RMAH, NOT receiving $$$

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Here are my order IDs, some have the !, some have the $ value showing (yet NOTHING to paypal). ive SPOKEN with some of hte buyers, THEY have the items, i have NOTHING.

the ! mark is gone, and the RMAH tab shows 211.65 (250 less $1 less 15% to PP) yet NOTHING to PP

ALL are sent to paypal IDs

ALL of those are a problem. and its like 2000USD +. not cool.
Been the same way for me since the 17th. I sold some items and sent it to my blizzard balance and it went through OK. It seems the problem is just with paypal. About time for us to get an update on this since it's been 10 days and all we've gotten so far is "we're looking into it".
Shame on Blizzard!

It's a major crack-down of RMAH and nobody can fix it. It happens since 17th! Ppl like me reported it since Dec 19th. They have plenty of time to fix it before Christmas but they ain't do nothing. And they still keep us waiting...
Fixed for me. Just got my delivery...
I havent recieved my money yet from blizzard from selling on RMAH...
same problem with me since the 17th, they are ignoring this problem and saying the money was never taken.
Umm, I just received some of my stuck payment from 18th on paypal few hours ago. They really working on it.

Please send my thanks for the team that solved this problem. I hope they found out what's wrong and can prevent this from happening again.

Lol.. I see gold price gonna fall in RMAH for the next few days as people sold to paypal.
I have been waiting since the 17th also, why is this not fixed.
Never mind! the money is now in my paypal account. I hope all of you got you're money as well

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