Value the Monk Above You

I figured I would try a bit of a different take on the "rate the monk above you" threads/advice threads and start a topic where people estimate the gear value of the monk above them.

So, the rules. Feel free to make suggestions to people etc. like in the other threads but that isn't required, all that's required is to estimate the value of the above Monk's gear. It doesn't have to be piece by piece but if you feel that most of the value is in one particular item, please point it out.

Have Fun!
I am gonna say 60 million for yours. Could definitely use a better bracer. Promise of Glory isn't that great at all and you can probably find a rare that is better.

New to Monks so I am taking a stab....100M
@ tekmox i would say 130 mil i would go for better wep over the schaffers and prolly tals armor or a diff armor over blacks
@ morbid - i value you as a colleague and monk counterpart. Your wisdom and guidance is invaluable. thank you for everything you do!

what? its not that kind of thread? ruh roh :s
ty lilubo i take what you are throwing at me hold it close and toss it back your way :)
3billion for morbids gear =D
@Genoc1de: Diabloprogress says your at 73k dps and 475 ehp. Looking at your gear I'll value it at 50M.
@Lexus, I'd say 800m-1b? Haven't looked at prices in a while.

Over 1b for sure I am guessing.
@morbid, haha, the SOJ and the Hammer is just for the tempest rush build. LordRaahl did a video on it and i just watend to try it out. Regularly, I am DWing.
@tekmox....maybe 100 mill...maybe less...can upgrade from many the build though
I hate these threads. All they do is further emphasize the gear/paytowin focus of this game.
12/10/2012 09:17 PMPosted by maxedpotato
I hate these threads. All they do is further emphasize the gear/paytowin focus of this game.

Gear is actually the main focus of this game even in WoW and previous diablo but one thing that lacks about D3 is build diversity and also crafting is useless.
About 400m? Great dex on the weapons and good monk overall!

Umm twi point two seven billion?

@Urizen 50m

389 Gold

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