My Rain Doctor Build.

Witch Doctor
Why some people hate bear?

Acid cloud work great in low mp coz you can kill all mob in one click.
But (imo) useless in high mp and uber fight.It's too low damage in term of mana spend and you can't kill any elite before OOM.

In high mp only way to use is health regen for WD who stack alot of life on hit or clear some weak mob in long range but not for main damage.

Best skill to deal damage is bear.Use LS skorn VQ ,SA and widow spider you can spam bear endless.and if you can cri more than 1m you can kill siege mp10 with no life leak.

In good spot (against the wall) all 3 bears will hit in line.Practice to use it because it is the best attack skill in the game.
First off, no WD hates bears, but there are builds that do not rely heavily on bears for damage, and some builds that do not use bears at all.

I use an off-shoot of this build and I will explain how I use it.

The main purpose of the build is to freeze/stun/blind/immobilize/slow etc. the monsters so they cannot hit you.

In order to proc these crowd control effects, you use Rain of Toads and AC.

So for a working example, I can freeze/stun/blind/immobilize/slow SiegeBreaker in MP7 over 90% of the time so he can't hit my character and he just takes damage. I don't stand next to him, I just hit him with the toads and rain until he dies. Yes it takes a little while to kill him, but it doesn't matter how long it takes because the only damage my character takes is the reflect damage.

This is the same attack used on elite packs too. Except when the pack closes on me I use SH, and I also do have bears as my third attack, which I use when monsters come in range of me. However I could use Cloud of Bats, or Dire Bats, or WoS, etc. instead of bears.

I run my build on MP8 on Acts I and II, but I find that it takes too long to kill things with my DPS (140K) on MP8 in Act III for my liking.

Before this build, I used a bear build and I had 160K DPS, and I did not like how it performed on MP8 against RD mobs. I like this build better than my bear build and now I have no problem with RD mobs.
An alternative approach!ecb!bacaZa
I played mostly on 1.03 patch so pets were not an option on inferno.Now,after many hours I found them not reliable as they once were (total nerf for gargantuan so it does not trigger cc).
Once I used Firebomb-Firepit,but it also had to be nerfed to the ground.66% of proc coefficient was sooo overpowered.

Anyway,I advise all to check Hex-Jinx/Painful Transformation skill.Very nice,it disables one of an elite pack monster for quite some time.This is especially useful when vortexed into middle of group of mobs when Spirit Walk is on cooldown,Hex can instantly take care of one of them.It also makes fight against rare,last standing mob trival.

Wall of Zombies-Barricade - when used wisely is extraordinary powerful as it can give whole 5s of tranqullity.Even in open field it can be found useful,for example quick mobs can be filtered,as they will run around the wall and reach us significally faster than the rest of pack

Spiritual Attunement - opposite to Vision Quest,it works all the time not only when there are some mobs nearby to be hit by a primary skill.20% extra mana is also a great buff,well you can think of it as 2 Acid Clouds for no cost.

Equipment - well,4 pieces of Zunimassa is strongly advised.My mana problems ended once I've completed it.
Fear and Knockback - I'd not agree only with statement that fear has to be avoided,3.8% - 4% on a helmet would be a worthy addon to the main control effects.However,not anywhere else.Same for knockback,only on bracers and nowhere else.
While fear and knockback don't work so well against ordinary,white mobs it starts to matter against elites,especially some harder ones.For a test I removed all my fear/knockback equipment,and realised that elites became harder to fight.And it's not a suprise,with fear and knockback you have much greater chance to cause an elite mob not to hit you but doing something else.
H/much IAS is needed?

I finished the game as shielded proctor, right before they nerfed atack speed, and after VQ was modified ( when it worked with CDs). Dunno witch patch is it.

All i needed was 12k and CC in all slots, all but fear. Game was harder back in those days. I stopped playing for months and came back after MPs were released. I found a 1600+ LoH skorn (1300dps/300int/190CDish) and tryed again to be a proctor when everyone used bears with LS. MP4 was my limit with 100k dps.

Killing was not fast as bears, but was totallyfun to be a proctor. Then i found an str skorn played mi barb for a while and stopped again.

Now im back to play, and after reading forums, and snipping some gear,i played a batman build: 150k dps, 60k hp, 700AR : doing MP10 A1/A2 fast and safety.....then i found a 4.2 freeze TWH: time to be a proctor again.

I didnt felt procing fast enough, didnt know if it was the <5% freeze or the weapon. Then i found a 2.1 freeze mojo and a 700+ LoH black dmg 1h, and im testing this build again.

