Got complacent, was just breezing through MP3 trying to get some stacks for keywarden.

Went up against champ pack lickers with Reflect, Shield, Nightmarish and Teleporter. I led them to my traps and my health shot down, Blood Moon couldn't save me so I tried to split but they teleported to me.

RIP Renges, hell of a run.
Wow, that really sucks. RIP
RIP time to reroll
Time to reroll!!
RIP. That was one hell of a DH.
The picture address link also knows whats up.

RIP man, I'm gonna miss that boots
That sux bro. You had one hell of a DH. RIP and best of luck on your next one!
RIP Action - I know you'll come back stronger than before =D
oof, hard loss for the HC community! Pretty all around terrible weekend.

I'm going to re-roll a barb (either throw or HotA), though, and i suggest you leave DH's alone for a little bit and trry something new also. As a DH lover myself, its too hard to make a nother one right after because it'll take forever to get back to that particular level.
Thanks guys!

Renges was doing big things, man. Slaying demons making it look like child's play. ID'ing items while monsters crumble at his boots and whatnot.

I'm gonna miss those nat's jordans with the 173 dex, my pants, and both rings(hellfire and that particular nat's reflection) the most. I've been stashing like a madman though, not only do I have a backup nat's set(that I upgraded out of), but I have backup hand crossbows that were just as good as the ones I lost(I would switch depending on what I needed to do).

When I analyze the situation, if I were using something like Battle Scars(for the 60% heal) instead of smokescreen, or Brooding in place of another passive at the time I would've survived. When I popped Blood Moon, those lickers kept moving back and forth dodging my shock collar so I couldn't sustain. All the while my traps killed me. Using traps is a pretty dangerous game if you can't sustain on the run.

@Flip: I already have a 60 slam Barb and a 60 WD, but in comparison they're just not as fun. I'm not out of inferno but I want to get a DH back in there since I have a stash full of gear. I already know how I'm going to revise my build(other than that situation where the traps can kill you, it felt almost invincible).

EDIT: Renges was alive since like August. I had my attention spread out between him and my Barb and WD, but then just went full force with the DH. Trap DH is the best man.
damn man, that was a crazy DH, glad i got to see him in action while alive
I'll sip on coffee until you re-roll
rip gl on reroll
dang RIP man.
rip man
Rip buddy, you were a great DH.

Let me know if you need lvl reduce bows, i have some good stuff for you.
Thanks again guys :)

Also, I've already rerolled. I used to be against getting power leveled, but I don't want to sound like a hypocrite. I came back with some Hatred, and a lot of people had my back and wanted to help, so I got back to 60 in like 3 1/2 hours.

It was so fast, that kimterran and I are going to be leveling each other another alt.

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