[Guide] Comprehensive CMWW Guide

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UPDATED 4-22-13. Added 2.5 vs 2.73 section, revised 2.5 and 2.73 sections, and also added update for Siegebreaker+Kulle Uber fight.

The following is meant to be a comprehensive guide to building and upgrading a CMWW wizard. There are sections for people completely new to the build (beginner), people somewhat familiar with the build (intermediate), and those trying to maximize performance with the build (Advanced). Feel free to skip to the appropriate section as needed. The guide includes some different build variants plus stat goals to reach for a few different MP levels. These stat goals are not set in stone and are just recommendations based on my personal experience and the recommendations of others, namely the MP10 general requirements floating around the official forums.

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Glossary of Terms

CC – Crit Chance
DS – Diamond Skin, not to be confused with Diamond Shards, which is a rune for DS.
FN – Frost Nova
WW – Energy Twister – Wicked Wind rune
EB – Explosive Blast
CR- Chain Reaction rune of EB
CM – Critical Mass
CD – Cooldown, not to be confused with Crit Damage
CB – Cold Blooded
IAS – Increased attack speed, affix found on gear
LoH – Life on Hit
APoC – Arcane Power on Crit, affix found on some weapons, wizard helms, and wizard OHs
APS – Attacks per second, sometimes synonymous with attack speed, at least the way I use it
CMWW – Critical Mass with WW to fuel CM procs
SNS – ShockNadoShards, the CMWW build with shocking aspect and diamond shards
SA – Shocking Aspect, the highest dps Storm Armor rune for CMWW
EHP – Effective Hit Points, a measure of what your actual hp would be if you converted your armor and resists directly into hp.

Section 1: Main Specs
Section 2: Beginner’s Guide
Section 3: Intermediate Guide (2.5 APS Breakpoint)
Section 4: Advanced Guide (2.73+ APS Breakpoints)
Section 5: Uber Bosses Gearing and Strategies
Section 6: MP EHP recommendations
Section 7: Basic 2.5 vs 2.73 APS options

Section 1: Main Specs

The basic portion of the CMWW build is WW, DS, FN, EB, some armor spell, and the CM, Cold Blooded (CB), and Evocation passives. The last 2 passives are somewhat optional but most use both even at top of the line gear levels. Blur is probably the most popular other passive used, either in place of CB for wizards who aren't concerned about DPS or Evocation. There is also one extra slot that is mostly optional with a few prime choices. Additionally, the runes on DS, FN, and EB have several options. Overall there are a surprising number of options for the spec. The extreme builds (max defense and max dps) are listed below.

Basic CMWW, max Defensive build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VQOYhX!gWb!YYcZaa
SNS, max DPS build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VgTYhX!gWb!YZccZc

For reference, SNS means ShockNadoShards which refers to Shocking Aspect, tornados (i.e., WW), and Diamond Shards. It’s the most commonly talked about variation on the official forums because it has the highest potential dps of the CMWW builds. When farming with CMWW, I recommend using SNS if possible, even if you have to lower the MP in order to survive rather than switching to energy armor. If needed, you can swap to crystal shell for extra survivability but don’t get rid of SA because it adds a tremendous amount of dps (20-40% of your total DPS, roughly). Energy Armor is fine for Ubers though, especially if you’re trying higher MP Ubers with low armor/resists.

Diamond Skin (DS)

DS is a major mitigation tool. Like FN it has a CD but the purpose of the CM build is to refresh the CD so you can cast it very frequently. At high gear levels you can practically keep it active for entire duration of fights by refreshing it every second or two.

Diamond Shards – High dps rune, mainly used at really high mitigation levels. This is mostly a luxury rune and should be the last rune switched to when trying to maximize dps. In the max dps build this rune will provide around 5-15% extra dps.

Crystal Shell – High mitigation rune. Use this whenever survivability might be an issue.

Prism – Reduces AP cost of spells, which is very useful at low gear levels and likely will outperform shards when you’re below 20 APoC and 2.5 APS.

Frost Nova (FN)

FN is means to CC (crowd control) mobs. It uses an attack animation which means it will replace a WW cast when used. It has a considerable CD but when geared well you can cast it every 1-2 seconds, even against a single target. FN also works to lock mobs in place so they cannot move out of your WW.

Cold Snap – Good default rune to use. It will provide the highest uptime of FN, meaning if you want to keep mobs frozen more, use this rune. It’s great for Ubers even at high gear levels.

Bone Chill – Great group rune since the 15% bonus damage applies to the whole group. Highly recommended for key farming.

Deep Freeze – Another popular choice that I have mostly ignored because I’m of the opinion that crit loses effectiveness to some degree at higher gear levels. It also requires a lot of mobs around you so it’s pretty poor for Ubers.

Explosive Blast (EB)

EB is the main DPS spell in the build. It can be cast at any time if you have the AP, and can be cast simultaneously with any other spells.

Chain Reaction (CR) – This is the most popular choice because it is a good balance between burst and sustained dps.

