Fix Boomerang and Serpentine!

Demon Hunter
Sorry to bring it up again but I find these two runes almost "unplayable".

I was in Act 3 basement area, both Boomerang and Serpentine have some serious pathing problems because they go out from the side and have that weird wide arc. The projectiles get easily blocked by door and narrow hallway.

Not only that, if you fight Wall affix.. oh my god, how frustrating!!!!

At this point, "damage" won't fix the popularity of these two runes. They are just simply frustrating to use. One has shorter range and BIG gap in front of you and one curves to the right or left and it's slow as snail.

I really can't understand the design purpose of these two runes. I really can't.

Melee? We have Shriken Cloud and Razor is an even better melee rune than Boomerang because it "circles" around you and you can shoot it "straight".

Range? Twin can easily hit just as many targets as Serpentine and FAST.

Please fix them and please don't just increase damage because honestly, the problem is the DESIGN. It doesn't matter how much damage it does if it's so frustrating to use. About the only time it's "okay" is in a WIDE OPEN space.

Please change to:

1. Boomerang: Projectile goes straight and back and does damage twice. Much like Twin's damage but it goes out straight forward and backward straight. The key is STRAIGHT.

2. Serpentine: Make it a slow, homing projectile like Necro's Bone Spirit. It can even only do one target damage because not all the runes need to do aoe. I don't mind shooting Serpentine far with homing ability.
was thinking boomerang could be barbs (RLtW) but that is class homogenization
your idea is far better

1. Boomerang: Projectile goes straight and back and does damage twice. [/b]


just like blade sentinel from diablo 2

sentinel was time based, traversed the area according to you and the cursor click area. it could patrol a full corridor twice, or bounce between a door 12 times

nice fire and forget with dynamic use

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