Name next upgrade for the WD above U (part 2)

Witch Doctor
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A Pox with Avg damage can make a big difference in the amount of damage you do, or one with CC if you have the gold to spend (Although you CC seems to be nice where it is).

The other place for an upgrade would be the bracers Strongarm with AR and Int could keep everything else where it is but add another 1 CC and extra armor.

Finally, you have VQ set up as a passive, but it doesn't look like you are using anything that would trigger it, so you could switch that to GI for another boost.
need to upgrade my stuff... suggestions?

You need to link your D3 profile to let us see your gears
@dobie: In mp3 runs I dont run out of mana cause things just die. Couple that with Spirit Walk/ Honored Guest and I dont have mana issues. During ubers though, I have to switch to a visage.

As for the rings, I've looked for CC rings and CC Ammys but in order for them to have a large impact on my dps, I need average damage too because of the average damage I already have on them. This costs so much lol.

@Eric: I dont think you are here for the suggestions but to actually suggest correct? Seems you are pretty much a monster.

I would upgrade that helm to a zuni to get the bonus Mana regen.

I would upgrade that helm to a zuni to get the bonus Mana regen.

I'd say that Zuni vision, you could find one with crit chance on it. Otherwise some attack speed could boost your DPS
@Seraph1083 you could use some CC on your amulet

Amazing roll on your hellfire btw!

To whoever makes suggestions for me, I am in the middle of bidding on a new Withing Hour that adds around 6k dps and I should have about 100m to spend... not sure where to put it.
Please do. I have a sneaking suspicion it'll be my chest.
12/29/2012 10:35 PMPosted by hexR
Please do. I have a sneaking suspicion it'll be my chest.

Pretty much.
^ you have a real nice WD...maybe look for a better zuni chest piece now? maybe with higher regen...thats all i can suggest atm

Nice Witch Doctor. I'm hard pressed to find a nice upgrade for you...I supposed just a GG Zuni Vision with crit chance ?

To whomever helps with mine :D I need it. I'm pretty stuck as to what my next upgrade should be...and if you dont's my girlfriends Witch Doctor (it's a mash up of my old WD gear and her wizard (paragon 40ish) gear. I want to get her a socketed Manajuma next...
man. you are nicely geared. the only thing i can sell you is that you might want to look at getting a better int helm with the same crit, upgrade the mojo, and since its my preference over lacuni's i would say pick up a nice set of strongarms.
are you in MF gear? or do you always roll with that much MF? if so, maybe don't change anything if the MF is priority over dps, but you are over the cap limit of 300 with your MF, and your followers MF. maybe think about dropping some MF for other stats as you grow into a higher paragon.
you just need more int in general as well
for your GF's WD
gloves need 10% crit, upgrade mojo to have a socket and more crit, upgrade gems, again bracers but thats preference, a manajumas with an open socket, and if she's not dying too much i would say just find an echoing fury that she likes it would boost her by a ton
These threads become harder and harder to make suggestions in. At a glance I would say either your legs or offhand could use an upgrade. Either Depth Diggers, Innas, might give you a nice boost depending on your play style. For the offhand, I dont imagine it would be too hard to find something similar to what you have with mana regen + max mana. Although I dont really know whats desirable right now. I have been running with my ToTD for quite some time, simply because of the pickup radius for farming. I hate to see passives wasted on blood ritual. With 4 piece Zuni, mana shouldn't be too much of an issue especially when you get near 1k even running bears build.

Awesome hellfire/witching hour/etc. Maybe more + Movement speed?
@polaris better TOTD, Crit on ammy/bracers

I'm in MF gear there (which I am in most of the time...I use my cm/ww for keyfarming/ubers if my wizard friends aren't online). Also, over the cap because I usually play with my girlfriend which negates my followers MF. I do have a couple of pieces that I switch out for keyfarming or when I play solo and have my follower.

What would you suggest for Mojo's? I really love my TotD since I mostly farm MP0/MP1 right now and the pickup radius is great. The VoG I found tonight has 192 INT/80AR/7% CC on Acid Cloud...which I could use for my low MP farming...then I could get a nice crit chance Zuni SoS.

@ Jimbob wow :D Nice Doctor! Get those jewels upgraded (expensive I know)! Not much to improve there...but I'm not the expert (yet)

Looking at this thread...most of us have the same gear :( I really wish we didn't have to rely on INT/CC/CD/Mana Regen so much :(
ok.. the guy under me didnt say anything... let me know plz

@crazytimes - CC on your ammy and your pox, vit on your pants

You can go for more survival on your lacuni with AR/armor same for your zuni trail if you dont mind loosing the pick up radius.
Maybe a higuer intel zuni vision if you got lots of gold.
@Balrog: Your gear looks pretty sexy. Only miniscule thing I can really think of right now would be to replace the +armor on your Marrow with the -Damage from Elites affix, as I think overall that would do you better than some armor.

However, for like stats, that probably would run a pretty penny.

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