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Don't feel like waiting for blizz support to respond as they probably won't give me the resolved Akamai IPs anyway. Anyone have them and what they resolve to? Thanks. (Akamai is in the Endian blacklist for being a known malware host, meaning at one point one of their servers hosted some sort of script that allowed file downloads without user consent.) Don't feel like getting flamed. If you know just respond plz.
There's a lot of them, so here's a few:

You should really just change which DNS server you use, though.
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Don't have a server, it's built into Endian Firewall, which auto updates its blacklist of sites known for non-consented downloads. :)

And thank you. Very much. :)

And I'm glad windows 7 comes with powershell. Those resolve to some weird names.

> Typo? Doesn't resolve.

It was not one of those, but this thread isn't answered. I would like a list if possible to add them to static DNS entries.

I'll give for now and use google DNS... Until Diablo patches.
Which servers in particular again ?

There's the patch server IP addresses as well as the CDN's updates are pushed out to.

AFAIK There's 3 or 4 possible CDNs they use.

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