Any way to bind non attacks to Left click?

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I recently injured my hand and being forced to use left click for my main attack hurts like hell after a while. But if I bind it to my right click Im fine. But the only problem is then Im stuck with an empty left click because I cant bind any utility or buffs in that slot. Why is that? I just dont understand why you can bind those same abilities to right click but not left click. Anyone know of a way around that? For example on my monk I want to bind Serenity to my left click. It works fine on right click but it refuses to let me bind it on the left click.

How do I fix this problem. Playing in pain is not fun. Also yes I have Elective Mode on it still refuse to let me bind anything other than an attack skill in left click.
Try going into your computers mouse settings and switch your mouse to left hand, that might flip everything and get the results you are looking for.
you can place AoE spells (even those with cooldowns) on left click
personally i use wave of force on left click

You can not place spells there that would have to activate as soon as you are attempting to walk (since they dont target enemys)

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