Time Bomb – This is a lesser used rune, but it is the highest dps rune for long fights (such as Ubers).

Unleashed – This is also rarely used and often overlooked in favor of CR. This is the best rune to use when first starting out when you may be at low gear levels (low crit, IAS, and/or APoC).

Energy Twister – Wicked Wind

This is the main skill for the CMWW build. It does a decent amount of dps but the main purpose is to proc CM to reduce the CD on FN, DS, and EB. Some people use other runes like Mistral Breeze but I recommend only using WW.

The mechanics of WW are kind of odd in that the damage per cast is a flat 252% of your weapon damage. However, the higher your attack speed the more actual damage tics the WW does. Each tic procs your LoH and has a chance to proc CM. The general idea is there are breakpoints in your attacks per second (APS) when the number of tics per WW increases. Again, though the number of tics increases, the total damage done per cast remains the same.

All the breakpoints can be found here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794871641?page=1
The main breakpoints are:
Min APS Tics per cast
2.0001 26
2.1429 28
2.3077 30
2.5001 33
2.7273 36
3.0001 40

For example, if your attack speed is 2.10, you are above the 2.0001 breakpoint but below the 2.14 breakpoint, so you’ll get 26 tics per WW cast. More about the individual breakpoints and recommendations about which breakpoint to reach is mentioned in the individual guides. Beginners shouldn’t worry about the breakpoints.

Sixth Skill Slot

As mentioned, there are numerous options for the last skill slot and the final choice depends on the player. The most popular choices are listed below but feel free to play around with other options that might appeal to you. Just remember you can only have 1 armor active a time, so if you were thinking of using another armor for your extra slot, it will mostly be a waste of a slot.

Teleport – The popular runes are wormhole, fracture, and safe passage. Calamity is not a good choice because it causes a knockback that is bad for the build.

Slow Time – The popular runes are Time Stretch, for extra IAS to reach higher WW breakpoints, and Time Warp for extra dps. Time Warp works on all mobs in the bubble so it is very useful in groups, particularly against Ubers, since you will typically be standing right on top of them. It does use an attack animation, but that doesn’t have much of an impact on the build when at high attack speeds. Time Stretch also works for groups but your group members must be standing inside your bubble to gain the benefits.

Magic Weapon – The popular runes are Blood Magic for some extra life regen, particularly for high dps gear sets, and Electrify for high AOE dps. Initial reports of Electrify indicate it gives more AOE dps than Slow Time but provides no benefit for single target dps. Force Weapon is not a good option because it causes knockback.

Section 2: Beginner’s Guide

This portion is meant for people first starting a CMWW wizard, both in gear and spec. For those with a large sum of gold who are thinking of breaking into the build, following this guide can lead to a very cheap build that you can use to see if you like the style of the spec before spending tens of millions of gold per item. The build can work for budgets as low as 1 mil gold, but mainly applies to low MP runs.

CMWW is a Critical Mass (CM) wizard build based around using WW to produce CM procs, reducing the cooldown (CD) on Diamond Shards (DS), Frost Nova (FN), and Explosive Blast (EB). It is often referred to as a melee build because it typically requires you to be in melee range of mobs since the area of effect (AOE) of most of your skills is small and based on where you are when casting them.

When first gearing for a CMWW wizard, you want to focus on crit%, APoC, LoH, and defensive stats (armor, resist, hp). Ignore crit damage, except for possibly on your weapon, and don’t worry about your char sheet dps. The initial goal is simply to gear for the build to make it work. If you start with a good amount of the above stats, you can run higher MP Ubers and still contribute. The main limiting factor to higher MP as a CMWW wizard is survivability, though higher MP isn’t very efficient with low DPS.

Many people recommend jumping at IAS to start and claim you need really high APS for the build to function but I can say from experience that IAS isn’t required, though it does make the build work better. Because of that I consider it secondary to the aforementioned stats, and more of an intermediate to advanced gearing stat.

Recommended Minimum Target stats (self buffed, without follower)

Crit : 40%
APoC: 17
LoH: 400
HP: 30k
Armor: 3000-3500
Resists: 400-500
APS: 1.5
MP: 3-5
DPS: 30-50k
Budget: 1-10mil

Gear suggestions:

Helm: Storm crow (with resist or crit chance if you can afford it)
Shoulders: Int/Vit/Armor/Resist All
Chest: same as shoulders
Belt: same as shoulders
Legs: same as shoulders or Blackthorn pants if you can afford it (aim for Armor, all resist, and/or physical resist in some combination, depending on budget)
Bracers: 3-4.5% crit depending on budget, high int, all resist, and armor if you can afford it
Gloves: 8%+crit, high int, resist, armor, and maybe vit if you can afford
Amulet: same as gloves
Rings: same as bracers
Boots: same as shoulders, movement speed optional, honorable mention to Zuni boots if using an all physical weapon.
Weapon: Sword/Wand/Dagger with IAS, preferably all physical damage, socket or crit damage optional, Int/Vit optional
OH: Triumvirate with APoC, as high average damage as is reasonable for the budget. I’d shoot for 9-10 APoC.

