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Welcome back,

since this thread: was closed due to hitting the max post mark (mostly by people, not getting what the thread was about, posting), lets continue the proper discussion here.

The question was, how to improve the availability, visibility and information quality and for some quantity of the Community Manager (CM or blue post) responses.

For all those tl2r-ler, get out now, while you can.

For me the observation, that CM messages always seem rare or off topic or meaningless is connected to the bad structure of the forum and its organization and therefore to the effect of not finding the right information and / or blue post one desires.

The solution is rather simple, a better organization of the forum , automated 'weeding-out' of junk, troll and spam posts and warning of / banning of rubbish threads and their thread creators.

The Forum:

The forum needs to be structured to be able to find possible existing threads and information quick and make it easier for the CM to organize (push) threads/posts and avoid double posting.
Forum Rules / Etiquette / First-Time-User Test !!!
General discussion
- Progress (Sticky) - Blue Post Info, updates on general stuff, etc... - no post rights !
- - Weekly News Report (Sticky) - no post rights !
- Classes/Skills (Sticky)
- - Your Character (Sticky) - mostly links to the character forums (see below)
- - - Barbarian Forum (Sticky)
- - - - Barbarian Builds / Guides (Sticky)
- - - - Your Barbarian (Sticky)
- - - - Barbarian Skills (Sticky)
- - - - Hardcore-only Barbarian issues (Sticky)
- - - Demon Hunter Forum (Sticky)
- - - - Demon Hunter Builds / Guides (Sticky)
- - - - Your Demon Hunter (Sticky)
- - - - Demon Hunter Skills (Sticky)
- - - - Hardcore-only Demon Hunter issues (Sticky)
- - - Monk Forum (Sticky) .....
- Items
- - Look at This ! - My Best Itemdrop ! (Sticky) - Gallery
- Crafting & Artisans (Sticky)
- Quests (Sticky)
- Followers (Sticky)
- HC (Sticky)
- - Skills (Sticky) - link to the sub forum (see top)
- Balance issues (discussion) (Sticky)
- Bug (discussion) (Sticky)

Suggestion (main post, edit and vote [like] only, automated link to general discussion or sub forum)
- Gameplay (Sticky)
- Urgent Hotfix (not bug related) (Sticky)
- Patch (Sticky)
- Add on/Expansion (Sticky)

- Contact SC (Sticky)
- - Evaluation / Price Check (Sticky)...
- Contact HC (Sticky)
- Trading SC (Sticky)
- Trading HC (Sticky)
- Blacklist - players, items, websites to avoid (Sticky)
- Casual / Off Topic (Sticky)

- Bug report (Sticky)
- - Game (software/start/conflicts) (Sticky)
- - Gameplay (ingame, in-play) (Sticky)
- - skills (Sticky)
- - items
- Technical Support (Sticky)
- - game related (Sticky)
- - others (Sticky)
- (Sticky)

.... you know the rest.

The Posters/The People/Posting Etiquette and Attentiveness

The second issues that furthers the confusion is the stupidity and ignorance of players / posters who seem to be unable to read or even recognize other threads, posts, stickies, forum/posting rules and keep posting about crap and flame and troll.

Example of ignorant posters and just dumb players are:

On a certain day (sometimes more then one sadly, but lets just keep it a t one) there has been an Error#3005.
#1 When one started Diablo 3 Error#3005 was mentioned and explained in the launcher window.
#2 Then before log-in an Error#3005 notification appeared in the attention window in the right corner.
#3 Logging in one got Error#3005, surprise !
#4 Going to the technical support and gameplay forum Error#3005 was there with a sticky with !!! on it, top post, right under the FORUM RULES!
#5 to #23423047 Still people felt the urge to spam #3005 threads all over the place, 20 each page and a new one every 5 seconds. And No, they were not haze, hate or raze mails, seriously people asking , if others had the same or a similar issue... how ignorant and blind people are... well, or how dumb...

... its nor surprise if serious threads/questions or answers get lost.

The same happened to the old thread, Lylirra asked: "how can we improve" - and the whole thread was about blue posts, post appearance, post content and meant that way.
90% of the answers were: "play the game", "l2p", and lists of ingame changes, then a "This!" once in a while the the previous answers (no, not the once in the thread, the once I juts quoted, unfixed bug issues, design suggestions, basically: "tl2r - I just vomit my usual response ... wait, ah, RIGHT HERE!"

Keep it clean !

- Weeding out is a constant process, deleting double posts should be up to hyper-speed. Spam and troll mail should be rigorously removed and the poster gets a marker (coming to that later).
- On a special day as mentioned above, the mention of '3005' in any thread title should be blocked. Again ignorant poster (clever wannabes) who try to avoid this by using synonyms, 300 5 , e005, leet or other get a marker.
- With opening of every thread the title words are place in an automatic search engine (like google does) and shows threads with equal or similar keywords. Before submitting it, the creator is asked if he is sure, that none of the other threads are similar to his or apply to his problem. If he still creates the thread, he gets a marker (won't matter if the thread is valid, new or important).
- People that obviously just troll, flame or haze other posters and/or their opinions get a marker.
- Every 20 or 50 or whatever number you deem appropriate that person gets analyzed (his threads, posts, remarks) and if the majority of those (or severity) violets the forum rules and etiquette, the user gets banned from the forum for a week. If more occurrences appear, he might get banned for a month, year, permanent.
- People writing crap thread titles, especially in the bug forum (like 'got Lag - game sux'), need to be punished right away. They even should get a notification immediately - You have been banned from the forum and game today, go read a book! - Not for the sake of the game but for the species.
- If certain threads (mostly bug forum) report the same issue, delete it, give the first of those a bump (so others see it again up top) and add a counter (+1, counting reports). That way you won't have 2534 posts of 'dashing strike still broken' or 142 of 'magic missile needs more damage', but one 'dashing strike still broken' with a '2534 times reported' note ...

Further more I think everybody should to an IQ test before being allowed to post for the first time. Heh, yeah, seriously. I mean at least a multiple choice test related to the forum rules and etiquette. Even if it only means they read it while selecting the answers, nobody can say they weren't aware of it anymore.

Hope that helps some.

And if it pisses people off that they get handled a bit ruff (man up), well, then they should open their eyes, listen and behave themselves. Less ignorance goes a long way.

Now its you again ... go go go !!!
I wish i could be disappointed about blue posts!
But e.g. in german D3 forums there are very very rare blue posts. It feels like we are an unloved step sister.
Same like the poll 'Which area do you like most in Act X'. Never seen something like that on the german D3 site.
Or a bug report Forum? Theres none for german players...
Hi again,

nice to see that the old rule still applies, "if a thread is full, its dead" .... so much for continuing ...

Well, i forgot to mention the weekly newsletter containing a collection of facts posted my the CM (not my idea, but i like it and think it should be mentioned again) and links to all the important answers. I already integrated it in the Forum organization drop-down.

Another drop-down added to each forum and sub-forum, should be:
- Short Question, Short answer
This works extremely well in other Forum(s) players answering other players answers, short and precise, repetition doesn't mater... cause its not an endless discussion, its yes, no, a number etc... blues are welcomed too, but its more a player for the player community thing.

I sincerely hope somebody is gonna read this and participate again °°

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