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My sound has been working correctly until recently. I've been using a Turtle Beach headset for months, without any issues. I plugged the headset in earlier today and found that the sound would not play through the headset, but would work once I disconnected the headset from the usb port. Any ideas on how to correct this? A corrupted file in my D3 folder? I have no other programs running while this occurs, but if I open a browser and play music on Youtube, I am able to hear that playing through the headset. Thanks in advance.
Any ideas?
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This forum only seems to be good for getting troll responses, if any at all...
try the tech support forum if you haven't already:

I'm not sure what to suggest since I don't use a headset but the mods tend to be pretty active on the tech support forum so that is your best bet. hope that helps.
Depending on your setup it may be different you, I use a Wireless Logitech Gaming Headset, the wireless dongle plugs into the usb port.

Normally what I do to turn on my headset, obviously plug in the usb portion to your comp.
All of this must be done prior to starting any instance of D3 even the launch window.

Im going to assume you are using Windows 7, if not let me know and ill tell you the steps for XP or Windows 8(this shouldnt be any different btw)

Right click on the sound icon in the right hand corner next to the time, Click on Sounds
A sounds window should open up, showing all the possible sound devices you can use, including which device is currently set as the default sound device.

You should see your headset in that menu, you can right click on it and select "Default Sound Device"
Make sure it shows that it is indeed selected at the default sound device, I believe there is a green check mark on it.

Click apply or ok and you should be good to go.

This may help you as well GL

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