Obviously higher stats are better, and I recommend using 3 APoC items until your APS gets over 2.5, but the build still works with 17 APoC. The defensive stats can definitely be higher, especially if you want to run higher MP. In my opinion, defensive stats are the most important stats to the build. The better those stats the easier it becomes to run Ubers and the higher MP you can push. DPS might make farming higher MP less efficient but you can make up for some of that by using a high dps version of the spec. In general, I prefer to have DPS the limiting factor to what MP you pick, rather than survivability.

A cheap way to start with a decent chunk of dps is to use a fast 1h with all physical damage with a Triumvirate OH with APoC. I feel that’s the best way to start with a healthy chunk of DPS without sacrificing survivability and for a relatively low cost. You can also use Zuni boots with that combination for even more dps, and the boots come with vit and movement speed standard so they’re not too bad for beginner boots, though you can get Armor and resistances cheaper from other boots.

Spec to use

I recommend http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VQTYhX!gWb!YYcZaa

The general rule of thumb is only use Force Armor if you are fighting Ubers and need the extra defensive stats. Otherwise use Storm Armor – Shocking Aspect for farming as it provides 20-30% dps gain over energy armor. If you can’t survive with Diamond Shards, switch to Crystal Shell, or start with Crystal Shell and swap to shards if you don’t have any issues surviving. If you still can’t survive with crystal shell, lower the MP and keep SA. That will be the most efficient farming method. I also recommend teleport as the extra skill because it provides a way to quickly escape from annoying AOE like Desecrator, Frozen, and Arcane. As you get more used to the build and get better gear, you can switch from Teleport to whatever skill you prefer, or you can keep it if you really like it, like I do.

At low gear levels prism becomes a very useful rune for DS and will likely lead to a higher effective dps than using diamond shards. It loses its effectiveness around 2.5 APS.

How to play

Now that you have the gear and spec chosen, how do you go about farming? For starters, I recommend only using the build for farming Keys and Ubers. For Key farming, pick an MP level that you can survive against elites in while using the spec above. Shocking aspect adds a lot of extra dps to it will be much more efficient to farm with SA than without. Use Diamond Shards if you can, but it might not be worth dropping an MP level to use.

To start, if you have teleport, you can teleport directly to any ranged mobs. If they flee, you can teleport back on top of them. Start with using Frost Nova, hitting DS, and spamming your WW. I recommend using RMB or LMB for WW because you can just hold it down. Then you basically hit FN, DS, and EB whenever they get off CD. This usually ends up in the player mashing 3 buttons continually while holding the WW button. I usually have those 3 spells on my 123 buttons and keep pressing them continually.

When things start to get chaotic and you need to get out, release your WW button and press your teleport button a couple times. Sometimes it will take a half second or a second to register, and if you still have WW pressed, it often gets delayed even more since it uses an attack animation.

Section 3: Intermediate Guide (2.5 APS Breakpoint)

Now that you’ve either got a decent chunk of gold, or have tried the spec and want to use it for higher MP, you’re ready to aim for higher APS breakpoints. You are welcome to skip this portion and jump to the Advanced Guide if you’re more interested in the top breakpoints (2.73 and 3.0). To be clear, when I say 2.5 APS breakpoint I mean you’re above 2.5 APS, which means 2.50001+. Similarly for the 3.0 breakpoint I assume over 3.0. Your char sheet will only display 2 decimals so it’s best to calculate it manually. The formula is:

APS = (Base Weapon Speed * (1+Weapon IAS/100))*(1+sum(IAS on gear besides weapon)/100)

Base Weapon Speed
Dagger: 1.5
Wand/Sword: 1.4

I also have an APS breakpoint table in my DPS/EHP spreadsheet. You can find it on the diablofans.com site in the wizard forums, stickied at the top.

The 2.5 APS breakpoint is one of the two main breakpoints used by most CMWW players. It is an easy breakpoint to reach while achieving a relatively high char sheet dps. This breakpoint is not recommended for Ubers, and not everyone is happy with the breakpoint, so use it at your own discretion. I happen to be one of the people who like the breakpoint.

Recommended Stats

Crit: 50% crit (more is better, especially if you run with 18-19 ApoC)
APoC: 18-20
LoH: 700-1000
APS: 2.5001+
Armor: 3500-4000
Resists: 500-600
HP: 30-40k
DPS: 80-100k
MP: 5-7

Gear suggestions:

