do I just tend to stay out of your threads.

US link is the top one in the sticky to make it easier to find now, best of luck guys.


I've requested a sticky of this post, has Sixen disappeared or something as the sticky isn't being updated?
Sixen hasn't been around since he made the original post.

Still trying to find someone to help get this stickied.
so ive been gone since the summer....just thought this would be the quickest way to get some answers:

what happened to splinters-based builds?? (not as effective anymore?)
What are the main stats on gear i should look for now? (ias was nerfed then we all turned to cc/cd but is it still based on that?)
Splinters/Poison Dart is no longer used in High MP as it just doesn't have the damage. Some WDs still use it as a primary on lower MP, but it is not the focus of any builds.

IAS does what it always has, but it burns through mana very fast if a lot is equipped and it becomes counter-productive. If you want to read an example of what I'm talking about see the article Attack Speed vs Mana Usage (Bears Example) - .

Yes int, CC, and CD are still our main damage produces.

Look at the top of page 1 in this post and scroll down until you see guides. There are two BIS (best in slot) gear guides in there that delve into what gear to look for.

Your might also want to read the Guide on choosing a weapon.

Scroll down the Guide further and you will see the Builds section. Many of the builds also discuss specific gear requirements. If you have more questions you might want to start a new thread. Lots of WDs here help others.
thanks for saving me a !@#$ ton of time =)
Can we get more people to request sticky for this article? I am tired of copying and pasting it for new WD's that are wanting gear / build advice.
Sixen hasn't been around since he made the original post.

Still trying to find someone to help get this stickied.

I'll ask and see if I get a decent reply, give me a few days as they might not be working over the weekend.

Also thanks for posting that you'll support my rant about WD stuff on the Q&A.
Thanks Fean.

For those that don't know, Fean is the author of the European WD Guide at .

Apparently he has some pull with Blizzard. I encourage all of you to support his board, and Fean will be presenting his views to Blizzard soon in what he calls a "rant" in this thread .

So please support him.
Thanks to all for helping to get this guide stickied!
You are more than welcome, the CM and forum Mods are the guys to really thank though as it's them who actually made it a sticky I just asked them really nicely :)

Lol I don't have pull I just have manners and ask politely in the correct channels and they seem to listen *shrugs* they're just people after all.

I did another rant but it's 30,000 letters long... it's pros and cons for the WD skills some of which I might not be right on but hey here it is hope you like your brain hurting.
Thanks again Fean, I'll be over to check it out soon.
No worries we're all WDs here ;) It's long and I was tired so some of it might be messed up so good luck with it.
ooo finally stickied!
Hello all I been playing and lvling my char. Gonna go to sleep in a few min. but was wondering if someone would help to point me in the right direction as to a build that I could make with my current gears and lvl. I am looking more toward something that can stay alive so that I can get to lvl 60 because that is the area I would like to spend for gear, not before unless it is a must. Also like to add that a few items I got just recently, half asleep so please no hate, if I made the wrong choice. be back later, thanks.
@Skunkleaf - Spend some time on the 1st page of this post in the Index. Pay special attentiion to the New to level 60 Section. Then look at some of the general guides that follow, and finally look at all the builds and figure out which one you are playing or want to play.

This should give you a good start. If you have more questions, I would just start a new thread asking for some help, that way more people will see your post.

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