3 have become super slow

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Hey guys,
just wondering; last night as of around 1 am, all was fine.

Right now, just logged in, and my character is moving as if he has been slowed with the D&D spell :P every single movement you can see it clearly since he's moving sooo slow. and it's not just him.

The character on the main screen; his breathing is very slow. Creatures, etc is all slowed down.

I don't have any crazy process running in the background that I can find. So not sure what may be causing this.

Any ideas?



Can you post some information about your computer? You can find this information in the Direct X Diagnostic Tool:

Click on Start
Click on Run
Type in: dxdiag (In Vista, type dxdiag in the search field)
Hit Enter or OK

Click on the Save All Information button at the bottom, and create a dxdiag text file, and copy and paste it ALL here.

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