New Wizard (HC) Tips please


I just came back to the game after some months away.
I'm back to play on a wizard on hardcore mode, but I've never played a wizard before.
I do not know about the possible builds and how to survive on hardcore as wizard.
I'll play with a barbarian and a monk on my party full-time, both being very defensive.
Our initial goal is to clear inferno mp0.

If it's not asking too much, could you guys help me out?
I have some questions I'd like to ask.

1. How is Inferno mp0 after all this months? Is it easily done undying or should I still be very cautelous?
2. Which are the available builds (both hardcore and softcore) for wizard?
3. Which build you guys recommend me to play as wizard on hardcore?
4. Which should I focus on my equipments to clear all inferno, considering all buffs (war cry and mantra)?

Thanks a lot for your help!
roll a WD
Act 1 inferno is really easy now, act 2 is very doable as long as you have good defenses
Thanks a lot for your tips.

I think I'm kinda retarded, I didn't see the sticks posts... I was like: "wtf, no one posts any more builds on the forum?". Gonna check it, thanks. I'll try the kiting build as a progress to 60 (I'm 40 atm).

Hope I can succed beating Inferno on such a hard class :)

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