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Too Long, Didn't Read Version: Since patch 1.0.5. 92.49% of Legendarys are salvaged & 99.83% of rares are salvaged.

Here is the complete loot data for my small group of friends (4) who play diablo 3. I handle all the auctions personally, and record each item as they sell. I salvage and vendor items that failed to sell for at least 100k because of limited auction space.


The magic find used has been between 300% - 400% playing monster power 1-4 Act 3.

Total Time Played: 1,502 hours
Total Gold Picked Up: 255,094,392
Total Elite Kills: 63,665
Total Lifetime Kills: 1,225,412
Total Legendarys Identified: 826
Total Rares Identified: 198,324

Total rares sold to players: 336
Total Legendarys sold to players: 62

Legendarys Found:

frostburn gauntlets: (51) All salvaged
tzo krin's gaze: (44) All salvaged
gladiator gauntlets: (43) All salvaged
Dawn: (38) All salvaged
madstone: (26) salvaged 25, 1 sold. 400k
ivory tower: (26) salvaged 25, 1 sold. 100k
the gidbin: (26) All salvaged
promise of glory: (21) All salvaged
fragment of destiny: (20) All salvaged
hellrack: (17) all salvaged
Won Khim Lau: (16) All salvaged
balefire caster: (15) All salvaged
fire walkers: (15) salvaged 13, 2 sold. 300k, 300k
sky cutter: (15) All salvaged
azurewrath: (15) All salvaged
pus spiter: (15) All salvaged
sky splitter: (13) All salvaged
ageless might: (13) All salvaged
the burning axe of sankis: (13) All salvaged
lacuni prowlers: (12) salvaged 11, 1 sold. 4.9m
messerchmidt's reaver: (12) All salvaged
immortal king's boulder breaker: (12) All salvaged
nailbiter: (11) All salvaged
the butcher's sickle: (11) All salvaged
lamentation: (11) All salvaged
triumvirate: (11) All salvaged
andariel's visage: (10) salvaged 7, 3 sold. 1.9m, 5.9m, 1.2m
death watch mantle: (9) All salvaged
natalya's slayer: (9) All salvaged
wizardspike: (9) All salvaged
strongarm bracers: (8) All salvaged
dark mage's shade: (8) All salvaged
xephirian amulet: (8) All salvaged
doombringer: (8) All salvaged
sever: (7) salvaged 5, 2 sold. 3.9m, 300k
slorak's madness: (7) salvaged 6, 1 sold. 2.5m
bull-kathos wedding band: (7) All salvaged
tasker and theo: (7) salvaged 5, 2 sold. 900k, 500k
blackthorne's notched belt: (7) salvaged4, 3 sold. 2.7m, 1m, 400k
cindercoat: (7) All salvaged
natalya's embrace: (7) salvaged 3, 4 sold. 2.5m, 2m, 900k, 200k
devil Tongue: (7) All salvaged
storm crow: (6) salvaged 4, 2 sold. 6.5m, 100k
the inquisitor: (6) All salvaged
hellcat waistguard: (6) all salvaged
the three hundredth spear: (6) All salvaged
stormshield: (6) All salvaged
windforce: (6) All salvaged
hierophant's seal: (6) All salvaged
calamity: (6) All salvaged
danetta's Spite: (6) salvaged4, 2 sold. 500k, 200k
manajuma's carving knife: (6) All salvaged
last breath: (6) All salvaged
empyrean messenger: (6) All salvaged
tal rasha's guise of wisdom: (6) salvaged5, 1 sold. 300k
visage of giyua: (6) All salvaged
tiklandian visage: (5) All salvaged
danetta's revenge: (5) All salvaged
band of hollow whispers: (5) All salvaged
thing of the deep: (5) All salvaged
the compass ross: (5) All salvaged
chantodo's will: (5) salvaged 3, 2 sold. 800k, 400k
the grandfather: (5) salvaged 4, 1 sold. 300k
manticore: (4) All salvaged
vile ward: (4) salvaged 2, 2 sold. 6.9m, 600k
manajuma's gory fetch: (4) All salvaged
blade of the warlord: (4) All salvaged
zunimassa's vision: (4) All salvaged
tal rasha's allegiance: (3) 3 sold. 3.9m, 3.7m, 2.5m
echoing fury: (3) salvaged 1, 2 sold. 5.3m, 500k
immortal king's irons: (3) All salvaged
uhkapian serpent: (3) All salvaged
the grin reaper: (3) All salvaged
blackthorne's spurs: (3) All salvaged
sun keeper: (3) 3 sold. 4.5m, 400k, 200k
tal rasha's brace: (3) 3 sold. 1.7m, 800k, 800k
zunimassa's pox: (3) 3 sold. 2.9m, 1.6m, 600k
dead man's legacy: (2) 2 sold. 3.5m, 900k
the oculus: (2) All salvaged
bul-kathos's warrior blood: (2) All salvaged
zunimassa's string of skulls: (2) All salvaged
maximus: (2) salvaged 1, 1 sold. 500k
the grand vizier: (1) 1 sold. 100k
natalya's bloody footprints: (1) 1 sold. 1m
unity: (1) 1 sold. 4.5m
inna's favor: (1) 1 sold. 500k
ice climbers: (1) 1 sold. 9.5m
the fist of az'turrasq: (1) 1 sold. 100k
natalya's sight: (1) 1 sold. 1.5m
chantodo's force: (1) 1 sold. 500k
blackthorne's jousting mail: (1) 1 sold. 9.5m
immortal king's triumph: (1) 1 sold. 2.9m
immortal king's tribal binding: (1) 1 sold. 6.5m
skorn: (1) 1 sold. 900k
inna's vast expanse: (1) 1 sold. 7.9m
blackthorne's surcoat: (1) 1 sold. 8.9m
depth diggers: (1) 1 sold. 1.8m

