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This has been an ongoing issue for the last couple weeks. I have 1 ring that for some reason will not show up in RMAH but if posted in GAH it shows up just fine. This same thing happened last week with a Lacuni Prowler and seemed to have fixed it's self after several days. Now I am having this issue with a rare ring.

I have spoken to some friends of mind and they have been experianceing the same thing the last couple weeks.

Any thoughts on this?
I have the same issue here, I try to ring customer support to feedback, but they just told me they don't wanna hear my voice. It is so funny that I played this game 6 month , customer support told me it is all my fault. They ask me search the right key words to find the item.

But the thing is if you look into RMAH , there are some item shows "expired". Based on my 6 month playing experience, their RMAH system has some kinda of bug again. Last time, probably 2 month ago, some item posted can't be found in RMAH. This happened before, it is not our fault.

Blizzard is sucks that they just know how to close the issue feedback thread and don't hear our voice. I played this game like Blizzard IT tester!

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