i was wondering how much does ias help out a ww barb. should i be looking for gear with ias or just find gear with chc?
Ias is very important.
ok so i should find a balance with ias and chc?
as much CC as possible, IAS shoot for 2.25-3.0 APS when buffed.
This thread will explain some things about your build

Ahh didnt notice the 2H, im not really familiar with how they would gear for WW, id guess alot of IAS, but you better not take my advice :)
no point doing WW with a 2hander. unless u have very high APS and cc u cant keep up perma WOTB. fury is also a problem unless u have IK set/passives helping you
2hander doesnt work with ww? i see ww barbs all the time with skorn
(AS) is good as bare min aim at 2.0 but I wouldn't worry about going over 2.5.
Remember Barbs are about balance (not some quick little will-o-wasp)

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