How much is the Barb Above you Worth?

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How much is my barb worth in gold ?

Looks like maybe 20-40M possibly.
@ThePlow Somewhere around 60m?
Jho: 1b

switch hands with your weapons. derp.
Damm...Hard to say... maybe 3-4B? Maybe more cuz u got excellent gear

Reasoning 350-500mil.
I'd guess around 800m?

I really have no idea. Im probably way lowballing

When doing mine ignore the shoulders, I got those as a drop. My normal ones were around 4m. These things way over inflate the value of my set.
@falcori, ignoring your shoulders you are well under 100m
@JHarv At least 1.5bill


I'd say 750 mil. Depending on the market at the time.
roughly 2-2.5 bil
@BludKraze, Probably around 2Bil.
@Bad3daBone, around 500mil.
Any know what my gear is worth :D?
@Colin, below 500mil, also you were supposed to rate the person above you(me). Why do I always get skipped because some idiot doesn't bother to read the thread and rate the person above him? Lol almost never fails when I post in these threads.




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