Helm: Storm crow with crit, preferably 400+LoH
Shoulders: Vile Ward with vit or crafted shoulders (and try looking for +str for some extra armor)
Chest: Tal chest, preferably 9% IAS with resist all and armor, depending on budget
Belt: The Witching Hour, 9% IAS, look for Armor, Str, Resist All, Vit, and/or Physical Resist in some combo
Legs: Blackthorn (all resist and armor, depending on budget, hopefully 400+ LoH)
Bracers: creafted or rare with 4.5% crit, high int, all resist, plus vit and/or armor if you can afford it
Gloves: 8%+crit, 9% IAS, high int, resist/armor and maybe vit if you can afford
Amulet: 8%+crit, high CD, int and vit and/or all resist
Ring 1: 4.5% crit, 9% IAS, then some combination of vit, armor, resist all, physical resist, and int, depending on budget and what you need to reach the above stats.
Ring 2: same as Ring 1, optionally Nat’s ring with int and All resist if going for nat 2pc
Boots: Ice Climbers with 200+int, vit, and armor for higher dps and EHP or Nat’s boots with 70+int and some str. Aim for higher stats if you can afford.
Weapon: Chanto with OS or high CD, 1.63+ APS.
OH: Chanto with vit, high damage, and optionally extra int if you are going to use a chanto MH.

You have some options between boots and ring. IC+rare ring will give you a higher char sheet dps and you have a lot of options for the boots. I recommend vit+armor and 200-250+int depending on budget, with extra dex or str, but skip movement speed. The nat’s 2pc is pretty good because of the 7% CC bonus, and if you get AR on the ring it becomes quite a good source of damage mitigation. Either setup is perfectly valid though I prefer IC because of the higher dps. You might be tempted to use Zuni boots+ring but unless you have a good pair of AR boots you’ll lose mitigation and the IC+rare ring will give similar or higher dps. Also, unless you can afford a trifecta zuni ring you’ll have to choose between IAS or CC on the zuni ring, which usually means you drop the CC, so you miss out on a cheap 4-5% crit. If you can afford a good trifecta zuni ring then you probably shouldn’t be at this breakpoint anyway.

This is the most efficient way to reach 2.5 APS in my opinion. With a 1.63 APS wand you need 54% IAS on gear, which can be achieved with just 6 IAS pieces. For each 0.01APS higher you go, you need 1% IAS less on gear, which gives you a couple options for the IAS pieces. This also lets you use a high DPS amulet without breaking the bank too much with a trifecta.
If you want to run Ubers on occasion but still use 2.5 for solo or non-Ubers play, I recommend using a 1.63 or 1.64 APS wand because you can then swap to a 1.79 or 1.78 APS version respectively and hit the 2.73 breakpoint without changing any other gear or skills.

Section 4: Advanced Guide (2.73+ APS Breakpoints)

Gear suggestions:
Same as 2.5 APS suggestions with exceptions outlined below depending on which option is used.
Recommended Stats

Crit: 45-50% crit+
APoC: 18-20
LoH: 600-900
APS: 2.73+
Armor: 3500-4000
Resists: 500-600
HP: 30-40k
DPS: 50-100k
MP: 5-7
There are 2 main options for reaching the breakpoint and are outlined below. Option 1 = OS (Open Socket) wand, Option 2 = IAS wand. I recommend option 2 for most people and only recommend option 1 for very high budget builds when you can afford a high-end Chanto OH with APoC and mempo with high crit. Even then it might still be better to use option 2.

Option 1: Chanto with socket

There are some problems with this option because you need IAS from 8 pieces in addition to the Chanto MH to reach 2.73 APS. With a 1.61 Chanto you need 70% IAS, with a 1.65 you only need 66% so for every 0.01 APS higher you get with the Chanto you need 1% IAS less on gear. However, 8 pieces means you need IAS on 8 of the 9 main IAS pieces: Chest, Belt, Gloves, Amulet, Ring 1, Ring 2, Bracers, OH, and Helm. If you get IAS on the helm, you can’t also get APoC, which means you’d need APoC on your OH, which costs a lot of money. If you get IAS on your bracers, you miss out on potential DPS and EHP over a pair of good crafted bracers. The basic idea is you need IAS on all those pieces but 2 of the 3 between Bracers, OH, and Helm.

Option 1a: IAS on OH+Helm

For really high end gear sets, you can use a Mempo with crit on it. The problem with this set up is you have to get APoC on your OH and Chanto’s with APoC are very expensive. Using a Mempo also means losing the LoH from a Storm Crow so you’ll need to make up for it elsewhere (amulet or ring).

Option 1b: IAS on Bracers+OH

This means you can use a Storm Crow so you probably still have 2 pieces of LoH gear (helm and pants). The problem is you need to use a Lacuni, probably with crit, and you might need extra EHP which means Armor and/or Resists, so the price of the bracers can get high. However, if you don’t need a lot of EHP from the bracers, this will be a very good option because you can get a high dps OH for very cheap and you don’t have to worry about paying extra for an amulet or ring with LoH.

Option 2: Chanto with IAS

This frees up a lot of options in terms of IAS gear since an IAS Chanto will have between 1.69 and 1.79 APS. In other words, you will only need from 53 to 63% IAS on gear to reach the 2.73 APS breakpoint. Since you can get 63% from 7 sources. This means you only need IAS on both rings, amulet, gloves, chest, belt, and OH. Since you’re already using a Chanto wand, you might as well use the matching OH, and you can get a high damage one without APoC since you can get that from a Storm Crow. You can also use whatever high EHP, high DPS bracers you can find or craft without having to pick up Lacuni. The most efficient gearing will be to use a 1.78 or 1.79 APS chanto, which requires only 54% or 53% IAS from gear respectively, which again means just 6 pieces of IAS gear.

