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12/12/2012 11:05 PMPosted by Gormok
This is pure gold. Saying, "We don't know which direction we want to go with this", is much better than not saying anything at all and leaving people guessing whether or not their concerns are being addressed.

We do this already, but not to the degree you're asking (based largely on prior experience in all three Blizzard communities). Even so, I'll see what we can do about that.
12/12/2012 11:05 PMPosted by Lylirra
Hey, you wanted to improve, right?

And there are many different ways in which to do so.


On a more "constructive" note, I highly support more contact from you and the others. Whichever way you choose. ;)
The moral of the story is, listen to the players primary concerns and address them, report to them. If you don't have an answer, find out and report back. If you still don't have an answer, just tell us, be honest. Like if the devs really don't know what direction they want to go in with a particular issue, tell us. If anything we can start bouncing ideas off you to take back to the devs.

Never believe that your too big to fail, because once the money stops coming in, you fail. If you drive enough players away, believe me, they won't come back, no matter what expansion you bring in or what additional games are made, your players will not forget.

This bro has it right.

I still believe this is too much for just 3 CM's let alone just Lylirra to do on a regular basis. I mean look at the time it's 11:14 PM there, nuff said. Migrate more CM's over from whatever other projects they're doing or higher more. I understand WoW is the big money maker with the larger player base, but that game has a solid player base that really aint going anywhere, this one same can't be said and this one has a much bigger potential of growth being much newer, even before an expansion.
It would be really awesome for some type of comment from a developer, not a cm, on what is being done for the casual player, who only plays a few hours a week, who needs to see rewards for his or her lower level characters. We loved collecting lower level sets and uniques which appear the be missing from Diablo 3. We shouldn't need to level 60 and complete all difficulties before seeng these cool items. It appears that all content updates focus solely on level 60 and end game when everything else is ignored.

Also, if a person posts a solid constructive thread that does not break any rules, that person should be allowed the courtesy of an explanation if that thread is deleted. I currently feel that blizzard is only interested in specific forms of feedback and deletes all others.
If you've ever hung out on the League of Legends forums, you'll see a level of interaction between developer and player that makes blizzard look like they're living in the 90's. Blizzard was once known to be far ahead of the curve in this regard, but over time I feel they've stagnated (and the move to Activision can't have helped).

They could learn much from the way Riot manages and interacts with their community. It's a shame really. I see a few blue posts a week, half the time on completely trivial threads. There are so many chances to engage the community. I don't think it's from lack of effort, I think it's more from lack of resources and proper direction from up above.

It may save a lot of money but as companies like Riot become the standard (and let's hope they do), the old way of doing things, i.e. behind an iron curtain will come to an end. People feel disconnected from the active developer of the game they love, and nothing good comes from this. The precedent has been set, let's evolve.
Connecting with the audience is what business is all about, but when we see that 90%+ of blue posts are about nothing at all, and like people have said, there is more information on Jay Wilson's blog than here, it's a bit dissatisfying to tell you the truth.
It would help so much, if we had a weekly update. Something like "Oh hey, we're working on this, this, and this", so that we can know what you guys are actually working on, and maybe the community can help you with it. Just add a disclaimer that says "Nothing posted here is a gurantee." What's the harm in doing that?

Whose with it?

Me :)
I think people don't understand the following:

- CM's can only reveal what they are allowed to reveal, or told to do so. I'm sure in many occurrences, they have to go away - ask their supervisor, if they can relay certain information.

-CM's cannot share their personal opinion about game mechanics/dynamics. Their role isn't to tell developers, or posters, how they feel about the game. They can only inform how developers feel, and developers will respond with the information they wish to pass onto us.

- CM's are VERY restricted in the information they pass on. Every tickle of information must be approved before posting. This one should be obvious, but it clearly isn't.

However I DO feel that CM's CAN pressure developers with the ongoing demands of their player base. With enough force, CM's are smart enough to recognise that a serious issue needs to be addressed.

Often, issues are being addressed, but blizzard is not in a position to discuss such matters - i.e duping, botting, exploits, etc. This doesn't mean they aren't addressing it

You don't think blizzard are cracking down hard on duping? Holy sh*t do you know how crazy blizzard would go over the above? Do you expect a post from the anti-hacking team?

At the end of the day, I'm defending the CM's - not the game. The game has so many flaws it makes me cringe, but the CM's are not in a position to make those changes, only inform the developers of our views - and what happens from there is up to them.

We would like, however, to see a little more activity from you guys. As the regular posts are very negative - with every right, I don't blame you for not involving yourself in these discussions. A lot of the time, there is very little, if not nothing you can do about it.

Here's my tip for the developers:
If you don't do some big changes soon - this game is dead.
Connecting with the audience is what business is all about, but when we see that 90%+ of blue posts are about nothing at all, and like people have said, there is more information on Jay Wilson's blog than here, it's a bit dissatisfying to tell you the truth.
It would help so much, if we had a weekly update. Something like "Oh hey, we're working on this, this, and this", so that we can know what you guys are actually working on, and maybe the community can help you with it. Just add a disclaimer that says "Nothing posted here is a gurantee." What's the harm in doing that?

