Cant login to europe !!!

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Well as Thread says i cant Log in into Europe region. Basically after path the game says Not up to date and when restart to update its says is up to date :( When i change my account to America or Asia works perfectly and i can play. But i want to play on my European region where I'm located. I try to delete files replace path_url exchange Diablo exe ect ect.... after new update same problem :( Any clue ?
same problem here, gl on fixing it
europe region probably doesnt have the patch available yet.

if you're playing on the Americas server fine then it's likely your game version is patched and is ahead of what is running on europe.

sorry but you'll most likely have to wait.
you will have to wait for the EU patch to be available...with the previous patch, by deleting the updates and mfil file and changing the patch url in agent.dll to enGB and deleting all the d3 update 13000 mpqs and replacing diablo 3 exe and stuff it worked but still everytime you exit the game and wanted to play again you had to repeat all these steps again until EU patch was available...this is always a !@#$ing pain in the %^ just have to wait my friend
or just wait tomorow after maintenance on EU servers

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