Now, in order to keep my dps/ehp, im just runming with 4.5 stun and 4.2+2.1Freeze, but even spammig AC whith BBV/RD, is not enough dmg. Cant kill elites fast enough.

My set:

Maybe my HP/armor/resist are lower than with my batman build, but tosurvive is not a problem, problem is to deal enough dmg.

Any advice?
I call it Dr.freeze, been running several variations on Hc:

This I call A cold blooded sacrifice:

and my favourite atm:!TeX!aacbbb

Using 14.7% freeze azure + belt with 3.6% freeze

Very relaxing and fun to play. I got 115k life with xp gem, that´s why healing rune on SW. A good ol´ tank doc.
I got this build running and I love it... Blackjack thx for the thread. I always loved AC and glad i tried this out. I got lucky and got a weapon for 800k on a bid and Gemd it. I was running PB b4 doing around 200k unbuffed and after getting the right gear for this I am so glad I did. I am able to do MP8 solo.

one thing I recommend if you guys that will help out when play solo... use Scoundrel and thro a Buriza on him and use multishot. This will further add not only your damage but also will freeze things for you even more. Get him a Star of Azka... legendary amulet... this will piggy back to the buriza nicely and help u freeze stuff even more when playin solo.
I am so glad people are enjoying the build!

It is really allot of fun to play...

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask here in the forums or friend me in game!
looking at your gear Tango I say you should complete the Zuni set or very least use a Zuni mojo. The Thing is great for the pick up radius but tends to have less DPS. You will lose the extra mana as well if you switch to Zuni but if u complete the set you will gain additional 20 per sec mana.

Also up your gems when you can to at least perfect star... radiant if you can swing it. I know its expensive.

A zuni pox ring with a socket and attack speed will yield good damage and are alot cheaper than CC/CD combo.

If you stay with The Thing of Deep... use GF instead of Jungle... it will give you more DPS since you have the 20 pick up. Since you are not tanking so much like other builds... I think you can get away with not using Jungle.

I say give Grasp a try instead of Confusion... I found by that it gives better crowd control and resets way faster than Confusion and you can literally keep spaming it with GI reseting its short 8 sec CD to almost nothing during fights.

with the SOJ I can solo MP8/9 and that makes our DPS about the same. Not sure what MP level you are playing... I have not tried MP10 since I am still tweeking the build myself and also gear.

Another good ring option is a Zuni pox and Unity. Unity gives me about a 26k DPS boost over SOJ. The mana and elite damage is nice from SOJ though and will help with mana.
check my gear now:

in order to kep my Visage, and get the 4 piecez zuni bonus, im getting my zuni ring and zuni mojo.

Im losing PoR and 2.1 Freeze. im going to test it as sson as i get home.

Last night i tested my 2 150k dps (no soj :P ) : Fireman vs proctor.
And in the time i made 3 bars of xp in Act 2 MP8 as a proctor, i did Act 2 and Act 3 MP10 as a batman.
BUT: to play is about fun, and proctor is fun (even im ar 50 paragon)

Any other advice will be apreciated.
I have to agree Tango... I prefer this build over Bats.. at least for the fun factor and is different. It also lets you experiment with different skill as you are not stuck with almost same skills everyone uses for Bats. I also clear levels faster with Bats but I still prefer this build. I dumped the SOJ as I am just mainly doing MP8 essence farming to craft some better shoulders. Don't feel like paying up the wazoo for good damage Vile with pick up. I also went with Lacunis with pick up since it gives me more movement and attack speed.

I played around today by switching Grasp for Burning dogs and they still proc pretty well. I have not used them since b4 the proc nerf and along with Big Stinker they last long enough for me to finish any elite in MP8/9 with AC and Toads. I rarely use Toads.. only to trigger VQ or for long Elite fights when I need to reposition and get some mana back so I can recast AC.

My other goal right now is to get life to around 75k. This mainly if I keep pets instead of Grasp and to be able to handle MP10. I would love to get a Zuni mojo with proc like Blackjack's but I paid enough for my Mojo as it is lol..
07/28/2013 12:56 PMPosted by AztroTrain
I also went with Lacunis with pick up since it gives me more movement and attack speed.

H/much IAS is needed?. I have 9+9 an can get 9 more from another ring.

I tested the 4 zuni, but i definitly felt the diference of not havin more than 5% freeze.

I keep testing it tonite.
Hm, sorry for a bit of gravedigging, but what about this baby ?
I got mine with 18% to smite, and it proc's fairly often. Now, I'm all new to WD so my experience probably ain't that relevant, but I just find it strange that you missed item with this high proc.

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