Never found the witching hour, immortal king's eternal reign, immortal king's stride, natalya's reflection, Inna's radiance, innas temperance, Mempo of twighlight, oculus ring, shenlong's fist of legend, zunimassa's trail, shenlong's relentless assault, zunimassa's marrow, the wailing host, tyrael's might, bul-kathos's solemn vow, blackthorne's duncraig cross, litany of the undaunted, tal rasha's unwavering glare

Everything That Sold To Players:

amulet - tal rasha's allegiance - 207int, 6elemental,58vit, 41physres,330armor, 63critdmg sold for 3.9m
amulet - 204str, 102int, 191vit, 39lightres, 9ias, 24gf sold for 2.6m
amulet - tal rasha's allegiance - 264int, 10-20 6elemental, 113vit, 62critdmg sold for 3.7m
amulet - 41dex, 74vit, 9min, 28mf, 10crit sold for 300k
amulet - 73dex, 6ias, 20gf, 26physres sold for 500k
amulet - 136dex, 13min, 38gf sold for 500k
amulet - 135str, 8life, 42gf, 7crit sold for 300k
amulet - 125int, 132vit, 22res, 36poisres, 9life, 44gf sold for 300k
amulet - 47int, 105vit, 19-47, 68res, 39poisres, 5crit, socket sold for 400k
amulet - 11max, 45mf, 28gf sold for 600k
amulet - 235int, 94str, 31-60, 49gf sold for 900k
amulet - 53str, 105vit, 9life, 53critdmg, 41mf sold for 500k
amulet - 95dex, 66str, 40physres, 44gf sold for 200k
amulet - 169str, 17max, 84critdmg, 33gf sold for 200k
amulet - 60str, 115vit, 9-18, 99critdmg, 22gf sold for 400k
amulet - 83int, 76dex, 144vit, 12res, 16life, 274armor, 33gf sold for 400k
amulet - 179int, 83vit, 51res, 179loh, 58critdmg sold for 500k
amulet - 182dex, 24-42, 67int, 38gf for 1m
amulet - 9min, 8.5crit, 64critdmg sold for 300k
amulet - 121dex, 39gf sold for 100k
amulet - 277dex, 85int, 18min, 7crit sold for 400k
amulet - 119int, 153vit, 27-56, 9ias sold for 200k
amulet - 71str, 107int, 47res, 10crit, socket sold for 300k
amulet - 108dex, 66vit, 19min, 16life, 381armor, 56critdmg sold for 300k
amulet - 137int, 124dex, 55vit, 36gf, 30mf sold for 300k
amulet - 30-66, 71res, 10crit sold for 100k
amulet - 66dex, 43str, 28max, 37res, 48gf, 31mf sold for 200k
amulet - 145str, 24min, 84vit, 50critdmg, 40gf sold for 300k
amulet - 147dex, 61vit, 78str, 44mf, 10crit sold for 2.9m
amulet - 32min, 43coldres, 7crit, 72critdmg sold for 400k
amulet - 112int, 116vit, 51str, 20min, 6ias, 12life, socket sold for 100k
amulet - tal rasha's allegiance - 205int, 86vit, 5elemental, 47res, 63critdmg, 185regen sold for 2.5m
amulet - 224int, 67str, 52res, 36physres, 30gf, 5.5crit sold for 300k
amulet - 26min, 25max, 45res, 8ias, 40gf sold for 100k
amulet - 45mf, 41res, socket sold for 300k

