Santalepsy. 12/23

Santalepsy has free toys for good girls and boys.

Just found a Cold resist dex/vit/6%crit/ -15 lvl req inna's helm. Let me know if you want it.
happy holidays is a crappy term, but i think its the one you were looking for
Can i get the Vile Ward? I sent you a request in game
Innas radiance with double resist :)
Inna's Favor, the Belt
Yes. Squashy. Get ya in a moment.
Thanks!! Merry Christmas!
Hey narcolepsy I could really use the rare ring you showed if you dont mind :)
Can I have Shenlongs fist? Or Discord ring
love ur fist weapon.......
Ty, Santalepsy! Merry Christmas!
Ok. Elmo got the set fist weap. The 1231 one still there. Thanks Warflower :D

Maxedpotato, send me a req in game mang, rings still there.
Thanks ALOT man. Need more people like Narco in here!
I could really use the spirit regen inna's helm or the inna's belt. Thanks :)

Already sent you a request, Drakorath #1519.
Antstar got the belt but I can getcha the helm.

Still have some gloves and bracers left, Skorn, both shields, one of the 1handers and 3 pairs of boots left guys.
Maxedpotato got the rare ring. The legy is still there.
Hello! skorn please?? should i add you??
is the fist still available , that would be a huge upgrade for me
Skorn to MrMojo.

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