Whose with it?

Me :)

Do have to agree with this. All we know is a very vague 'improving crafting, new recipes, more use of brimstone' followed by a 'pvp blog coming soon' and before that 'talk of improving monk to be more reactive and agile'

So right now we have no idea what is coming next. We can only assume since PvP was stated several times that it will be 1.1 that that's not next, the rest is a guess - and the absence from that guessing didn't help, but on a personal note I can understand why there was nothing posted for awhile.
All boils down to finding a source to vent, and sadly Jay has the name big enough to take it.
Because he's the hero we deserves, but not the one it needs right now...and so we'll hunt him, because he can take it.

This made me laugh really hard. Comparing Jay to Batman, I think this is a first.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

You could start by addressing some of the real concerns that players have with this game.

Take this thread, for example:


It's one of, if not the best critique threads of D3, has been liked, and has countless bumps agreeing with the OP and asking for blue responses. It was one of the most popular threads whilst it was open and addressed some of the key design decisions that many if your loyal fans find frustrating and annoying.

Why can't somebody from Blizzard respond to threads like this? We're not asking you to defend your decisions, but we are asking from some humility or admittance that you got some things wrong and would look to put them right in the future. Either via patches, expansions or even D4.

All we (I) see now is an arrogant team refusing to believe that anything outlined in that thread cited above is wrong - and they are happy and content with the design direction of D3. If that's the case, tell us, and many of us can move on and leave you to it.
I do agree, it's great lylirra is in here posting with us. It's a large step from what were used to with respect that the threads which could be labeled as "easily flamed threads", were never posted in.. at least they are in here now reading and responding to us!

I also do agree that it is a bit much for just 3 CM's. It is possible, but it's not efficient. What happened to the other CM's anyway? I've only noticed just the 3 here since September.

There really should be more, and it seems from what I've read, the most efficient way to do it would be to have certain CM's designated to respond to certain things...

IE: Complaint CM, Suggestion CM, Game play CM, future plans CM, etc..
12/12/2012 08:12 PMPosted by Lylirra
Given that, I don't understand why so many players say that we aren't taking player feedback into consideration. Is there something we could perhaps do better to make this fact more clear?

I think it might be a good idea to provide an explanation for why a "popular" suggestion, although considered, didn't make the cut. There are a lot of suggestions floating around the forums on how this game can be improved and quite frankly most of them are terrible (in my opinion). However, there are some great suggestions (in my opinion) that also don't make the cut.

I think players just want feedback on their feedback. If a suggestion reaches a certain level of popularity and you bring it to the attention of the developers as you say, I think players want to know what the Blizzard team thought of the idea and why it won't be implemented.

With that being said, I have a suggestion: (*About the Forums)

Make the forums easier to navigate. It would be nice to have replies connected to the parent comment so that we don't need to scan through 12 pages just to find out what the response was.
We should maybe have one of those darned developers face the flak the CM's get once in a month. Have em hold a IRC session or something to answer to the player base directly...

Face the consequences of your decisions....explain why you did this and not that....enlighten the player base on the decision process , of how they decide what feature will make it into the game and what not.

I guess that is a part of development process right? Taking feedback, and giving it back, in the process refining the test process of a software product?
also wanted to add, i'm not sure if it's the CM's responsibility to make us feel 'secure', informed and like we're being listened to - but as you can tell this is currently not the case.

I'm sure at heart, you guys are doing your best - and I can tell by the way you guys post that your drive to do your job well is definitely evident - however I wonder how much the people above you restrict you from doing so.

eh, feels like a dead end to me tbh
12/12/2012 11:45 PMPosted by Rumpy
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?


if I could get a blue to even glance at some of the options on that post and consider them I would be happy. I realize not all of them are doable or amazing but some really do make sense and need to be considered, for example, balancing of gems in weapon slots it doesn't feel right that when u compare ANY of the gems to emeralds right now
How about this for a suggestion: As to make the forums easier to navigate.

Allow thread creators to create actual polls, and have it reflect as a poll as you navigate through the forum. Either by placing "Poll" or "P" by the thread so people know.

Also, maybe consider allowing the thread creators to delete posts and lock posters out of threads (as to keep trolls out). Many threads get hijacked from trolls now. This could keep the threads more clean, the flaming at a minimum, as well as, make it easier for the CM's to read through.
My problem with blues is that it feels like CMs are casual gamers, and devs don't play the game at all, when the game is 80% useless skills that should get tweaked constantly but instead 10% of them get minor changes every 2 months that do nothing. It makes the game extremely stale.

If you want an example of good communication between gamers and developers just look at League of Legends. Extensive Red feedback in forums, balance patches every 2-3 weeks with new content, videos explaining why changes are being made and what is coming soon.

When a CM posts about technical information on here, it's probably wrong. During the PTR the quality assurance team didn't even understand how affixs on items worked when we were trying to explain bugged legendary items to them.

If Blizzard isn't playing the game, why should we?

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