How do you deal with RD?

Witch Doctor
I know of a couple different ways to deal with it.

Mass confusion is relativity effective but my favorite way is spirit walk.

Spirit walk/jaunt gives me enough bear down the elites 99.9 % of the time in MP5, i am sure at higher MP levels it may not work as well, but its plenty efficient for farming MP1 - MP5

Other then LS, what ways do you use to deal with RD mobs?
weapon swap to a 2 hander with 6% LS

item swap to something with LoH and use AcidRain

Put on Frightening Aspect as a skill and use that during bear casts

Use a RoT / AC build in which case you dont have to worry about it.
I !@#$% and moan....a lot
i switch to a weapon with both LS and LOH
5% LS, 500 AR and 25% damage reduction from passives and pets isn't enough to be able to spam bears.

Acid rain works with the above even without LOH for some reason, don't know why - probably bugged.
I know a lot of people weapon swap, that's how powerful RD is.

I can deal with it with WoS and Acid Rain. WoS is life negative (a little), acid rain is life positive(a lot). WoS+RoE brings up the mana regen rate so I can drop two or three acid rain and not worry about my mana. When I get more LoH, this will be even easier. (mp8)

RoT is lol easy, but low damage. For instance I was on MP8 siege breaker. He wasn't hurting me with RoT+Bears mixed, but I couldn't spam bears often enough to kill it before enraging.

Have to get more skilled.
at the moment I use Frightning aspect, then spam bears, when my health starts to get low, Spirit walk then bears again which will top up your health(if u have lifesteal). Might have to kite for a few seconds before you can repeat the process... works pretty good
w/ my LoH and LS i can usually spam bears on anything mp5 and under and be fine. once i get over mp6 i have to start using RoT more effectively for the LoH proc, or if im running mp8+ i will run Acid Rain and RoT, then it is NP i can faceroll RD packs
Buy litany with %7 reduced from elites (use it instead of HF), buy zuni chest with %7 reduced from elites (imo buy it fast before the price skyrockets). Get around 750-800 physical resistance. Use LS weapon. Use JF/GF passives and get SH 5 stack up.

For better explanation I have made the Vid below.It is with my old gear and all fights are vs various reflect packs, horde life link etc etc. With my current gear it is even easier.

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spirit walk, throw bears then run like hell
I got 1000 loh + 4300ish armor and mp8 RD elites dont hurt me that much(havent tried higher mp cus of low dmg) of course i use AC, the loh return is just amazing.
My bear can crit around 500k dmg but the loh return is near zero so i better use ac+toad, i kill slowly but surely+ the runes from hex and mass conf helps a lot
Jane, a thanks would be welcomed...
i play 0dog build

i have chosen too stack globe bonus (45k bonus)

works pretty well. and i have no LS on my weapon

6% LS weapon, combined with periodic SW and Horrify with armor rune.
I deal with rd by microing faster. (mp10 extra health reflect dmg phase beasts.)

I love you:). So many people crying that beating RD has nothing to do with skill and here you are, posting a video showing RD being beaten with skill. Nice.

To the OP, my personal choice is Acid Cloud with 500+ LOH. Drop one to keep my health from falling too quickly while bear spamming and spam Acid Cloud if I need a heal, the coefficient is insane. I really like this setup in general just because it makes me extremely hard to kill, high mana regen with LOH and acid cloud means I can spam it if I get trapped in a corner or something.

Horrify with the armor rune is another good way, used that quite a bit too. Your damage to mitigation ratio is kind of high so your health will still drain, but not very fast. When I would run this it would be Horrify->bears->Jaunt (to heal)->play defensively until Horrify was back, repeat if needed.

Depending on the pack and if you continue to run Sever, one trick you can do is to pull more stuff. If it's only dangerous because of RD (i.e. Plagued, extra health, RD, Molten), then getting a few more white mobs in the middle will mitigate the damage, since your bears will hit them too. Killing them with Sever will probably heal you to full.

A HUGE thing you need to know about using Spirit Walk with RD is to know when to use it. You'll see a lot of Witch Doctors using it as soon as they cast bears. This is not what you want. You want to be in SW only when the bears are actually hitting the target and they're kinda slow. Get yourself an opening where you can spam, start it up and then right as they are hitting you use SW.
I don't do anything different because I built my WD correctly. When I use toads it cancels out the damage I take from RD, and when I use AC it heals me even while spamming bears on 3+ RD targets.
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Jane, a thanks would be welcomed...

A thanks?

You mean for your gear advice? My gear is spacific to a build I am playing with I can get my AR over 700 with 14% elite DR and 180K DPS with 3% LS + 357LOH when i put other gear on this i am in strictly farming MP4/5 for exp. I did get a Chest piece after i read your post so , thaank you, i didn't know it was even on that piece.

I want to thank everyone else for their contributions as well. This was not me asking cause i needed help, I spank most RD mobs.. Not up to MP10 yet but hey i can in 7 so its good enough for now. I wanted to see what other people where doing differently and learn from your knowledge of how you play and maybe help some guy out there punching his KB and swearing at blizzard every time they melt them selvs.

Thanks everyone!
easy... i skip em, seriously sometimes u gotta think its not really worth ur time.

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