Name next upgrade for the WD above U (part 2)

Witch Doctor
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@Swampdonkey: You might wanna increase your dps. Crit damage on your ammy would be a nice and relatively cheap upgrade. Another dps upgrade would be going for a witching hour, but that might ruin your set bonus.

I dont get why almost everyone is running zunimassa. I use tal rasha and andariel for the extra dps. Should I switch? I speed farm MP0-1 btw.
@ralph, start transitioning into zuni's. people use it because mana regeneration is amazing and most of the pieces have some nice base rolls, like % damage on the boots and crit damage on the ring and resistances across the set. Don't get too excited about what attack speed does to your paper doll dps, it is only letting you dump your mana faster, forcing you to cast more primaries which have much lower damage potential.

For Dhalsim, a socketed weapon that you could put a nice emerald into for crit damage would probably help a bit without being too pricey.

Also, I'm working on a zero dogs build. I have the needed things now, the hat, ammy and homunculus. My damage is totally balls though. What's the cheapest way to fix that without too much sacrifice (while keeping the 0dogs)?

I really want to participate but I don't know how to access your D3 profile.

If it's cool, I'd also like to ask for help from whoever is going after me. I'll edit this post when Jorkel changes his profile. Long story short, went Skorn 2H, never really looked back, and kept upgrading towards that path. Everything looks like a marginal boost at this point. I can do high MPs, but they're a chore. I'm not sure if that's cause my survivability is off or because I could use more damage.

Your next easiest upgrades would be better Bracers, maybe strongarms, or AR on your boots. I agree you are near BIS in every slot. Not sure how your are slow going in high MP with Bears 164k + SOJ.

I really like your gear. I don't see much AR, though. I would say drop the armor on your Zuni boots for some AR, but you would want to pick up the armor elsewhere...

Not a big fan of Inna's, but the MS is nice for farming if you don't want to go with cc Lacuni.

Nice doc.

For whoever rates me: I'm looking for recommendations to get me to Ubers MP9-10. I haven't tried yet, so I don't know how close I am. I'm currently wearing some xp/farming gear. I Uber with Strongarms and a decent Oculus Ring. ~144k DPS, 4.1k armor.


You're making this difficult, I would love to have your doc.

If I had to nitpick: average damage on Pox. I wanted to call your chest vanilla, but dat vit...

Fixed my profile.


Probably the easiest dps boost for you would be swapping out that hellfire ring. You're using bears so mana regen on that hat wouldn't hurt either.

get a cc zuni ring, also possible a fast high damage weapon with a socket and cd
@ pirt , love the build - dps is nice (113k unbuffed) , Ehp could do with a bit of a boost, but still nice (415k). Maybe next upgrade would be a better vile ward, still great build =)
@DoCZero like you build man i also have a 0sec cooldown build. Your gear is nice but if i had to recommend 1 thing it would be vile wards with high int and vit. solid build tho man

I dunno, maybe a 6cc Visage but your gear is spectacular for your build.
I would like some recommendations please.
@ Bloodfury
I would trade some Attack speed for increased crit Chance. your weapon dps is nice, but it would be better if you had black dmg and increased Crit Dam, for your zuni boots bonus. I would most likely next upgrade the Skull Grasp to a Zuni Pox with Crit Chance, so you can increase crit and get the mana regen from the Zuni 4 pc. Overall Solid for a 4th Character lol.

Probably look at upgrading the CC on your Vision, and pick up some lacuni's w/ crit for the 24% MS. Your Witching hour is sick though. Have you thought about getting some pickup radius? It's pretty boss for skorn builds.
I'm low on budget at the moment to get a Zuni Pox with CC. Thanks for the info though. Time to save up.
I'm using the manajuma's carving knife now. Somehow my profile wassn't updated. Could you please re-look and let me know if the ring is still the next requirement? Thanks and Happy New Year. :)
@Bloodfury imo the best/cheapest things you could upgrade would be your hellfire ring (get a zuni pox with IAS or CC) and your amulet (Maybe get a decent Tal's Ammy or one similar to mine)

Now i'd appreciate any suggestions on what i should upgrade next :)
@Harbinger. May i know why? I tried IAS 9% or CC 4.0 (max i could afford) in the dps calculator. yet the damage shows a reduction of 2-4k as compared to the hellfire ring. Perhaps you could impart your wisdom so i can understand better. Thanks.
@BloodFury, bracers with more int/vit yo. Possibly even just some strongarms.
@TeknikEnzo Very nice gear, next upgrade would probably be the amulet, maybe a tal rasha ;)

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