Tempest Rush "network disconnect" !!

Technical Support
I'm done.

This is too frustrating, and to put icing on the cake, no comments from Activision.

I might be back when they fix or guess what, talk to their customers.

Such a bad customer service.
I'm going to necro a thread here.

Just suffered from this issue for the umpteenth time as well.

Only happens on Tempest Rush monk. Typically when using Tempest Rush (duh) and tends to happen even more so if you activate it just after getting the "slow" debuff.

Been having this issue ever since I switched to the TR spec. It seems that using the ability into a mobs who have knockback or some other movement impairing spell will cause the crash.
I just swapped out tempest rush for dashing strike. Ran the game for two hours. No crashes. I am 100% convinced now that there is a bug with TR. It is the only explanation.

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