Keep disconnecting (character independent.)

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Im not usually the one to create threads like these, 'cause i already see hundreds of them with no reply, and no mention from a so called "bluepost".

Anyways, ever since 1.0.5 (ish.) I've been disconnecting like crazy. I can rarely play a game long enough to reach 5 stacks. It does not matter if i do softcore/hardcore/Wizard/barbarian ++.

The disconnects; Sometimes i get disconnect all of the sudden without any warning, and thrown back to the menu. Other times i can roam the world for a while before either hitting a "black wall/cliff" or the game in very rare cases actually resumes. Another time this happened, if i moved.. my friend would see me doing the things (eg. if i warcried, he could see me use the skill on his screen) -- while my "world" was "stalled".. and on my screen seemed like i was disconnected. This leaves me thinking the problem is server-side TO client.

Now, since HC is my true passion this has rendered the game unplayable to me. I've already lost 3 chars to this issue, and i wont be playing till this is fixed.

Things i have done on my end:
* Re-installed windows (Went from 7, to 8. Clean install.)
* Updated and downgraded the GFX drivers.
* Forced VSYNC both ON and OFF, as i've read some users having success with this option.

AS for the network, i am connected via a 70/70 fiber. My latency is perfectly fine when this happens (both in the client, and the multiping i have running in the background.) There is absolutely no change in latency when this happens. I am (most of the time) the only connected computer, directly to a CISCO firewall with a flat network (no vlans, No other session breaks when diablo 3 disconnects. (SSH session is not disconnect, not IRC session, no packet loss, no nothing.)

I have no antivirus running that should impact this, nor any firewall.

Even worse; When i have a friend over to play, he can sit side-by-side of me and play uninterrupted while i get disconnected. The only nice thing about party is that i actually can resume the game and keep my stacks. This cant be done in solo.

I hope this was somewhat understandable, and if there is any more information i can provide, please let me know. Or if you want me to test/debug anything special, i am quite qualified so dont be afraid to challenge me.

Best Regards,

You have a European account and you play only on the European region. Please post any tech issues you have over on their forum.

What I'd check though is when your friend is over, are you able to play your account on the computer he's using and vice versa without disconnecting?
i will check that the next time we play and post the result along with my new post in .eu.

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