Next patch will be 1.06.1a

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They just slipped an extra 2 hours in there.

This is my welcome to having bought D3 less than 2 days ago.

Sorry brother, but get used to it :(
Everytime there is a "fastpatch" we are told the servers will be on at 11AM PST. then you get on the game and its always late and changed to 1PM PST, then if they so feel 3PM PST.

Man, I feel like the game is playing me. Nobody likes a liar
good jobs. small patch and diablo 3 is 12hours out of service...
The amount of downtime required for patching is not always same amount of downtime required for database maintenance. All of our live games are experiencing similar maintenance downtime tomorrow for North America, and this is because of maintenance and not the deployment of patch 1.0.6a.

For reference, "fastpatch" refers to the nature of the patch and what kind of content it includes, not how long it takes to deploy or how much downtime is required. Fastpatches are frequently very small and typically only contain a few changes (usually important bug fixes that can't be addressed with a hotfix).

I know patch sometimes took longer to install, but can you guys at least update the server status?
If you can't, maybe this page is not needed on this website as it only take up more space on the hard drive.

I'm so sick of logging in only to find an error message telling me to check the server status on this blasted page and guess what? IT'S ALWAYS UP!
This is getting old, dont have as much time to play as i use too. Then im sitting here waiting to play and i go to log in, and 2 more hours? WTF, I know it does not make them work any faster too complain but someone needs to get there act together!!!!!
12/11/2012 11:29 AMPosted by Musiquekei
Hi, and yeah 2 more hours
well this sucks big time guss back to bed maby is it even going to go up in to houers tho ?
and how do all you guys no its gunna take 2 more houers were dose it say that lol
Is there a reason that the server status says online?
ok...i actually bothered to log in and type up this reply
usually im pretty chillaxed and indifferent about most of the stuff going on around the community

i've bought diablo III about 3~4 weeks ago
during this 3-4 weeks so far, if my memory serves me well I've experienced 3-4 down times of similar duration as this one.

This is utterly intolerable
If it's down 12 hours a week, that's half a day each week, which is 1/14 of the time, which is just ridiculous, especially when the ridiculously long down times were for extremely trivial matters

no pvp? fine whatever i dont really care about pvp
Being so much worse and lack of character customization than diablo II/LOD, fine whatever diablo III is still kinda fun as is.
Being an online-play only game? Fine with me if that means less hacking
And what's even more annoying is that the server status is always shown as "Available" (the green arrow).

Diablo III is the first Blizzard game that I regret buying; not because its content is bad, but simply because I CAN'T PLAY THE GAME THAT I HAD PAID FOR.
Such down time for such seemingly trivial purpose is ridiculous and unprecedented in the internet age.
I have some top secret information about PVP from leading Blizzard employees. It will be out soon on a patch! And by soon they mean 2020... Expansion is gonna be out before pvp just face it.
maintenance speed of blizzard:
This is just sheer greed on Blizzards part in trying to prevent piracy they ruin the gamers experience. If I was playing a mmorpg I could see this BUT I'M NOT!!!! I don't play online games for this exact reason plus I live in a rural area where internet loss of connection is a constant (old bad phone lines). At this point I wish I had never bought this game and never will another that requires constant internet connection. I could care less about them updating THEIR database I BOUGHT A SINGLE PLAYER GAME so I could play at MY CONVENIENCE not Blizzard's waited all those years to get a unplayable game ( YES UNPLAYABLE BECAUSE I CAN'T PLAY IT NOW). I have limited times when I can get to my computer so when I can I expect to be able to play shame on you Blizzard for ruining this for me.
Their needs to be an offline mode so it can be played like it was designed to be played and not hampered with constant internet timeouts. Or is it that Blizzard thinks rural America doesn't count and doesn't deserve a chance to play Diablo 3
the way it was designed to be played.
If I remember correctly PVP wasn't included in WOW at launch. This means a couple of things:

1.) They're actually working on PVP to make it more balanced and/or accessible for all;
2.) They're following the WOW model.

If 2, screw you Blizzard.

I think it's no secret that they ARE following the WoW model. They say they don't, but they've implemented various WoW mechanics and crap:

- Enrage. It's still around, even if it's just on a few monsters

- Downtime Tuesdays. Well, all the newer Blizzard games seem to have that now. Older Blizzard games, like the previous Diablo and StarCraft games, didn't make the game unavailable due to downtime. You can play singleplayer, LAN, etc.

- Uniques are now called Legendaries, a WoW term.

- Favor over melee classes. It's true.

Almost every WoW expansion, a melee class dominates everyone. TBC: Warriors; WotLK: DK; Cata: not really sure since I quit by then; MoP: I heard Monks are OP - Monks are melee, despite having some caster qualities. This trend can be seen in Diablo 3 as well (Barbarians).

There are more gear available to melee classes than ranged/caster. Most classes can use other things, but it doesn't mean it'll be good for them. Barbarians, however, can make more items useful for them than other classes. You all know how to gear your characters, so figure that out. In WoW, most legendaries are for melee (or can be used by melee).

- Ressurection Timer. Another WoW mechanic integrated into Diablo 3. If players choose to die 100x/min, then they should be allowed to do so.

There's more. Add more to the list if you wish.
Class changes
Barbs are still retarded OP so working as intedned
50% damage reduction and 50% increase in damage taken across the board to all other classes

Barbs are not op, just synergistic. Any class with a lot of LOH or life leech would be powerful.

Stop whining.
12/10/2012 09:16 PMPosted by Pwnsauce
On a serious note, after 1k+ hours of play time for the first time ever I'm dissapointed enough to feel the need to quit and give up on this game. I almost cried when I read about this 10hr "fast" patch that's not going to change anything to a somewhat dying game that's in dire need of PvP. Please give us atleast PTR PvP or something, PLEASE!

Give yourself a breath of fresh air and step outside. Catch a few rain drops, experience the out doors, grow some hair on your face, and talk to a girl (i know this is hard).

Then start playing again. I'm sure you'll realize there are better things in life than Diablo 3.
12/11/2012 11:46 AMPosted by kashiwa

Toad.... not even a troll. Just a toad.
seriously if you're not happy go play something else.
i hear more girdles dropping this patch
cant fast patches wait for just a main one not only do we have to wait 10 hours in nz but we have to wait longer for it to register it has changed and cant play still after your last patch usualy takes another day or so just to start playing again... eitehr that or fix the problem with us not being able to play as it comes out we dont have a server for our area but you supply the game to us so should take care of us also

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