Gold pick up radius should be revised.

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im not sure if anyone has ran this by but my suggestion to this pick up radius deal is maybe add 1 yard of gold pick up rather than gold AND potion pickup per neph stack, i have no gold pickup anymore because i found a better replacement but having to pick up each pile gets alittle annoying especially when i walk to a pile and miss it by just a foot multiple times.
12/17/2012 05:36 PMPosted by toni
Pickup radius is so good I just can't stand not having any when running other set/pm other than my MF pm0 build, but serioulsy, you people complaining should really play another h'n's ( I come from Tit Quest personnally ) and you'll understand how boring it is to actually click on all the gold piles.

I think most of us played tons of different games ( usually including other diablo games ) and we really well know how boring it is to actually click on gold piles... but we also know how boring it is to actually walk on gold piles.
Less boring.. but still !@#$ing boring, and useless. It doesn't add anything to the game beside being time consumming and unfun.

The amount of pickup range you need compared to the amount found on GOOD gear on the AH is a bit absurd.

Often times having pickup radius adds 1mil+ to an item, it is a bit ridiculous.

1m gold is nothing really. You can farm that in 2 hours, maybe 3.
It's not as much a question of value, as much as it's a question of affix.
Your 'good gear' will pickup radius will just have 5 combat affixes, while good gear without pickup radius will have 6.

Also, kudos to whoever said we should not have to gear for 'quality of life'.
Well said.

Our goal in game is usually to get more and more powerful, so we can roll through everything with more ease. Having to use pick up radius on gear makes us LESS powerful ( because it takes the place of a combat stat ), and not using it makes the game more tedious. And it's not like it's something you have to grind for (Ok, it's boring, but I just need to do this for 1 hour!) like other boring stuff in games these days... It's permanent.

Even if you get to paragon 100, you still need either to gimp yourself to have pick up radius, or you need to bore yourself walking over the gold.

They had it right with MF/GF.
No one like to gimp themselves to get optimal MF, but they did it anyway because they wanted drops. They fixed it with paragons. If you grind enough, there's a point when you can finally say DAMN, I never have to use an MF item anymore in the game.
That's a great feeling.
The same can be said for PUR. Leveling paragon and not having to ever use PUR items anymore would be great. Because no one likes to gimp himself for that, but no one likes to make the game more tedius by not using it.

In D2, having mf suit and stuff was acceptable; The game was trivially easy.
But in D3, 99.9% of the players can't even play the highest levels, and easily 90% of the players are farming the easiest level for efficiency. PUR goes against everyone of those, because they lose actual combat stats to make the game more fun.

Paragons could make the game more fun instead.
Yes, it sux. What really sucks is when you run around a gold pile like 3 times without picking it up :) I have wasted so much time running around to pick up gold :(

It would be nice if all unnecessary affixes were attached to paragon levels. It's hard enough to find gear with high stats of useful affixes.

From a WD with TotD to my Barb and Wiz. I have to make room for at least one item that has a seven yard pickup radius to avoid that rather very annoying running around one pile of gold three or more times in order to finally pick it up. It's very much like having to read a long run on sentence. Hah! :)
As a few players have pointed out in this thread, there are quite a range of appealing affixes that items can have. By choosing items that increase your pickup radius, you are making a decision that the value of that stat matters to you, and that you’re willing to trade other stats in order to have it. Having these sorts of compelling choices helps offer different itemization choices, and we like that players often have to weigh their options when comparing gear in order to be the most efficient, to have the greatest DPS, to find the best loot, etc.

We also like knowing when you feel that improvements can be made, though, so thank you for the feedback (seriously). We'll make sure it gets passed along to our developers.

The game needs a new flavor stat system that will be part of the Blacksmith or Jewelcrafter game. For example, take this off of items and allow it to be purchased as an enchant for an item. Allow all items to benefit from these and make them mostly cosmetic or logical, but NOT DPS or survival based... that way, we don't have to slot everything with DPS on these items. Otherwise, none of us are going to pick healing or pick up radius in lieu of having more DPS.

So, at the end of the day, you'll have your stats on items that you NEED (i.e. dps/survival etc) but then, you can pay for with a small amount of gold and materials for these cosmetic enchants (1 per item)... Also, you can have them level up to give incentive to not change them... for example. As a barb I'd have an item that would allow pick up radius to be increased to 5 yards... however, after 100 pickups, the radius would increase by 1 yard for each item I had leveled... or perhaps, it would level 100/250/500/1000 and have a total pickup radius for that enchant of 9 yards.

Just an idea, but one that I think would alleviate this problem.

Edit - Paragon has been used as a permanent solution to MF on gear... so by all accounts this is no different and will help get these stats off the main items.
I was thinking that way also, who really wants to replace any viable stat for gold/pickup radius. I like the earlier posts, although I was thinking perhaps even every 3 levels you notice an increase, I have over 200 hours in my monk and stand in a pack of Elites, although at lvl 19 paragon I literally must walk over gold/health to attain it, which makes it very tricky is Mp's 3-4. It makes absolutely no sense to have that stat on any gear. It would also promote grinding to others, with alleviate this entire subject, if you want more you have to play more
for my WD pickup radius is rly nice stat to have, becouse it helps me farm more faster, i have gruesome pasive, so with my radius i pickup all globes ez, and globes decrease cooldown on my spells (spirit walk) so run through levels more faster (i one hit all monsters).
12/19/2012 09:42 AMPosted by SourceofEvil
I literally must walk over gold/health to attain it, which makes it very tricky

12/19/2012 09:42 AMPosted by SourceofEvil
It makes absolutely no sense to have that stat on any gear.

It makes sense to have that stat on gear if you don't want to have to literally walk over gold/health to attain it making it less tricky.
As a few players have pointed out in this thread, ....

To me, it seems that getting the best loot, getting the highest dps, and being the most efficient, is ultimately the goal you want for your character All The Way Around. To have the game proportioned so that gear allows you to be good or the best at one thing, (For instance, DPS) but therefore negates your ability to do the other well (For instance, MF) , is in my opinion a bit self-defeating.

But, it does keep players spinning and going in circles back to the AH, time and time again, which I'm sure must be beneficial to your company.

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