ring - 124str, 139vit, 9-18, 20mf, 19gf sold for 3m
ring - 152str, 84vit, 70dex, 66res, 236armor, 18mf sold for 7m
ring - 46dex, 42str, 33-66, 36physres, 8ias, 121 armor sold for 400k
ring - 73str, 69vit, 4crit, 34critdmg sold for 3mf
ring - 31-55, 9ias, 157loh sold for 200k
ring - 82dex, 6crit, socket sold for 700k
ring - 130dex, 77int, 451loh, 12life sold for 1.5m
ring - 26max, 241loh, 44critdmg, 18gf, 12mf sold for 100k
ring - 106int, 40vit, 20min, 4.5crit sold for 300k
ring - 71dex, 14min, 6ias, 250loh, 181armor, 37coldres sold for 200k
ring - 50dex, 82int, 5.5crit, 27critdmg sold for 1.9m
ring - 48str, 24vit, 29min, 222loh, 25gf sold for 300k
ring - 143str, 20vit, 45physres, 19gf, socket sold for 200k
ring - 67dex, 39vit, 33min, 52res, 32critdmg, 5mf sold for 300k
ring - 88int, 157vit, 12-25, 18mf sold for 700k
ring - 53dex, 31str, 6ias, 242armor, 19mf, socket sold for 200k
ring - 128int, 72vit, 68res, 41lightres, sold for 100k
ring - 147dex, 41vit, 55res, 51poisres sold for 100k
ring - 60str, 162vit, 219loh sold for 100k
ring - 80dex, 29int, 10min, 8ias, 20mf sold for 400k
ring - 87dex, 9ias, 21gf sold for 500k
ring - 81int, 63str, 55res, 384loh, 43critdmg sold for 900k
ring - 82dex, 66vit 4life, 23gf, 5.5crit sold for 1.2m
ring - 170armor, 6crit, 30critdmg sold for 500k
ring - 83str, 402loh, 4crit sold for 100k
ring - 141str, 69vit, 89dex, 150loh, 20gf sold for 500k
ring - 89dex, 100vit, 83str, 32min, 307loh sold for 200k
ring - 30min, 12life, 4.5crit, 23critdmg sold for 200k
ring - zunimassa's pox - 87int, 50vit, 28str, 68res, 30poisres, 24critdmg sold for 1.5m
ring - 23str, 50vit, 16max, 20mf sold for 200k
ring - 142dex, 147vit, 4.5crit sold for 1m
ring - 122str, 45int, 20mf sold for 100k
ring - 74str, 72vit, 30-63, 13gf sold for 100k
ring - 64str, 37vit, 15gf, 16mf sold for 100k
ring - 6ias, 4.5crit sold for 100k
ring - 81str, 74int, 77res, 36lighres, 7ias sold for 100k
ring - 77str, 35int, 102vit, 9ias sold for 600k
ring - 85int, 54dex, 19-53, 24critdmg, 22gf, 11mf sold for 600k
ring - 121int, 66str, 9-18, 21gf sold for 100k
ring - unity - 165dex, 26-48, 39res, 262loh, 4.5crit, 3elite sold for 4.5m
ring - 86int, 28min, 51res, 34critdmg, socket sold for 100k
ring - 15gf, 15mf, 158loh sold for 100k
ring - 72str, 26int, 12-24, 172armor, 20mf sold for 200k
ring - 129int, 67str, 55res, 20mf sold for 300k
ring - 33min, 35lightres, 20mf, socket sold for 100k
ring - 100dex, 27-54, 71res, socket sold for 300k
ring - 25int, 83vit, 22min, 7ias, 416loh sold for 100k
ring - 67int, 6ias, 15gf, 17f sold for 400k
ring - 67dex, 52vit, 29-83, 58res, 231armor, 124regen sold for 100k
ring - 80str, 70vit, 44dex, 65res, 52fireres, 7ias, 19gf sold for 400k
ring - 95vit, 80res, 44coldres, 25critdmg, 12mf sold for 300k
ring - 65dex, 74vit, 18mf, 3.5crit, socket sold for 100k
ring - zunimassa's pox - 86int, 9-18, 63res, 59poisres, 32critdmg sold for 600k
ring - zunimassa's pox - 85int, 92vit, 27min, 34max, 67res, 34critdmg sold for 2.9m

belt - 199dex, 100int, 19mf, 15gf sold for 3.5m
belt - 170int, 39dex, 47res, 49fireres, 10life, 6yard sold for 4m
belt - 149int, 137vit, 20gf sold for 100k
belt - 170int, 119str, 51dex, 61res, 463armor sold for 1.5m
belt - 92int, 85vit, 56res, 464armor, 20mf sold for 1.3m
belt - tal rasha's brace - 170int, 83dex, 81str, 1crit, 3elite sold for 800k
belt - 185int, 79vit, 45str, 20mf sold for 1.4m
belt - tal rasha's brace - 174int, 145dex, 1crit, 3elite sold for 1.7m
belt - 191int, 91vit 71dex sold for 400k
belt - 230str, 185vit, 120int, 55res, 54arcres sold for 300k
belt - 141str, 85int, 14gf, 7yard sold for 300k
belt - 95str, 17gf, 14mf, 5yard sold for 100k
belt - blackthorne's notched belt - 195dex, 97int, 567armor, 301regen, 25gf sold for 1m
belt - blackthorne's notched belt - 230dex, 96int, 530armor, 21gf, 319regen sold for 2.7m
belt - 190int, 37vit, 64res, 36arcres sold for 1.9m
belt - 149int, 56vit, 15gf, 14level sold for 500k
belt - 197int, 64dex, 16gf sold for 200k
belt - 154int, 71vit, 76str, 43res, 50poisres sold for 100k
belt - 159dex, 75int, 24gf, 11mf sold for 400k
belt - tal rasha's brace - 98int, 49dex, 41str, 74res, 35physres, 1crit, 3elite sold for 800k
belt - 175dex, 129vit, 6life, 4.3freeze sold for 4.1m
belt - 146dex, 64vit, 53res sold for 100k
100belt - 170dex, 42vit, 20mf sold for 1.4m
belt - 19gf, 7yard sold for 100k
belt - 74str, 25gf, 7yard sold for 800k
belt - 183dex, 79vit, 14res, 43physres, 113regen sold for 600k
belt - blackthorne's notched belt - 194int, 437armor, 25gf, 329regen sold for 400k
belt - 120dex, 72str, 65res, 49fireres, 501armor, 16gf sold for 500k
belt - 179dex, 123str, 61vit, 71res, 29coldres sold for 2.2m
belt - 161dex, 66vit, 13mf sold for 100k
belt - 190int, 53vit, 153str, 9life sold for 1.3m
belt - 126int, 71vit, 99dex, 4life, 1crit, 4elite sold for 900k
belt - 159str, 26int, 18gf, 7yard sold for 400k
belt - 146dex, 34vit, 141str, 73res, 10life sold for 1.8m
belt - 196dex, 190str, 44physres, 9life sold for 400k
belt - 174dex, 85int, 93str, 75res sold for 500k
belt - 147dex, 145vit, 76int, 5level sold for 100k
belt - 192dex, 48vit, 51res, 17gf, 69regen sold for 1.5m
belt - 290str, 111int, 76res, 36fireres, sold for 200k
belt - 160dex, 77vit, 165str, 54res, 50lightres sold for 700k
belt - inna's favor - 96dex, 71int, 7elemental, 508armor, 1crit sold for 500k
belt - 154int, 45vit, 73str, 57res, 60lightres sold for 100k
belt - 142int, 70vit, 57res, 47poisres sold for 100k