The only issue with this option is it restricts your DPS because you miss out on a potential 100% crit damage from a socket on your weapon. Still, this is the cheaper route and easiest way to reach this breakpoint. Also, if you gear efficiently you can still use high EHP and dps bracers and a high dps amulet to make up some of the dps loss due to lack of socket.

3.0001 APS Breakpoint

So far I assumed that the IAS rune from Slow Time is not being used. Now it is worth adding that if you have a 1.65 APS Chanto with max IAS on rings, gloves, amulet, OH, chest, Belt, and Helm, you can use the IAS rune to reach 82% IAS on gear and 1.65*1.82>3.0 which puts you over the 3.0 breakpoint.

If we again ignore that rune, and again assume Inna’s and Legacy Zuni pieces are off the table (because they have horrible EHP), you will need an IAS Chanto to reach the 3.0 breakpoint. You will also need from 66% to 79% IAS on gear to reach the breakpoint, since the Chanto can range from 1.68 to 1.79 APS. 79% IAS means IAS on all 9 available pieces, which means it will probably cost more. If you can find a Chanto with 1.75+ APS, you will only need IAS on 8 pieces (66 to 72% IAS on gear) which is the same as Option 1 above for the 2.73 breakpoint.

Section 5: Uber Bosses Gearing and Strategies

In this section I will talk about some gearing strategies for the Uber bosses, some of which might be mentioned above, but I’ll also explain some of the reasons behind the recommended stat targets. I’ll also briefly talk about CMWW strategy while fighting the ubers, though each group might use different strategies depending on group makeup and your individual strategy might depend on your gear level.

Gearing Strategy

Typically the gearing strategy for Ubers is the same as for solo farming. However, as a CMWW wiz, you might have the option to slack on DPS a bit because of the huge utility you bring in the form of freezing the bosses. Even a low geared CMWW can keep the bosses in a stutter lock of some kind. This means the bosses might move a little, but they move slowly so the DPS members of your group tend to have a lot of free time to just blast away at the bosses. This is the reason I recommend starting with a healthy amount of armor and resists before working on IAS and dps.

The build really shines at very high attack speeds, typically 2.73+. At that point some people can keep both bosses frozen for most of the fight, preventing them from doing most of their annoying abilities. The main set this applies to is Siegebreaker and Kulle. With high enough APS you can keep Kulle from casting anything for the entire fight, including his teleport and bubble. This makes the fight much much easier than having to chase him around and keep him stutter locked. Some people require 3.0+ APS to do this though, so it may depend on your latency. I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet but I saw a vid of a wiz doing it solo with 2.73 APS, so I know it’s possible.

If you want to keep SB/K completely frozen, you’ll want to use Cold Snap rune on FN, Diamond Shard rune on DS, and use Evocation passive. The armor you use is up to you, though I imagine pinpoint barrier would be ideal. I don’t know if you need more than 20 APoC so I have to try it sometime to find out.

If you want to tackle Ubers at a high MP, the easiest way to gear is to reach around the 2.73 breakpoint and simply take a hit to your dps and swap to an IAS Chanto’s. If you gear your farm set right, the swap will put you above the 3.01 breakpoint without further changes to gear.

Uber Boss Strats

Hopefully you’re aware there are 3 sets of bosses, Mag/Skeleton King, Ghom/Rak, and Siegebreaker/Kulle. Each set of bosses can have a few different strats based on group composition and your own gearing stats, but I’ll try to mention the main strats that I use and have heard people use effectively.

Below is a link to a wiz guide to ubers, written by RobertVarga. Some of the details are the same between the guide and my tips below but his guide is more detailed so feel free to skip the section below and follow his guide if you prefer.



This boss combo should be the easiest of the 3. The general method is to run to the middle of them, aim your mouse curser directly between them so you're not targeting either, hold down your "don't move" button (I bound it to spacebar), and spam your rotation. Both mobs are melee types and as long as you keep them together, Rak shouldn’t teleport away and neither boss should spawn any adds. The ideal situation is if you can stack them as close together as possible and then never really have to move.

If Ghom dies first, try to move out of the poison clouds with Rak so any melee players don’t have to worry about taking extra damage. If needed, you can run around a post and he’ll usually follow.


If you have a really high attack speed, this will be the hardest combo because you can trivialize the other two fights. The main strat I use and I hear others use is to focus on Mag at the start, after you avoid SKs first attack. You still want to avoid the arcane sentries she drops but if you keep with her and mostly keep her frozen, SK will eventually run back to you and you can work on stun locking them both. When SK is away, I recommend you don’t use EB, to save the AP for WW for a better lock. Also, at some point she’ll stop taking damage, but your LoH and CM will still work so keep on her to prevent her from bubbling while your group focuses on killing SK.

