1.0.6a and Error 3007?

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I am trying to log into the game and i start getting Error 3007. I closed the game, attempted to log in and it said There is a new patch that needs to be downloaded blah blah. Then i closed it again, opened it, did a 10mb patch then attempted to log into the game again. The game said there is a new patch that needs to be downloaded again... I open the launcher and now apparently there is a 2.34gb patch? Does anyone else having this problem?
You might have a corrupted hard drive or something. Patch worked fine for me.
not saying you're wrong but, i dont think its the hard drive. I kept getting Error 3007 prior to this, which is a disconnection error. Some people also had that problem :(
Where r u guys playing ?, because im in europe and still got the message that "there is a new patch blablabla... "game restarts and get the same.
aust here... cant get into US server
Yeah, I'm australian too. Trying to get onto american servers and its not working. Now i apparenly have to do a 2.34gb patch to play :(
12/11/2012 12:55 PMPosted by Selene
Where r u guys playing ?, because im in europe and still got the message that "there is a new patch blablabla... "game restarts and get the same.

The EU server hasn't had it's maint yet, but you updated your US client to a newer version so you won't be able to login to EU until the EU maint has happened so the server version matches your client.

As for those downloading a 2gig+ patch, did you change the language at all? if so you are downloading the language pack, if not it would be something has become corrupted.

As for those getting 3007...still trying to workout that one, its normally caused by the servers being overloaded though so do keep trying.
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Ohk thanks!
Still cant log in getting 3007 error
I'm getting Error 3007 too zzzzzzz
Successfully downloaded the patch but getting error 3007 aswell
Same problem, getting 3007 trying to log in.

Was working fine yesterday & patched first go this morning.

I have attempted this several times already and it wont establish the connection at all when I try log in. 3007 3007 3007.

I too am in Australia connecting to US.
Why patching taking over half day? And why they let you to use "play" button if you can't log in any way. Odd.
Come on Blizzard, please verify there's an issue with Australian logins.
Same. Australian trying to login. Error 3007. Awesome. Day off as well.
@Narull plz can u explain me that Download patch error im geting ? so here its how it goes, i run diablo 3, than it dl's patch, than i try to log in game and it say i have to DL patch again, ok lol so i do it again ,dl patch ,i try to log in and it say i have to DL patch :) ? to be honest im geting sick of that ,because i have that problem after every singe patch blizzard makes ( playing on EU ) ! i had no problem with that if i loged on Americas server, but i dont play there..
same same in aus (us server) as well!
same problem here from Aust, how do I feel.....well, the guy in this video beat me to it... LOL
Edit: Hey all! We're still monitoring the issue from our end, so if those of you who are continuing to experience Error 3007 are willing, we've asked for some additional information over in this thread in Tech Support: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7393109698


Thanks for the posts! Our engineers and QA team are currently investigating this error, and I'll report back to this thread once we have any additional info to share.
I'm from nz, yes same problem 3007

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