boots - 39dex, 24str, 80res, 46poisres, 12move, 6yard sold for 200k
boots - 160dex, 78int, 66res, 18gf, 12move sold for 200k
boots - fire walkers - 164int, 76vit, 125dex, 12move sold for 300k
boots - 222dex, 69vit, 59str, 12move sold for 200k
boots - 237dex, 59str, 64res, 50poisres, 384armor, 17mf sold for 700k
boots - 66str, 30vit, 43dex, 17mf, 14gf, 12move sold for 300k
boots - 238dex, 42int, 20mf, 45physres, 12move sold for 1.7m
boots - 147dex, 49res, 21gf, 12move sold for 400k
boots - 200dex, 42int, 77res, 34physres, 14mf, 12move sold for 2.3m
boots - 154int, 117int, 501armor, 45physres, 12move sold for 2m
boots - 232dex, 49vit, 527armor, 12move sold for 400k
boots - 37int, 121vit, 71res, 25gf, 12move sold for 1m
boots - 289dex, 46int, 516armor, 18mf, 12move sold for 3.5m
boots - 139int, 112vit, 12move sold for 100k
boots - 158int, 59vit, 74str, 12move, 6yard sold for 700k
boots - 158int, 71dex, 55res, 31lighres, 221armor, 12move sold for 1.5m
boots - 245dex, 110vit, 12move sold for 900k
boots - 155int, 84str, 42dex, 65res, 34physres, 12move sold for 400k
boots - 171int, 63dex, 20mf, 12move sold for 200k
boots - 229dex, 74vit, 20mf, 12move sold for 1.7m
boots - 189dex, 31str, 14gf, 12move sold for 1.1m
boots - 98dex, 138vit, 45str, 20gf, 12move sold for 300k
boots - 167int, 200vit, 31physres, 12move sold for 2.3m
boots - 154str, 162vit, 98int, 50res sold for 900k
boots - 288dex, 138str, 12move, 6yard sold for 2.5m
boots - 114int, 142vit, 70res sold for 100k
boots - 156int, 76vit, 44res, 56physres, 510armor, 12move sold for 3.9m
boots - 178int, 70vit, 88dex, 12move sold for 100k
boots - 227dex, 41vit, 20mf, 12move sold for 1.2m
boots - ice climbers - 257dex, 87int, 32str, 80res, 46coldres, 12life, socket sold for 9.5m
boots - 89str, 133vit, 76res, 26lightres, 12move sold for 1.6m
boots - 75int, 28vit, 47dex, 20mf, 7yard, 20mf, 12move sold for 500k
boots - 131int, 68vit, 66res, 45fireres, 12move sold for 1m
boots - 267dex, 46str, 69res, 38fireres, 13gf, 12move sold for 4.3m
boots - fire walkers - 166int, 100vit, 67dex, 12move sold for 300k
boots - 240dex, 123vit, 12move, 10level sold for 1m
boots - 239dex, 112vit, 42physres, 14mf, 12move sold for 900k
boots - 166int, 146dex, 82str, 73res, 12move sold for 700k
boots - natalya's bloody footprints - 98dex, 71res, 43coldres, 579armor, 12move sold for 1m
boots - 177int, 172vit, 12move sold for 1m

