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The game wasn't a total failure. Me and a few friends have played since release (I've played since beta), and there are still people who play. I know Twitch.tv is no valid source, but there are alot of active viewers for D3, which shows there is still a fanbase.

But when you look at these forums, it's pretty pathetic.

Blue posts lately only comment about personal things like what's your favorite voice in the game, or what's your favorite legendary. At the end of the day, these are counterproductive to the main problem of the game, which is the game.

At the same time, we see them comment publicly about how certain people get banned or punished for bad mouthing against someone. Not only does this remind me of the public executions of the medieval ages, but it's also sad how Blizzard needs to make public showings of this sort of stuff to keep the community under control, and out of the negative, even though there's no PRODUCTIVE positivity going on. (Oh and btw, in case Lyrila you haven't read the forum terms of use, you're not allowed to speak about an account action on the forums. How can I report you?)

Somehow these threads are posted on the front page, or even the first comment, by the blues. How is that you guys are able to so closely follow these guys, but not pay attention to any of the real gameplay questions and comments that are helpful, legitimate, and logical?

This is actually more frustrating than when there were no blue posts at all for a couple of weeks because the previous ones got fired. Back then we thought you guys gave up. Now it makes it look like you guys want to pretend this pile of crap is a gourmet chocolate sundae.

(before anyone asks, im not the guy who got banned by Lyrila. I'm just voicing my opinion about it. i wouldn't be surprised if i got this thread locked, deleted, or if i got suspended on forums for this. bigger loss for big blizz. im one of the last productive posters on these forums, and i might just quit even though i've been playing since beta.)

Suggestion made on further page that I wrote:

Connecting with the audience is what business is all about, but when we see that 90%+ of blue posts are about nothing at all, and like people have said, there is more information on Jay Wilson's blog than here, it's a bit dissatisfying to tell you the truth.
It would help so much, if we had a weekly update. Something like "Oh hey, we're working on this, this, and this", so that we can know what you guys are actually working on, and maybe the community can help you with it. Just add a disclaimer that says "Nothing posted here is a gurantee." What's the harm in doing that?

Whose with it?
You make valid points sir and on the case of "her" all you can do is whine then play another game Sure you can supposedly report her to the higher ups or w/e the case maybe but eh slap on the hand

On Topic I agree with yea ive been playing since release and before any kids check out my profile I have a job and don't play 10hrs like most 1-2hrs at most twice a week if that

but I do know for a fact nothing is being done about a lot of issues people are having for one validating core error issues never fixed they just tell you reinstall! meanwhile if you continue to read their post they already said they reinstalled twice but NOOOOO REINSTALL! or my favorite one of all they make you copy and paste things from the CMD prompt to pretend to know whats going on..........RED FLAG #1 if they don't read your first post entirely what makes you thing they are going to read almost a 2-3 post reply of that cmd prompt.....

Then comes another patch with "Monster Power" which is suppose to draw are eyes and attention away from them never fixing the Error

Now comes the Stuttering Effect / Rubber band Effect now they come out with a fast patch quote on quote With people still angry What do they do NOTHING in an attempt to Please the kids they throw out the once in a blue moon ban hammer on Botters.

Im sorry am I the only one that see's this?

Then On top of it all The "BLUES" are the ones in the public eye cough cough so THEY at least should provide us with SOME answers not the answer of HEY WE WORK HERE BUT NO NOTHING! GG!
Nein, I feel ya man... Used to feel bad and disappointed, but now I feel hilarious, cute when I see a Blue's post. Enjoying it actually!

I just want to quote myself

Blizzard Still M.I.A. - ISO Answer re: Duping
Blues - you guys are so disappointing to say the least... I have watched and you only reply to cute little threads like "what is the follower's conversation you like best", "what is the best way you've died", "hello from EU guy", blah blah.... You avoid important, tough thread that players really care, like this.
If I work like you, only do cute works and avoid customers, I'd be fired in 1 day, just saying

3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3
1. Blizzards is not responsive. Even when you do a bad job, it's still okay if you stay positive and responsive. But if you don't, it's totally unacceptable to me. And yes, in this case Blizzards did a terrible job in a lot of things - no PvP, terrible itemization, no build diversity, bots, duping, unstable server,.......

2. Read number 1.

3. Read number 2
free bump considering everyone is making about 10 threads about this supposedly massive ban hammer going down and cant just reply to 1 thread I for one have no issue with botters why do they bother you so much? after level 60 is hit its just paragon and paragon means nothing anymore if your not the 1st to hit it your done with the game after inferno let them bot if you choose not to its your choice

and if you want to say it ruins the AH no no it does not Banning those who constantly get those items your looking for only Lowers the prices down WHY? because they get them at such a rapid rate and get so many items they don't need

What ruin's the AH is when after this Ban hammer stops YOU the remaining Masses will then SKY ROCK the prices because their are Few to none but hey that's just my opinion on the matter

Ha sorry my reply had nothing to do with the topic MAH BAD OP!
we know how noob they are by looking how they post their comment....
more excuse and excuses
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
How do you think we could improve?

You can start off buy giving us PVP information and why it has been delayed for so long.

Its a shame how PVP was not considered important enough to be released in diablo 3 when d1 and d2 both had it released day of.
But thats besides the point.

You can inform the community whats going on with the game we paid for.

You seem to be told by people above u not to talk about info related to d3 which seems very sad.

Not to bash u in anyway at all because its obv not ur fault but who else can we rant at? Blizzard it seems has chosen you to be the target for the diablo community which is sad as well because you shouldnt have to go through this.

I get more information from Jay Wilsons twitter than I do forums which is bogous as well.

the community wants ANSWERS
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
How do you think we could improve?

Clone yourself!

Err excuse me, DOUBLE IT XD

You're seriously going to enable someone who wants to report you? Now that makes me disappointed - lock this attention troll's thread and move on..

reminds him of executions in the medieval ages...lol really dude?!
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
How do you think we could improve?

Well, I'd start by playing the game.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
How do you think we could improve?

do really need to ask that question? there are thousands of threads over the last few months to answer this..

edit.. pity this is just a lame troll from blizzard staff and they are not actually improving the game in the ways we would all like to see
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
How do you think we could improve?

Post on one of the threads about item duping via rollbacks instead of being silent about it for weeks.


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