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Currently im around 400k, but I am the true definition of glass cannon. Im guessing first question would be why dual hand set up, but its actually much better than most one hand set ups I have structured up to this point.

Not that im not playable, but one hit and Im down, especially above mp5, but most inferno mobs can do that as well. I can take about one projectile hit, but anything from toast.

Playability is solid. bola and spike traps being the main attack takes everything down in two shots. Nether Tent. are there in case of emergency or mass mobs, and they def take anything down quickly. Vault is my savior, and fan is if i get surrounded. It all works quite well, I just want to be able to take more than one hit. :P

I played last night, about 4 hours and went down maybe 6 times, not a bad average. However I would like a little more survivability without sacrificing to much dps. Suggestions?
01/04/2013 06:42 AMPosted by illOgic
However I would like a little more survivability without sacrificing to much dps. Suggestions?

^This should be very easy, you're lacking vit and AR on almost every piece of gear.

Take a look below, those are your raw stats:

You've got 50k ehp and 120k dps. It's fine if you want to stay a glass cannon, but I'd work to get your ehp up to about 200k, which shouldn't be too difficult. Adding about 140 AR with 200 vit (which is about equivalent to 2 gear pieces) will get you to 200k ehp.
awesome. Ill work on it. thanks!
why doesn't that site bring up my progress?
you have sharpshooter on so your dps is good for one shot. use your unbuffed dps for a more consistent dps score. Your life is seriously lacking. you want to be at least 30k absolute minimum.

also change your skills. you may have better performance out of it. Use shadow power/gloom instead of fan of knives. use perfectionist instead of sharpshooter. use sentry/guardian turret instead of caltrops. use boar instead of bat. or preparation/battle scars instead of a companion. these will increase your protection a lot. also use ball lightning instead of nether tentacles for better performance.
Yeah, you are seriously lacking in vitality. One thing you can do is replace your emeralds with amethysts, which will give you more health but does mean a reduction in DPS. You can also switch out one of your passives for perfectionist, which will increase your survivability a bit.

The good news, if any, is that you aren't the worst when it comes to health points. Check out this profile:

I've played with him a few times in public games, and he goes down whenever a monster so much as breathes on him.

ps. There is nothing wrong with dual-wielding.

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