bracers - 171str, 121vit, 4.5crit sold for 500k
bracers - 156int, 146vit, 72str, 5crit sold for 1.3m
bracers - 153int, 65dex, 68res, 54poisres, 436armor, 4.5crit sold for 2.8m
bracers - 146dex, 55vit, 5crit sold for 300k
bracers - 78int, 78str, 72res, 45fireres, 16mf, 5.5crit sold for 800k
bracers - 151dex, 66str, 65res, 4.5crit sold for 800k
bracers - 107str, 81dex, 59int, 18gf, 7yard sold for 400k
bracers - 156str, 59vit, 56res, 16gf, 4.5crit sold for 4m
bracers - 95dex, 21gf, 7yard sold for 500k
bracers - 192dex, 69int, 119regen, 5crit sold for 1.7m
bracers - 150dex, 80vit, 5.5crit sold for 700k
bracers - 84str, 78vit, 69dex, 50res, 5.5crit sold for 300k
bracers - 172int, 74str, 20mf, 5.5crit sold for 1.3m
bracers - 120dex, 27str, 62res, 34physres, 5crit sold for 200k
bracers - 162str, 103dex, 69res, 49arcres, 4crit sold for 600k
bracers - 192int, 69vit, 20mf sold for 400k
bracers - lacuni prowlers - 92dex, 78res, 8ias, 86regen, 12move sold for 4.9m
bracers - 182dex, 100str, 39physres, 14mf, 5crit, 6melee sold for 800k
bracers - 192int, 71vit, 52dex, 5crit sold for 1.7m
bracers - 168dex, 74vit, 45res, 5.5crit sold for 5.9m
bracers - 79dex, 17gf, 7yard sold for 100k
bracers - 158int, 57vit, 6crit sold for 700k
bracers - 187int, 37str, 52physres, 25gf, 6crit, 4ranged sold for 5m

chest - 174str, 145int, 70res, 49lightres, 3socket sold for 4.9m
chest - 124dex, 30str, 79res, 692armor, 3socket sold for 7.9m
chest - 165dex, 59vit, 94int, 19mf, 3socket sold for 700k
chest - 157dex, 52int, 75res, 99regen, 3socket sold for 800k
chest - 166dex, 43vit, 24res, 35physres, 3 socket sold for 300k
chest - 186int, 50str, 40res, 3socket sold for 1.7m
chest - inna's vast expanse - 175dex, 34vit, 12life, 475regen, 3socket sold for 7.9m
chest - 168dex, 158vit, 92str, 12life, 3socket sold for 3.9m
chest - 156dex, 171vit, 95int, 202regen, 3socket sold for 500k
chest - 151int, 252vit, 100str, 3socket sold for 1m
chest - 180int, 161vit, 3socket sold for 500k
chest - 164dex, 32int, 72res, 36cold res, 133regen, 3socket sold for 1.5m
chest - 179int, 183vit, 3socket sold for 700k
chest - 167dex, 42int, 7life, 17mf, 6yard, 3socket sold for 600k
chest - blackthorne's s - 82str, 95vit, 80int, 74res, 659armor, 6range, 3socket sold for 8.9m
chest - 160int, 87dex, 20mf, 4melee, 3socket sold for 400k
chest - 100dex, 198vit, 45res, 45poisres, 6yard, 3socket sold for 2.9m
chest - 167dex, 33str, 20mf, 3socket sold for 400k
chest - 75int, 163vit, 52res, 569armor, 3socket sold for 400k
chest - 166dex, 50vit, 79res, 3socket sold for 3.5m

gloves - 78str, 74vit, 447armor, 9crit, 38critdmg, 6yard sold for 300k
gloves - 151dex, 9ias, 8crit, 17mf sold for 2.4m
gloves - tasker and theo - 178dex, 137vit, 41int, 49str, 9ias, 580armor, socket sold for 500k
gloves - 175dex, 37int, 41str, 9crit, 8ias, 24gf sold for 3.5m
gloves - 180int, 75vit, 48fireres, 9ias, 8.5crit sold for 10.9m
gloves - 84dex, 70vit, 64str, 25gf, 11mf, 7yard sold for 500k
200gloves - 62dex, 57vit, 9ias, 9.5crit, 16mf sold for 200k
gloves - 107dex, 65str, 9.5crit, 49critdmg sold for 200k
gloves - tasker and theo - 110dex, 40vit, 45str, 52res, 8ias, 607armor, socket sold for 900k
gloves - 143int, 9ias, 9crit sold for 1.4m
gloves - 200dex, 53int, 50str, 10crit, 14level sold for 100k
gloves - 168str, 69vit, 6ias, 7.5crit, 7yard sold for 2.3m

