Patch Fail! 3007

Technical Support
3007... All day.

If I were in charge of you all, you would be working 12 hour shifts until it is resolved.

Basic Deductive reasoning... Ready?

Game Works


Game Doesn't work

Okay, I understand those three steps were quite difficult to comprehend. So, I'll proceed to break some things down. When your trouble shooting a problem, you have to look at a few things. Was it working? When did it stop working? And what was changed between the times of 1 / 0 ? If the only thing that changed was a patch that was released on your end....

My ISP did not force you to release a patch that honestly was a waste of a few megabytes on my computer. However, now you intend to inform me as to how it isn't your fault and it is the ISP DNS server communication problem? So, You as a company feel its best to push the blame onto someone... something else?

Lucky you don't have my job, try to say this.. say goodbye to your weekends until this got fixed. But, I guess that isn't the case.. You may continue playing D3 on your consoles while you pretend to work each day. Smoke break every 15 minutes? I gotcha, i've been there...
100% agree
I'm so bummed about this, I'm actually considering downloading the patches to SWTOR......


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