LOL @ Actiblizz's "Real-life Threats" thread

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1) This game was a realized failure a month into the release. The outrage started out small and then grew as new gamers and the slower people finally realized what a scam had been pulled with this b.s. "sequal."

2) Anyone insane enough to come after some gay d3 developer is only going to get more infuriated with this silly post.

Face it. The game's the biggest joke of all time and quite possibly the final nail in the coffin for the dying PC gaming community. The arrogance of the "special" section of Actiblizz stuck with backing this dead failure just puts even more fuel on the fire.
Regardless of one's feelings about Diablo III and its development team, harassment directed at its employees is not permitted in these forums (especially when it comes to threats of violence). It is never appropriate to suggest real-life harm within this or any Blizzard community, and we will respond to such threats with all due diligence.

We welcome criticism provided that it is shared constructively; however, defamatory language that has a clear malicious intent and/or fails to promote positive discussion -- which you have been so kind to illustrate -- will not be tolerated, and in many cases will lead to a notable vacation of your posting privileges. Please take this time to reconsider how you communicate within this forum.

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