One other thing to watch out for is SK has an attack that makes him immune to FN, so if you see the Immune message pop up or you notice him moving through your nova, you should get away from him so you don’t die.


If your attack speed is high enough you can chain freeze them like Ghom and Rak, as mentioned above. Some can do that with 2.73 APS but others prefer to use 3.01 APS just for Ubers. Just aim your mouse curser directly between them, so you're not targeting either, hold down your "don't move" button (I bound it to spacebar), and spam your rotation. I can confirm it is possible to do at 2.77APS with Cold Snap rune on FN and shards rune on DS.

If your attack speed is not high enough and Kulle starts to teleport away and drop slow bubbles, you’ll either be asked to tank SB or Kulle. If you tank SB, just do your best to keep him frozen while doing as much dps as you can. You usually want to try and draw him to the side of the room also, so he's apart from Kulle. If you tank Kulle, you need to chase him around, find him after he teleports, and do your best to keep him in place for as long as possible. Either way, if a slow time bubble gets dropped on you, move out of it ASAP because it drastically reduces your attack speed, which makes your WW much less effective. Also, if your EHP is too low, you might have to move out of the cave-in ability Kulle uses on occasion.

Update for Patch 1.0.7: SB now grabs whoever is closest to him, and is practically impossible to stop, even with a very high APS CMWW. In groups it’s best to assign someone to be the grabbed person and just let the person stay in his grip until you kill Kulle. The general strategy is similar but now you want to start by running to the side of Kull furthest from SB and let SB get close to Kulle. Keep Kulle targeted and drop WWs on him while spamming your spells. Ideally SB will get caught by your FN and your WWs will still hit him. Don’t worry if your EB doesn’t hit him though.

Section 6: MP EHP Recommendations

This section contains some rough recommendations as a function of MP level, based very loosely on what I found to work at MP7 and what others recommend for MP10. Feel free to push the envelope and try higher MP with lower stats. Remember, if you have any misgivings about your EHP, swap to Crystal Shell first before trying to switch to energy armor. If your DR is too low in storm armor, and your dps isn’t very important for Ubers, feel free to switch to Pinpoint Barrier for extra Armor and Crit, or even Prismatic Armor to reach the desired DR. Force Armor is also decent for MP9-10 since Mag and SK can hurt.

For all MP I recommend around 30-40k HP, though lower MP can likely be done with fewer, and more is fine. The Damage Reduction column is based on 35k hp. The armor and resists are just approximations that give the appropriate EHP with the given HP. There are any number of Armor/Resist combos that will reach the given DR% so feel free to mix and match as needed. Also, I recommend you have over 2.5 APS for this table, so if you have less you probably want higher EHP.

MP EHP(k) DR% Armor Resists
1 140.5 75.1 2850 350
2 153.9 77.3 3000 395
3 168.7 79.2 3100 450
4 184.9 81.0 3250 500
5 202.7 82.8 3500 550
6 222.1 84.2 3700 600
7 243.4 85.6 4000 650
8 266.8 86.9 4300 700
9 292.4 88.0 4600 755
10 320.5 89.1 5000 800

One stat not included in the table is LoH. In general you can get by with 600-1000, depending on mitigation and APS. At lower APS you likely need higher LoH to make up for the fewer LoH procs from having lower attack speed. Also, higher LoH isn’t bad and can make life easier and/or allow you to get by with lower mitigation.

Section 7: Basic 2.5 vs 2.73 APS Options

The short version of the debate about 2.5 vs 2.73 is as follows:
Use 2.73+ for Ubers
Use 2.73 if you don’t like how the build works with 2.5 APS
Use 2.5 APS if you don’t mind how the build runs at that APS and want higher dps

In general the 2.5 APS breakpoint is easier to reach with a higher dps. It is perfectly suitable for solo farming, particularly the high mob density areas like CotA and Keeps. Either option involves the same general setup: IAS on OH, ringsx2, gloves, belt, and chest.

The most efficient method of gearing for 2.5 APS, imo, is with an OS chant MH+Chant OH. The best speed to use for the wand is 1.65 but a 1.64 or 1.63 can work also. With those wands you’ll need from 54 to 52% IAS on gear respectively to reach the breakpoint, which means 6 IAS pieces. Usually that means dropping IAS from your ammy and getting one with high CC+CD for extra dps. Most of your IAS pieces will need max IAS though. If you opt for a 1.63 APS wand you can swap to a 1.78 APS wand to reach 2.73 for Ubers or to compare the different breakpoints.

To reach 2.73 APS I recommend using an IAS chanto, ideally a 10% IAS with 1.78 or 1.79 APS. That again lets you use 6 pieces of gear with max IAS and still reach the breakpoint. In short, with the right setup you can swap from the 2.73 to 2.5 breakpoint by swapping your IAS wand to an OS chanto.
Waited 30 minutes, hope I don't mess up If you wanted any reserves.

