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Hey guys, just getting back into the game after the patch introducing MP and Ubers and all that.. I see alot of talk now about EHP so I was briefly messing with a calculator

I'm currently at 420,000 ehp i can pretty much melt through MP3 and Mp 4 is still quite easy Haven't attempted MP5 yet but i feel like i could probably do pretty good there (not farm fast enough to make it worth it though)

Judging by my current gear, what would you say my downfalls are as far as EHP goes?

I know I'm missing a few things that i currently just cant afford (crit helm, crit nats) to give me a decent boost in damage, and i dont have any life steal ( though i do have a 2.3% LS EF no sock no crit dmg)

Also- is there any change i could make as far as Nat's set to give a little more resist without losing like 20k dmg?

Thanks for the help!!
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there we go
I would recommend #1 changing your serentiy rune to ascension. 1 additional second = more hits for healing and 1 second less of taking damage, this will give you more overall than the small heal can. Additionally as the CD begins on use there is less time spend waiting for the skill to be available again while vulnerable.
thanks anything else?

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