I know there are tons of these.

Demon Hunter
But i'm new to DH and just trying to figure out what works best with what and what i need to be able to run mp8+ ubers n such.

Any tips on gear that i could be upgrading that isn't too costly?

Any skills that work better than others for ubers/key runs?

Thank you for the help
You should be fine to farm ubers at MP8-10. You're about the same as I am (I'm not using steady aim) I farm MP8 without deaths. uhm. well, during the boss fights. I do admittedly die a handful of times while stacking. Effin' barbs just leave all sorts of mobs in their wake... then they call out "E"... and you have to somehow catch up. wtf. srsly
lol, i have a barb and know exactly what you mean.. way different play style and not used to being "squishy" compared to barb
well, you leave a hundred mobs behind you, call out "E!" then I have to either vault past them all and have almost no disc by the time I get to you or i have to somehow find a place to port out and then flag to you, probably smack in the middle of a dozen mobs spewing all sorts of crap all over your heavily armored asses. and me in my cape get trampled if I forget to smoke screen before I hit the flag. *end rant*
sooooooooooooooooo if you wanna do MP8.... lost the ferret.

you gonna need a slot for something more important than picking up gold.

Suggest a few things.

1> lose ferret
2> lose multishot

probably a good idea to look at spiked traps or caltrops to help you dish out more damage.

You will probably want to replace shadowglide rune with like gloom

Your setup may work well for MP0/1 but I don't believe you will be very successful on MP8 with it.


re barbs and leaving live mobs ......

uhhhhhh ... not to sound to unsympathetic .... but aren't we playing this game to kill mobs? many barbs use their lil whirlwinds which have taken quite a bit of the mobs HP away ... should be fairly easy to clear 'em I would think.

An option I use at times is running NightStalker Passive and then using Strafe (I have over 55% CC)..... the Strafe allows me to attack and move at the same time and helps refill my disc to vault again. .... just something you can think about as well. :)
are you seriously using strafe in MP8-10?? where the hell do you get hatred from? Globes won't drop fast enough because it takes longer to drop mobs
You need about at least 500 resist and 50k hp with perfectionist to run mp8 more smoothly. Use sentry with guardian shield to have added survivability. Start using hard hitting but more static spells like trap/bola shots for more sustained dps.

I suggest using these passives.

Perfectionist, Nightstalker, Archery.
Strafe is a stop-gap .....

Primarily I use on MP8 Bola/spiked

those are my 2 main attacks. I pretty much stay put on mobs and elites. I just gloom the whole time. For some packs that are not melee based (wasps, succubus and a few others) my spiked:echoing won't activate enough as elites are floating around. So with running SP I do have the potential of running out of disc. I don't like usinig PREP unless I have to. From vaulting around I can tend to run into another epack and if my disc is already low i will then use prep. But if possible I try and avoid it.

So while tanking mobs and elites... if my disc is getting low... I just strafe for a second or so which will crit quite a bit and give me the disc needed. It isn't for any kind of primary attacking. It is simply to quickly regen a lil disc so as not to have to use prep and be subject to the cooldown.
Right now i was running mp2 with current setup just messing around, when i run higher mp i change my ferret to the turret, but i got some good ideas here that i will try out!

Thanks for the help!

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