Very high quality stuff. Still going through it all, but so far it all seems highly accurate and beneficial to everyone. Thanks for the write up!
decent stuff, been wanting to write something like this but gave up on sc.

few points to add:

max defense build, use blur passive instead of cold blooded.

budget build,
going for 30 apoc is cheaper than 45 crit chance. with 35-40 cc and 30 apoc, u can achieve almost same effect and it's much cheaper.
starting out, general rule should be go for defense and stunlock first, then slowly add in cc/dps.

ghom/rak fight,
if you teleport in and immediately start freezing both, the lock wont be as good due to spacing between them.
1) focus on ghom, rak will teleport in, stun lock both.
2) everyone focus on rak, ghom will eventually walk in, teleport in, stun lock both.

kull/sb fight, focus on kulle, stay on opposite side of sb, sb will eventually charge in, stun lock both.

trained grp, everyone focus on magda in nw corner, sk will eventually port in, stunlock both.
pickup grp, everyone focus on sk, magda will wander in, when she gets close, you teleport in and stun lock both.
Thanks for the ideas. I actually just tested Ghom/Rak and SB/K again on higher MP and if you can teleport between them before they move, the lock works fine, you just have to aim between them and your WW should hit both. I should probably look over the strats again though because I wrote them somewhat hurredly.

As for the blur, I added it to the other post but I guess I forgot to update the doc file. I'll update that now.

I was thinking of adding a budget build to it somewhere, but I don't know if I'll actually get around to it. I do recommend 30 APoC in the beginner section, though as I mention, the build still works to some degree with as little as 16, from my experience.
Fantastic. Added to the sticky and credited.

If I was gonna change anything, it'd be adding some formatting to make the sections clearer. It's perfect now for somebody who doesn't know much about CM/WW to read all the way through, but there's so much content there, along with not enough breaking up of the wall, that it's a little hard to glance through for reference.
Yeah, I don't like the formatting options on these forums. If you download the googledoc or look at the Diablofans post, the formatting is a bit better.
You're absolutely right, this forum's formatting sucks. Needs size, color, and external hyperlinking to be implemented, badly.
Great guide, very helpful to all players. Once again great contribution to mighty wizards.

Kuele = Kulle.

I'd put Safe Passage over Fracture in defensive build, but that is personal choice I suppose.
Nice guide. One correction I'd make is apoc. <2.73 most definite needs 3 sources or you just won't have AP to cast all to often. Even 2.73 is dicey and long windup with 20.
I agree with Aimless there on the 3 sources of APoC. Though I'd also say you can sub in Diamond Skin (Prism) to reduce the requirement of APoC by 1 source. I personally used Diamond Skin (Prism) exclusively with 2 sources, when I was at low attack speeds (<2.5aps). I'd add Diamond Skin (Prism) to the guide as you're also including Unleashed (or remove Unleashed). Both fundamentally are about the same kind of arcane power reduction that makes life a bit easier for beginning CM/WW wizards.

I'd personally start a beginning CM/WW wizard the gambit of runes that help with Arcane Power management: Cold Snap (or Deep Freeze)/Prism/Unleashed/Pinpoint Barrier/Evocation/Critical Mass/Astral Presence. I'd then let them choose different runes, but only so long as they aren't getting out of Arcane Power messages. I wouldn't let them try most other rune abilities until they've proven that they can make sure they aren't sputtering along. And I mean on 1-2 targets! I think too many beginning CM/WW wizards think they are doing well on mobs, only to have single enemies just clean their clock. That's in my mind the #1 Achilles Heel of the CM/WW wizard (situations when you have few targets to proc off and you get an unreliable stunlock).

I personally struggle with cool downs when using Meteor (instead of Wicked Wind). With good gear, you can get a very nice two target permafreeze going, but it's still EXTREMELY difficult with 1 target. And Meteor's a good example for those of us well past the recommended 2.73aps/50cc suggestion, since there's no way you can make Meteor work without raising the gear requirements (unless you supplement with Wicked Wind). So that's the kind of situation beginning players face with Wicked Wind and the right suggestion is to initially work on their arcane power management + chase ias/cc.

Anyways that's my two cents! :)
Awesome collection of information, I wish I had something like this, back when I was trying to figure out how to make my CM wiz work.
ha i just booked marked this like 3 days ago from diablofans.
Great guide, very helpful to all players. Once again great contribution to mighty wizards.

Kuele = Kulle.

I'd put Safe Passage over Fracture in defensive build, but that is personal choice I suppose.

Thanks for that. I probaby spelt his name 2 different ways in the guide (Kuele and Keule) and never bothered to actually look it up.

Regarding all the extra runes, including Safe Passage, DS - Prism, etc., I'll try to add those soon.

As for the 3 APoC items at lower APS, I do recommend it in the beginner's guide section, though I state the build does work to some degree with as little as 16 APoC when starting. Also, I disagree that you should use 3 pieces at 2.5 APS. I ran 2.53 APS for quite a while with just 20 APoC and it worked just fine, even against single target. If I had switched to 3 pieces I would have either lost DPS with a black wand, or lost DPS with a chanto's wand and my triumvirate.