helm - 96dex, 66int, 46str, 73res, 4.5crit, socket sold for 3.4m
helm - 143dex, 63int, 4.5crit, socket sold for 700k
helm - 146dex, 65int, 27res, 4life, 21gf, 4.5crit sold for 400k
helm - 200int, 49res, 27coldres, 7life, 5.5crit, socket sold for 4.7m
helm - 242int, 74str, 5.5crit, socket sold for 1m
helm - 262int, 45str, 4.5crit, socket sold for 500k
helm - 75str, 88int, 47vit, 53res, 58arcres, 21gf, socket sold for 900k
helm - 146dex, 183int, 27physres, 6crit, socket sold for 1.7m
helm - 173dex, 62str, 5crit, socket sold for 2.5m
helm - 154int, 87dex, 84str, 76res, 18mf, socket sold for 100k
helm - 180str, 67vit, 86dex, 5crit sold for 800k
helm - 251int, 155str, 6crit, socket sold for 2.6m
helm - 257int, 91dex, 16mf, 4.5crit, socket sold for 1.2m
helm - 146dex, 61int, 19mf, 17gf, 4.5crit, socket sold for 3m
helm - 160dex, 34int, 40arcres, 6crit, socket sold for 1.6m
helm - 146dex, 76str, 6crit, socket sold for 500k
helm - 177dex, 170int, 31vit, 4crit, socket sold for 800k
helm - andariel's visage - 163dex, 8ias, 165regen, 4.5crit, 22firedmg, socket sold for 1.9m
helm - 117dex, 34str, 61res, 742armor, 4crit, socket sold for 3.7m
helm - 248int, 49str, 6crit, socket sold for 1m
helm - 171dex, 100vit, 87int, 78res, 17mf sold for 1.3m
helm - andariel's visage - 155dex, 9ias, 4.5crit, 10firedmgtaken, socket sold for 5.9m
helm - immortal king - 186str, 10life, 39arcres, 5crit, 5melee, socket sold for 2.9m
helm - natalya's sight - 95dex, 66res, 653armor, 104regen, 1.8fear, socket sold for 1.5m
helm - 136dex, 38vit, 58res, 43physres, 4crit, socket sold for 3.1m
helm - 220int, 163vit, 4crit, socket sold for 2.5m
helm - 280int, 37vit, 37physres, 6crit, socket sold for 7.9m
helm - 88dex, 6crit, 6yard, socket sold for 200k
helm - andariel's visage - 156dex, 69res, 50poisres, 8ias, 4.5crit 11firetaken sold for 1.2m
helm - tal rasha's guise of wisdom - 170int, 12life, 614armor, 6crit, socket sold for 300k
helm - 91int, 24gf, 7yard, socket sold for 1.7m
helm - 125int, 60str, 54dex, 24gf, socket sold for 500k

pants - 186dex, 126vit, 160str, 496armor, 2socket sold for 1.5m
pants - 178dex, 31int, 68res, 2socket sold for 700k
pants - blackthorne's joust - 243vit, 98dex, 92int, 95str, 408loh, 12life, 19mf sold for 9.5m
pants - 153dex, 87vit, 20mf, 2socket sold for 1.5m
pants - 163dex, 42str, 70res, 50lighres, 714armor, 2socket sold for 2.8m
pants - 168str, 151vit, 84dex, 2socket sold for 100k
pants - 157dex, 67vit, 20mf, 2socket sold for 700k
pants - 42int, 190vit, 71res, 32coldres, 2socket sold for 400k
pants - 146int, 60vit, 90dex, 71res, 31physres sold for 100k
pants - 153dex, 26int, 67res, 496armor, 2socket sold for 200k
pants - 121dex, 48int, 20mf, 21gf, 2socket sold for 300k
pants - 100str, 119vit, 25gf, 5yard sold for 900k
pants - 162dex, 42int, 78res, 41fireres, 571armor, 2socket sold for 1.3m
pants - 165int, 71vit, 38res, 734armor, 108regen, 2socket sold for 3m
pants - 69dex, 23gf, 5yard sold for 600k
pants - 166dex, 37vit, 73res, 548armor, 2socket sold for 1.6m
pants - 182dex, 203vit, 40res, 39arcres, 2socket sold for 12.9m
pants - 160int, 31vit, 52res, 20mf, 2socket sold for 2.3m
pants - 165dex, 69vit, 67str, 78res, 15gf, 2socket sold for 2.2m
pants - 199dex, 47vit, 74int, 560armor, 2socket sold for 1.1m
pants - 163dex, 74str, 74res, 642armor, 2socket sold for 300k
pants - 161str, 31vit, 57res, 2socket sold for 400k
pants - 122int, 141vit, 73res, 2socket sold for 3.9m
pants - 166dex, 174vit, 17mf, 2socket sold for 900k
pants - depth diggers - 180dex, 79res, 23gf, 20mf, 2socket sold for 1.8m
pants - 620armor, 17gf, 18mf, 6yard sold for 100k
pants - 78str, 19gf, 7yard, 2socket sold for 200k
pants - 197int, 121vit, 44str, 2socket sold for 2.8m
pants - 169int, 69str, 79res, 591armor, 6yard, 2socket sold for 1.9m

