ERROR 3007 still 13/12/2012- 5:00 PM

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still getting this error message. im with bigpond ADSL. i live in queensland.

maybe if everyone posted who their ISP is and where they live. might help? i dont know, im over it. i can access the asian and europe servers fine just not the americas one.

dont tell me to do a google fix or whatever you call it, i dont know what a DNS is and im not changing settings for anything on my computer or router or anything for that matter.

the best response they could come up with

then this from a Support Forum Agent

There's a little more info over in the General Discussion forum actually. Apparently, it's an ISP issue and something we've no control over.
I am with TPG and have the same issue since I patched
The problem is only with Americas, I have an account in Asia and it works fine
Can Blizzard fix this soon!!!!! It's the 3rd day!!!!! The Asia and Europe regions are no good to me because all my characters are saved in Americas. Can Blizzard please get this fixed up soon.
I living in China, still can't login USA server with ERROR 3007 this weekend, why?
But is normal to login Europe & Asain servers.
Please solve it.
guys, there's a stickied thread up above on how to fix the issue in like 30 seconds. this was figured out like within an hour of the patch being finished. you can fix it and play in two minutes time.

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