One thing worth mentioning about the gearing sections of the guide is I assume you're aiming for a certain dps range, which is why I recommend some item combos that most don't use at end game (black weapon+Triumvirate for starter gear, for example).

The more I think about it the more I want to add a budget section with a primary focus on stun locking, which would include extra APoC at low APS and aiming for 2.73 breakpoint ASAP. I just don't know that I'll have the time to write it anytime soon but I'll try to add it when I can.

Thanks for all the feedback and ideas so far and please keep adding any suggestions.
One more mention of 2.5 APS breakpoint. Based on my simulator results, for a 60s duration fight, with 45 CC and 20 APoC, I'd only expect to see about 2 white attacks, so the WW spam is pretty complete. More APoC might let me cast EB a couple more times but the multiplier is still 5.68 with bone chill. The simulated multiplier is actually lower for 2.73 but that's another issue entirely, likely due to a bad extrapolation at higher APS.

Increasing to 30 APoC yields about a 7% higher multiplier, reducing white attacks from 2.3 to 0.5, on average, for the 60s fight. To me that's not a very significant change, especially considering that you'd likely have to use a Chanto MH to reach 2.5 APS, so you'd likely need an expensive OH with APoC to match the char sheet dps with a triumvirate+black dagger with IAS. In that case you might as well just pick up a Chanto OH and shoot for the 2.73 breakpoint, imo.
chain reaction at 2.53+ for general farm. Unleashed at 2.53 for ubers.

On tri you need your random roll to be 10apoc. While you can pickup a 150 int / 150 vit affix on the Oculus + elite bonus and teleport cd. And with oculus you can use any weapon.

Slorak's Madness + Oculus is the cheapest DPS starting out.

Endgame cm source is chants end game weapon is dagger.
chain reaction at 2.53+ for general farm. Unleashed at 2.53 for ubers.

On tri you need your random roll to be 10apoc. While you can pickup a 150 int / 150 vit affix on the Oculus + elite bonus and teleport cd. And with oculus you can use any weapon.

Slorak's Madness + Oculus is the cheapest DPS starting out.

Endgame cm source is chants end game weapon is dagger.

I agree with the EB, but not with the weapon+OH.

I'm having a lot of problems seeing how an oculus+Madness will out dps a black weapon with triumvirate, for the same cost. The triumvirate adds 15-18% to your dps, and you can get one with 200 average damage for like 3 mil with APoC. You can also get a sword, wand, or dagger with IAS and socket for a couple mil that is 1000-1100 dps. Granted, I haven't looked at super budget builds so my idea of a starter build is like 10-20 mil or so, which might be where our difference of opinion comes from.

Also, how is end game weapon a dagger when end game CMWW go for Mempo? That means you need APoC on weapon and rare daggers don't have APoC (I think wizardspike does, but I don't think it can roll high dps). IMO, Chanto 2pc is end game weapon+OH for CMWW.
As for the 3 APoC items at lower APS, I do recommend it in the beginner's guide section, though I state the build does work to some degree with as little as 16 APoC when starting. Also, I disagree that you should use 3 pieces at 2.5 APS. I ran 2.53 APS for quite a while with just 20 APoC and it worked just fine, even against single target. If I had switched to 3 pieces I would have either lost DPS with a black wand, or lost DPS with a chanto's wand and my triumvirate.
I think it's indeed doable at 2.5aps with just ~20APoC. However, it was pretty rough for me on the AP side and I often would run out of AP, especially when I was making heavy use of Teleport. Though that was the point where I started transitioning from Prism over to Diamond Shards, which I had used exclusively to make up for a third source of APoC (since I wanted the IAS from a non-APoC Chantodo's Force). I could make it work without Prism, but I definitely was a lot tighter on AP than I was previously. I do remember having to switch back and forth from Prism and Shards, especially favoring Prism on the ubers. At 2.73+aps, Diamond Shards became very smooth and I haven't looked back on Prism (except recently to fuel Meteor). :)
i've trying this build after having some trouble at the inf. machine.
tryed getting used to it, but noticed that the WW does *NOT* cause crits, rendering the build useless.
is it just me? am i doing something wrong? i have around 1.9 APS (Chant. set, 10 total APoC), with nearly 38% CC.
i've trying this build after having some trouble at the inf. machine.
tryed getting used to it, but noticed that the WW does *NOT* cause crits, rendering the build useless.
is it just me? am i doing something wrong? i have around 1.9 APS (Chant. set, 10 total APoC), with nearly 38% CC.

WW does crit, it just doesn't display crits. The way WW works is it does a certain number of damage/LoH tics every second. Each half second, the total damage done over the last half second is displayed, which might include some tics that crit. However, since the displayed damage is the total of damage done over a period of time, it always displays the numbers as white number, instead of some yellow for crits.

In short, WW does crit, otherwise no one would be using this build.

As for you having problems with the build, you have 10 APoC, that's one major problem. If you don't have any LoH, that's another. Try reading the guide.

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