shoulders - 136str, 141vit, 44int, 77res sold for 800k
shoulders - 145int, 103dex, 61res, 42arcres, 502armor sold for 100k
shoulders - 192dex, 57str, 66res, 28coldres sold for 800k
shoulders - 167dex, 69vit, 96int, 70res, 40arcres, 6life sold for 8.9m
shoulders - 76dex, 82str, 19gf, 5yard sold for 300k
shoulders - 64dex, 78vit, 99str, 70res, 567armor, 20mf sold for 100k
shoulders - 195str, 14gf, 5yard sold for 100k
shoulders - 177dex, 29vit, 110str, 20mf sold for 900k
shoulders - 200str, 165vit, 37dex, 23gf, 158regen sold for 100k
shoulders - 108int, 26vit, 47res, 5life, 25gf sold for 100k
shoulders - 148dex, 66vit, 102str, 12life sold for 100k
shoulders - 132dex, 63str, 22gf, 18mf sold for 100k
shoulders - 59str, 56int, 14gf, 7yard sold for 400k
shoulders - 175dex, 70int, 17res, 55physres, 4life sold for 100k
shoulders - 158int, 61vit, 54res, 42coldres sold for 100k
shoulders - 192dex, 158vit, 27physres, sold for 1.5m
shoulders - 181dex, 66vit, 46str, 20mf sold for 2.5m
shoulders - 156str, 20gf, 7yard sold for 200k
shoulders - 128str, 25gf, 6yard, indestruct sold for 600k
shoulders - 131int, 111vit, 12life sold for 200k
shoulders - vile ward - 175dex, 85vit, 78res, 35lightres, 655armor, 243regen sold for 6.9m
shoulders - 172dex, 171vit, 11mf sold for 1m
shoulders - 181int, 88vit, 83dex, 11life, 510armor sold for 1.1m
shoulders - 182int, 47dex, 20mf, 16gf sold for 600k
shoulders - vile ward - 171dex, 166str, 71res, 50fireres, 642armor, 319regen sold for 600k
shoulders - 24gf, 7yard sold for 300k
shoulders - 161int, 93vit, 86dex, 9life sold for 100k
shoulders - 13gf, 7yard sold for 200k
shoulders - 173int, 96str, 49res, 28physres, 13level sold for 300k
shoulders - 181dex, 198str, 91vit, 17gf, 38physres sold for 400k

cloak - 146dex, 123int, 8disc, 3socket sold for 100k
cloak - 72dex, 67vit, 39str, 15mf, 1.12hatred, 9disc, 3socket sold for 3.8m
cloak - 173dex, 120str, 10disc, 3socket sold for 3.5m
cloak - natalya's embrace - 90dex, 82str, 11life, 781armor, 3socket sold for 900k
cloak - 153dex, 72int, 80res, 1.32hatred, 5ranged, 3socket sold for 3.3m
cloak - 157dex, 97int, 58str, 10disc, 1.03hatred, 3socket sold for 200k
cloak - natalya's embrace - 90dex, 27physres, 12life, 9disc, 3socket sold for 200k
cloak - 150dex, 53int, 11life, 7yard, 3socket sold for 1.7m
cloak - natalya's embrace - 156dex, 61vit, 60fireres, 12life, 3socket sold for 2.5m
cloak - natalya's embrace - 158dex, 80int, 12life, 1.03hatred, 3socket sold for 2m
cloak - 160dex, 44int, 19mf, 10disc, 3socket sold for 300k

quiver - 266dex, 45str, 15ias, 18mf, 1.05hatred, 10disc, 8.5crit sold for 12.5m
quiver - 105dex, 15ias, 8.5crit, 20mf, 23gf, socket sold for 700k
quiver - 143dex, 87vit, 93int, 13ias, 15gf, 10disc, 9.5crit sold for 300k
quiver - dead man's legacy - 182dex, 188vit, 17ias, 10crit, 1.2hatred, socket sold for 3.5m
quiver - 265dex, 124vit, 15ias, 8.5crit, 16mf sold for 1.7m
quiver - 289dex, 140vit, 14ias, 6.5crit, 6hungeringarrow, socket sold for 1m
quiver - dead man's legacy - 171dex, 191vit, 19ias, 10crit, 1.2hatred sold for 900k

spirit stone - madstone - 100dex, 76res, 648armor, 264regen, 2.02spirit sold for 400k

300voodoo mask - 179int, 66vit, 70res, 61regen, 7yard, socket sold for 300k

wizard hat - storm crow - 291int, 91vit, 99str, 91dex, 8elemental, 403loh, 10arconcrit, 4elite sold for 6.5m
wizard hat - storm crow - 204int, 93vit, 97str, 90dex, 8elemental, 330loh, 10arconcrit, 3elite sold for 100k

mighty belt - Immortal King's - 168str, 75dex, 74res, 15fury, 2.8leech, sold for 6.5m
mighty belt - 261str, 94vit, 53dex, 487armor, 3lifesteal sold for 3.7m
mighty belt - 165str, 47vit, 84dex, 80res, 584 armor sold for 300k

mojo - 286int, 234vit, 81-369, 9life, 107regen sold for 4.5m

source - 273int, 215str, 42-315, 8.5crit, 10arconcrit, 17gf sold for 800k
source - 173int, 151dex, 105-278, 8.5crit, 10arconcrit, 15arcane sold for 200k
source - 244int, 201str, 72-223, 90regen, 10crit, 7arconcrit sold for 200k
source - chantodo's force - 197int, 98-191, 9.5crit, 8ias, 89regen sold for 500k

shield - 195vit, 53res, 50poisonres, 10crit sold for 200k
shield - 258int, 82vit, 60res, 28arcres, 9.5crit, 1.7fear sold for 500k
shield - 192dex, 207vit, 85str, 8life, 10crit, socket sold for 2.9m
shield - 25mf, 10life sold for 100k
shield - ivory tower - 121str, 111vit, 51res, 11life, 158regen, 13mf, 4melee sold for 100k
shield - 94int, 53dex, 21gf, 20mf, indestruct, socket sold for 300k
shield - 142str, 129vit, 20gf, 20mf, sold for 300k
shield - 113vit, 20gf, 20mf sold for 300k

follower - soundrel - 255dex, 68str, 39lightres, 64critdmg sold for 300k
follower - scoundrel - 276dex, 75vit, 70res, 36coldres, 122regen sold for 200k
follower - scoundrel - 191dex, 133vit, 35res, 33physres, 65critdmg sold for 200k
follower - enchantress - 211int, 46vit, 185str, 43critdmg sold for 100k

mighty weapon - 884.8dps, 100critdmg, socket sold for 100k
mighty weapon - 598.6dps, 108str, 97critdmg, 3lifesteel, socket sold for 2m

weapon - mace - 803.4dps, socket, 16level sold for 600k
weapon - skorn - 1246.1dps, 328dex, 158critdmg, socket sold for 900k
weapon - xbow - 121dex, 109str, 76critdmg, socket sold for 200k
weapon - chantodo's will - 1029.2dps, 194int, 146str, 9arconcrit sold for 400k
weapon - sun keeper - 959.6dps, 183str, 131dex, 48vit, 44mf, 5elite, socket sold for 4.5m
weapon - maximus - 1144.4dps, 311int, 79str, 93vit sold for 500k
weapon - dagger - 807.8dps, 189vit, 205loh, 3lifesteal, 88critdmg sold for 300k
weapon - dagger - 413.2dps, 162str, 55critdmg, 2.7lifesteal, socket sold for 300k
weapon - axe - 1097.0dps, 61int, 42vit, 2.5lifesteel, socket sold for 6.9m
weapon - sever - 973.7dps, 158vit, 1crit, slain enemies rest in pieces, socket sold for 3.9m
weapon - the grandfather - 1374.1dps 380int, 158vit, 168str, 170dex, 15life sold for 300k
weapon - hand crossbow - 912.8dps, 814loh, 45critdmg, socket sold for 300k
weapon - echoing fury - 1106.6dps, 154str, 89dex, 51vit, 695loh, 15.8fear sold for 5.3m
weapon - fist - 781.9dps, 161dex, 138vit, 85str, 933loh, 1.23regen, socket sold for 3.5m
weapon - fist - 751.1dps, 199dex, 77critdmg, 2.6lifesteel, socket sold for 8.1m
weapon - slorak's madness - 874.9dps, 182int, 95critdmg, 8arconcrit, 8enertwist sold for 2.5m
weapon - xbow - 1013.1dps, 184dex, 9level sold for 500k
weapon - the fist of az-turrasq - 10006.2dps, 178dex, 11ias, 5.5stun sold for 100k
weapon - two-handed mace - 1520.1dps sold for 300k
weapon - echoing fury - 1177.8dps, 163int, 102dex, 11.1fear sold for 500k
weapon - sun keeper - 828.5dps, 188str, 142vit, 43mf, 10elite sold for 400k
weapon - sword - 572.6dps, 90str, 78int, 644loh, 82critdmg, socket sold for 100k
weapon - sun keeper - 894.3dps, 189int, 114vit, 324loh, 44gf, 5elite sold for 200k
weapon - xbow - 941dps, 56critdmg, 15 level sold for 900k
weapon - dagger - 664.5dps, 82critdmg, 2.8leech, socket sold for 500k
weapon - wand - 717.5dps, 314dps, 56critdmg, 9arconcrit, 11arcpower, socket sold for 100k
weapon - sword - 603.4dps, 49str, 52vit, 501loh, 100critdmg, socket sold for 300k
weapon - sever - 156vit, 1crit, slain enemies rest in pieces socket sold for 300k
weapon - dagger - 710.3dps, 10ias, 932loh, 83critdmg, 3lifesteel sold for 1m
weapon - mace - 787.2dps, 80dex, 340vit, 13level sold for 200k
weapon - danetta's spite - 828dps, 183dex, 167vit, 84critdmg, 10disc sold for 200k
weapon - danetta's spite - 807.6dps, 176dex, 151vit, 100critdmg, 10disc sold for 500k
weapon - chantodo's will - 1065.9dps, 193int, 187vit, 0.23aps, 9arconcrit sold for 800k
weapon - the grand vizier - 1185.6dps, 303int, 5ias, 45mf, 44gf sold for 100k
u don't really like play video games, u into something else. :)
source plz
this proves blizz set the droprate for each individual legendary
This is a large sample that tells a lot about our game. Thank you!
Excellent work dude, very interesting. Ignore the haters.

Im very interested to hear your conculsions.
Exactly like what he stated , I still hasn't seen my very first IK Chest/Mempo/Calamity(1h xbows are always that shietty Balefire or Dawn) etc through farming.

Whereas things like Gladiators glove,Frostburns,Tormentors,Grandviziers drops so much that I wished those things don't even exist.

Might actually believed they did control the drop rates of some high tier BIS items.
It is so frustrating to never find a single item that can be traded for a single BIS item. This doesn't happen in other online RPG's....
Won Khim Lau: (16) All salvaged

12/15/2012 04:46 AMPosted by SoL
Im very interested to hear your conculsions.

I haven't quite decided a conclusion yet. I desire more data since I have yet to find a single item that can be traded for an item that is near best in slot. I'm usually able to find items like this in other online RPG's.

Its like playing roulette and I haven't seen all the numbers show up at least once. I feel the sample is incomplete.

But this is all the data I have so far.
Why are you collecting this data? What's your goal?

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